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Monday, April 30, 2012

Labour Day's Eve Rumination of 428: A Salute to Malaysians4Change!


The MSM would have us believe that only 10,000 to 25,000 gathered in the vicity of Dataran Merdeka, Malaysia's Tharir Square, that ICONIC FOCUS OF FREEDOM where independence is celebrated with a grand march past every Auguts 31 for the past 54 years.The crowd size that lay before our eyes for those who were there were closer to 200,000-250,000, the LARGEST GATHERING OF PEACE-LOVING MALAYSIANS spanning all ethnic groups to ever meet in one voice (HIDUP BERSIH! HIDUP MALAYSIA!) and direction (DATARAN MERDEKA and further into the horizon, PUTRAJAYA!). I's truly People's Power at its peak and best, and that must have sent shivers up the UMNO leaders' spines, if they had any.

What gladdened Desi's heart this time compared with eralier Bersih outings wa the good represenations across the three main ethnic groups of Malays, Chinese and Indians, and also even young gals gathered in disciplined groups clad in Islamic gear of tudung and scarf as they marched towards Dataran Merdeka from Pasar Seni -- so who says that Islamic spirits cannot be socialist and colourful?

On this historic date of April 28, 2012, the BN government aided by the Royal Malaysian Police Force (PDRM) and the pompous Kuala Lumpur City Major, turned what would have been a peaceful show of love and commitment to NegaraKu's past, present and future status of a growing and maturing democracy wasfirst spoilt by DBKL erecting barricades around the perimeter of Malaysia's Indepence Square,  later amplified by more wire fencing by the socaled ROYAL police. Is it for the People's interest? Or just being obedient lapdogs to the Prime Minister and his cohorts dulled by overstay in the corridors of power?

On 428, just after 3.00PM with one more hour to go before BERSIH3.0 was to be officcially ended after timed start at 2.00PM, the wholesome event was brutalised by the men in blue. Yes, the FRU and their red trucks armed with chemical laced water cannons and tear gas started to bombard at the peaceful demonstrators -- from the DBKL, Jalan Tuanku Rahman area; followed swiftly by the Masjid Jame and adjoinig LRT station, the Bar Council  vicinity  featuring many international Banks all the way to Pasar Seni and the LRT staion in the Chinatown neighbourhood.

The MSM termed the violence mainly produced by the PDRM to show off its GAYA-power -- is this scripted in advance by the powers that be? -- and soon the streets of Kuala Lumpur became scenes of mayhem and riot, which the UMNO-controlled NST and Utusan papers, and MCA-banged Star and Chinese vernacular dailies, chiefly blamed it solely to the Bersih organisers. But Malaysians are wiser in this Internet Age -- we have the online news portals who tell the more telling tales plus video footage, and you, my discerning readers, can conclude who are the real culprits.

I was once trained at the MSM but also later served in diplomatic press plus online media, fulltime and freelance, and Istill believe there was among us journalists many who subscribe to seeking the Truth and telling a balanced story.

But the mainstream press editors have during the run-up to 428, on that day itself and the two days after, brought the media to lower depths of depraved reporting and editorialising.

I am no longer proud of having served half of my adult life in any of the MSM -- those Editors mostly with Datuk prefix before their Papa&mama-given proper and dignified names, truly deserve to have their heads on the CHOPPING BLOCK, commie-style like in North Korea!

If among these editors and editoirial writers are socalled Christain and Muslim and Buddhist believers, including some leaders in their faith-basec organisations, then I pray they proceed quickly to Heaven. I'd rather get the here and hereafter out of dare. I think the Hell is a badder place where I can enjoy the Beatles, Marilyn and ZZ! Yes, come ye Malaysian cowboys and Furongknights, let's do a "BURNING THE MSM" rally nearing Guy Fawkes' Day, eh? V4VENDETTA anywan!

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