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Saturday, April 07, 2012

GE winning via CHARITY didn't work, hence Najib delays GE13!

Dear readers, pleae go view the Video recording -- the part of Director Merdeka Centre of Opinion Research being interviewed. In gist, Ibrahim Suffian says ALL OF NAJIB'S MONETARY HANDOUTS e.g. the RM500 under BR1M -- which Desi ascribes as Bribe1Malaysia though the BN gomen begs to differ(or  izzit DEFER?)-- using the taxpapyers' dollars to buy the poorer Malaysians' votes in GE13, This supposedly GENEROUS payment, if you believe the pictorial depiction of JUMPING JOY run by the MSM, inc colour somemore!, and other handouts would have their effects dissipate in influence and effect the longer the PM defers the impending 13th General Elections.

As for Desi, I am more than happy if Najib takes the present Parliament to its full term ending March/April 2013, then the higher chances that DS Anwar Ibrahim will be replaced as Opposition Leader. One PAS leader with a SENse of humour rivalling Desi's says that will happen when the new Parliament sits, and DSAI will finally occupy the chair of CEO of Malaysia, a post he has been robbed of through the UMNO's deceitful tricks like Gerrymandering and using Postal Votes with an Election Commission that is 100% compliant and obedient so that the members who proved and subservient will ensure their own survival into another term

Saturday, 07 April 2012 07:35

Malaysia delayed polls could affect investment - experts

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Malaysia delayed polls could affect investment - experts
Economic experts have warned that the delay by the Malaysian Prime Minister Najib Tun Razak in calling for the next general election will decrease local and foreign investment in the country, Press TV reports.
Economists believe the investors will be hesitant due to the political uncertainty, as there might be a change of leadership at the state or even federal level.
“I think the uncertainty or the holding of the next election is having a dampening effect on both domestic and foreign investment... the (delayed) general election leads to further political uncertainty. I think investors have a tendency to hold back some of their major investment decisions,” Yeah Kim Leng of the Rating Agency of Malaysia told Press TV.
Analysts also warn that the prime minister cannot wait long to call for elections as the country’s trade-dependent economy would be highly vulnerable to any external economic shocks.
Najib has been also criticized over his decision to halt promised economic reforms such as slashing subsidies on fuel, transportation and food items.
Most experts believe electoral reforms are needed in Malaysia in order to set the date for general elections each year to avoid any kind of paralysis, which is gripping the government and threatening the economy.

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