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Monday, April 16, 2012

My New Direction...

Till the present Parliament is dissolved and the 13th Parliament (GE13) elections are announced, Desi will just pick up news headlines followed by summarised comments as I seem to find the same/similar issues being spun again and again, and despite all the assurances that "thngs will change for the better", Malaysians are still being caught in static limbo.

So here's for starters from theSUN:

***Frontpage STOP the double standards
> Patients with insurance coverage being charged more

and in page 10. in SPEAK UP, citizen-nades asks:

Why the U-turn?

which relates to the long-running Port Klang Free Zone (PKFZ) RM12billion scandal, so just extracting the relevant portions, viz:
Columnist R Nadeswaran had contacted a source on April 4 (two weeks back) and asked:

"What happened to the complaintblodged by PKA on the law firm that acted for both parties?", and in Nades' words, the answer to his casulak question was stunning: "Didn't you know? The complaint was withdrawn two weeks ago!"


Desi ain't gonna pamper my ER -- I ain't NO DIAPERS SALEMAN, K! -- with the details of the two news reports. Intelligent readers who have had some inkling of hows things go in Bolehland can postulate, or extrapulate, the contents and I bet you won't be TOO FAR OFF THE MARK!

My platform today is that because of national leaders practising DOUBLE STANDARDS, and many decisions made officially which seemed GOOD as far as the citizens' interests are concerned, we have been all too often LET DOWN by double standards standard bearers, mostly from the Establishment and pro-BN BIG BUSINESS. And Go-Stan decisions mostly favour the socalled "offenders" under investigations, and then let off with a No Case to Answer so much so it has become typical MALAYSIAN CULTURE to expect these two happenings as the norm and not just occasional blips..

I worry for the young and younder generations to come for they have been poorly guided and shortchanged by such MORONS of socalled nation's leaders, and all the talk on transparency and accountability is mainly TOKKOK-lah!  Good for the few privileged enough to have Daddy for a Transport Minister wan! -- "THOU CAN ASPIRE TO BE A BILLIONAIRE BY THE OLD AGE OF 27-WAN!:(" and obedient The STar and other MCA-cuntrolled MSM will blow the young man's trumpets and sing-A-long: "Yes, ****Ling HeeHaw Long-long is a model entrepreneur to emulate," so youths should follow the good doctor's son's pathway to heavenly bliss for millionaires along Jalan Ampang, where the path to MCA Hq is paved with solidgold 27Karat-OK! and Lingplated rolling gemstones.OK, also some Dr M, Daim and NasibJandaBaik diamond rings and blanded dimepieces. Ooops, spelling ellor -- TIMEpieces:(

PS: IF you have to aRsEk who Desi is referring to, "Hey, boy! GET THE HERE OUT OF HELL!

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