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Friday, February 10, 2012

I just watched Piers Morgan's and Jon Voight reminiscences...

of how he landed the role of Midnight Cowboy mesmerised me enough to jot here/hear a few notes to share.

(Oops, jest received a friendly call for lunch and Desi's not one to decline, so be Ms Patience eh! Also, I writHe badder on a fool tummy, so acquiring patience's Virtuosity is a bonus!:)

AP to my millions of er out dare: This post was supposed to have been completed yesterday; the delay is a case of Desi's spirit was willing, the body was weak. My body not yours okay. Not dead. Nyet! Otherwise, you would be hearing a voice from beyong the grave, and the program (the Americanoes spell it thus, thought Desi the half-Brit prefers Programme!:( you watch would've been Twilight Zone, knot Piers Morgan Tonight, or lust night, whatever night, it's steal delayed.

Sorry for the digression, but that's the privilege of owning your own blog -- do what you want, it's the MOST DEMOCRATIC medoium of conversations with your friends, your enemies, yourself, even wit' the departed if they could catch a midnight voice:)!

My take on Jon Voight -- finally! -- telling about landing that Midnight Cowboy role that launched him into stardom. Knot kingdom come, that will wait for a long time, both Jon Voight and Desi are pretty and patient over such matters.


THE FOLLOWING IS JUST A YOUNG WRIThER'S PARAPHRASE, OK! And I'm taking the liberties even with the quotes, so it's as close to the original as can be.

Jon (now I'm on first nama basis:) said the producer or director had narrowed down to three choices; then of Jon and the Other they picked the Other. Very soon, the producer/director got onto the phone to jon: "Hey, yoiu are back again (the Other piss'd me off by asking a helly sum -- (oops, this is taking Poetic Licence too far, consider the bracketed joke as my imagination, hence censored!) -- so please wait by the line and I will get back to thee soonest, like 10AM tomorrow."

Jon told Piers he slept less than 40winks that night, like a young cowboy who had been promised he would be riding a young stude the sext day, and it's female.

So Jon got up bright and early the sext die (yes, some Americanoes pronounce day as the Aussies do, or my hearing was really bad!), and "next" is spelt wit' an "s" not an "n" because cowboys awesomelly always have sex on their mind. Not mine.

Still with time to spare Jon went out to but some groceries. It was a cold dull day; on the way back he spied a man in shabby clothes walking in the middle of the road blocking his progress home.

Kindly Jon alighted -- for Ignormauses with limited vocab, this means "got down"-lah! and it was a bit dark remember? -- hurried to the shab man, "Hey buddie, you aren't ready yet to die. Come on into my car, sit tight while I go over to that kedai to get ye a whisky..."

So kingly Jon drove back to his home -- must be not palatial yet, and Piers did not tell-- and both host and shab men went in for some hot drinbks. No, it's not tehtarik! Not kopi! It's the whisky they gobbled down in doubly quick time to warm their bodies, live of course. (Digressing again, and aggressing2, did you know this is the favourite drink of Dr Ling LS, he must have it everyt night -- that would explain his speaking like highly spirited but half muummmble at press conferences on some dies:(

Jon told the Shab man aka GEORGE -- now I recall after I'd typed Shab man all the way down another 10paras -- about the important phone call coming any second.
"Yeah, you will make a great Midnight Kowboi!" came the guest's reply. "and I willl pray very heART for you, my friend. You in fact look the part now..."

The phone then rang. Beckoning the Shab guest to come near, Jon slowly picked up the ring ting: "Hey, .......(nama I did not pick out), thanks for calling.

"I believe I am made for the part (paraphrasing Shab man's words)You wanna meet me to chat, Okay, no prob!"

So in a jiffy and a parting "Help thyself to the whisky, K" to the Shab man, Jon headed for the meeting place. Had a friendly cowboy-to-cowbot pow-wow... then like a Ms Patience, Jon drove home with a light heART.

Jon told Shab man, who was now also in high spirits, that he had told the interviewer he was definitely interested in the midnight pal's part. Now it's another waiting game -- as the producer/director to give him "some" time; methinks he had to consult the financier as calculate his cut and Jon's humble paycheque. You know, cowboys are normally very humble and kind by nature; ask Desi's mates, theyawe sing Hank William's Your Cheatin' Heart like a pro Cos they with a kind and humble heart always got cheated!)

Very soon, the ring ting rang again. Long story short, yes, Jon received the gOoD news that he will be the Midnight Cowboy.

So Jon and the Shab man did a raunchy number around the fire and downed the whisky and sang You Cheating' Heart in a lighthearted style -- yes, cowboys are also contrarians sometimes/dimes.

"You know what," Jon told Piers: "If that day I had not encountered a shabbily dressed stranger on the road, I would not have said certain lines I borrowed from George and hence, I believe I wouldn't have graduated to become the Midnight Cowboy!"

"Yes, you are lucky, kind man Jon. May we all meet a George in our lives!" Piers AP(worth 20million man!) -pily rounded up the interview.

DESIDERATA's parting whisky short: I am steal waiting for Georgie Girl to appear in my writHer's chirch-mousey life. Cheers, join me sometime at Buttelfry Varrey sext to Temiang Corner -- how about this Saturday about 9PM? -- and we will all yelar Jambaraya ala Furong chinoserie kowboi, knot midnight, stylo:).

PS: Now would you care to join Desi and Nat King Cole in seekin' out Ramblin' Rose?

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