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Monday, February 20, 2012


Prime Minister Najib Tun Razak:

His vision is of unquestioning Malaysians who will believe that the BN government is always caring, kind and reliable. The general populace in poverty must be "grateful" for a one-off RM500 angpow under BR1M -- is it short for BRIbing Malaysians? -- and show their gratitude by VOTING BN in the next general elections. IF they behave themselves and re-elect gift-horse that is UMNO, hey minister Shafie Apdal even promised that the RM500 may become an annual feature. How generous!

Na Jib Kor wants to show de Gen Y young ones that by setting up Twitter, Face Book and Blog website, he's being as "cool" as 18-year-olds to less-than-30s, and his wife is as young as 21, via Permata with a launching budget of RM111million, funding parties at 5-star hotels for the young uns and not-so-young but still partying-lah when the kopi-O keeps rising in price, from 80 to 90sen, then RM1, now RM1.10. If the commoners can't eat rice, "let them eat cakes=lah" seems FLOM-dishonoured-by-Curtin University Rosmah Mansur's credo. Ah, her intials are also coincidentally symbol of Malaysia's currency, so she must flaunt her importance eh?!

So Najib wants the Chinese community to believe that MCA is best suited to represent their interests; so its President Chua Soil Lek is well regarded although openly admitting to a sex act which is an offence under Malaysian law, but meanwhile, UMNO leaders continue to hound Anwar Ibrahim with Sodomy II even after Sodomy I was defeated by the courts; and idiots like Datuk T continue to knock Opposition Leader with concocted sex tapes which RPK after a few years of viewing think 90% probability of the man in the video tape was indeed Anwar. This even after the blardy courts found the Three Stooges-Datuk guilty of displaying porn material but given velvet glove treatment of mere fines. Commoners for lesser offences are sent off to prison so they could see the four gray walls and repent, while the Datuk go free to'cuntinue to view more sex tapes and concoct aMore sex acts for public display. You aren't even trained in limbo rock!

**** SEE, 4-star riming as Sei-Loh in Kantonies -- Najib's most famous Quote: "Saya tolong lu, Lu tolong saya ~~I scratch your back, you scratch my back."

So all the ministers are obediently feeling itchy and are encouraged to help themselves to the public coffers because PETRONAS is always the fall-back bankers for UMNO bigwigs. Like Cowgate minister Sharizat Jalil said: "You thik I am the opnly minsiter facing this problem (of alleged breach of duty in her family's misuse of RM250million to raise cows in FIVE condominiums, and ferrying the young ones aropund in a brand new Mercs -- oif course Proton Perdana is not good enough for them elite UNO bigwigs, it's only good for commoner Malaysians who live in bungalows less than RM500,000 or in double storyeed houses. Of fellow Malaysians living in rundown flats, they can now squat in the late Zakaria Mad Deros' palace if they can gain admission at midnight-lah!

Opposition Leader Anwar Ibrahim

His vision is of reformasi or CHANGE, epitomised by taking over the federal seat of power -- PUTRAJAYA at the 13th General Elections. And this expressed vision alone sends the chill down the spines of past and present UMNO leaders, including the longest serving ex-PM!

Aged 64, but feeling 46, the former DPM Anwar said the new Pakatan Rakyat government he will lead has already pronounced the abolishment of the New Economic Policy which has been much abused to benefit mainly the top-10percent UMNOputras, widening the gap between the rich and low-income Malay community for four decades. Anwar promised that a NEEDS-BASED economic policy will guide the country's development in ensuring that the income disparities between the rich and porrt will eb narrowed with each passing year as THE POOR WILL RECEIVE MORE AID AND BENEFIT FROM GOVERNMENT'S DEVELOPMENT PROGRAMMES -- like no more Bumi-allocated stocks and shares being are not diverted to minsters and/or their families (remember former minister Rafidah Aziz?) , and also no ministers' children will get any scholarship when their parents can well afford to fund their studies overseas!


Ah, Desi's humble conjecture is that the UMNOputras' GREEED KNOWS NO BOUNDS -- so they want the NEP to become the Never-Ending Policy, and Anwar is the chief impediment to their life-long goal to commit daylight robbery, daytime and at midnight.

Anwar's vision is to restore independence to the emasculated Judiciary -- much reduced to an ordinary Government department under Dr Mahathir Mohamad's 22-year reign; to restore dignity and critical thinking rights to the tertiary institutions -- staff and students alike -- so we can stand up in the international arena and speak with confidence again at the United Nations (like we once proudly did in the 50s and 60s, No?)

Anwar's vision is also to clean up the Royal Malaysian Police Force and the Malaysian Anti-Corruption Commission, presntly emulating the mainly UMNO political masters' acts of enriching themselves. Of course, there are a few brave souls out dare who are icons of integrity and honesty -- these few brave men we salute!

******* Anwar's famous quote: "Wo men du xi yi jia ren -- We are all members of one family!"


Desi's VISIONS follows, via popworld's evergreen Peter Pan:
uploaded by on Jul 22, 2010

Visions - A beautiful song by Cliff Richard (The golden boy)
Clips are produced by the BBC Natural History Unit. A brilliant work!

Visions of you

in shades of blue

Smoking, shifting, lazily drifting

My darling, I miss you so

Time goes by, no wonder my

sense go reeling

Your eyes so appealing

I see the whole night through [ From: ]

When will we meet again,

when when when

When will we meet again,

when when when

I remember the days,

beautiful days, Tenderly gleaming

My whole life seeming

to start, and end

With you

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