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Monday, February 06, 2012

GOoDwill boroowing of greAtings from Beijing to mark the...

YuanXiao festival aka Chap Goh Mei among Malaysians. Thanks Mr GoODLongkang, may the good H2O of the Dragon bring you lots of oranges and ang-pow and Blisss and Joy from Malaysian shores, fellow BUMmer!:):) ~~ YL, Desi

Happy Yuan Xiao 2012 from Beijing




Strong winds are blowing outside my hostel almost every day and I feel so cold. It seems to seep into the bones this feeling of coldness. Warmth is everything. My heart is warmed by thoughts of all my loved ones in Malaysia and all around the world. Today is not only the last day of the celebration but the starting of a brand new year.


I missed spending time with my family during this festive occasion.


But over here in Beijing, it is not so much different from Sibu. In this pic we see the Southern Lions.


Doesn’t this just remind you of Sibu and Malaysia : :)


Food precious food. Sustenance for human beings. Nobody should be without during the fifteen days.


Would you like to try some?


Food by the roadside. Cheap but much in demand. As a student, I have to pay a lot for tuition. Every yuan not spent is a yuan saved.


People who left Beijing for the Chinese Lunar Year celebration have all returned. It is now business as usual. I will post a second post in a few days time. Until then, Happy Yuan Xiao again. :) From me, Ah Tuong.


And from CCTV, every day it features special cultural programmes for the 15 days, starting with its New Year's Eve four-hour GALA CONCERT which I watched in Seremban from 8.00pm because it's broadcast "LIVE".

Below is an update from the same CCTV station whose Culture Express programme from 6.30PMfollowing the 6.00pm newscast which I regularly follow always would have snippets of the nation-wide celebrations, and this one is a roundup of YuanXiao or Lantern festival highlights:~~ ENJOY! courtesy of the TV station's website, while Desi's jest the messenger:) If you throw me an ang-pow for delivering this service, will be much AP! If knot, an orange will do DO LAH! ~~ YL, Desi, knottyaSsusual

Chinese geared up for Lantern Festival

02-03-2012 10:32 BJT Special Report:2012 Spring Festival |

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The Lantern Festival is a traditional Chinese holiday celebrated on the fifteenth day of the first month of the Chinese lunar year. It officially ends the Chinese New Year celebration.

During the festival, people eat yuan-xiao or glutinous dumplings, and go out to enjoy lanterns. Let's take a look at how people all over the country are preparing for the big event.

Each year, people in Fujian Province on the mainland and Mazu Island in Taiwan share the holiday spirit of the Lantern Festival. With just a few days to go, Mawei City has already geared up. At the city center, various lanterns have already been set up, among which the dragon and phoenix lantern sets are the most eye-catching.

Jiang Bin, section chief of Mawei Culture & Sports Bureau, said, "This group of lanterns are unique. The dragon is more than one hundred meters long. The phoenix together with dragon signify good luck and happiness, which perfectly matches the festive atmosphere."

The Lantern Festival is a traditional Chinese holiday celebrated on the fifteenth day of
the first month of the Chinese lunar year. It officially ends the Chinese New Year

The lanterns have all been readied, and on Thursday night, they will light up both sides of the Taiwan Straits.

In Fuzhou, the capital city of Fujian Province, lanterns are in hot demand. In Nanhou Street, each stand is filled with different kinds of lanterns. In addition to the traditional patterns such as lotus blossom and litchi fruit, there are also many cartoon lanterns specially made for children.

A customer said, "This year is the year of dragon. I like this dragon lantern very much."

While lanterns are selling hot, yuanxiao or glutinous dumplings are also a favorite for Chinese people during the lantern festival. In Jiangsu Province, yuanxiao takes up a major part of the frozen food section in super markets. Its round shape signifies family reunion, and Chinese people believe it will give them a good life.

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