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Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Rockybru also carries anti-BN stories, some news-breaking...

And that's the main reason WHY we on the other side of the political divide must learn to give CREDIT WHERE AND WHEN IT'S DUE! We call each other Brudder while working as Chair and Co-chair in a few outings of the Bloggers Universe Malaysia (BUM), and some NGO activits neither here nor there say "Desi has soul'd out" just because we can engage in civil discourse "civilly" unlike some specimens from MCLM and Johnnys Come Lately -- you heard of the one who at a pre-GE12 took out his MCA membership card and CUT IT INTO MANY PIECES, but make out as he has been with the Opposition for a few decades!

You wanna Desi to name nama? Hey, buy me tehtarik dan kambing rendang when you come visit Furong and we'll rendezwoo at LINGAM'S, jest don't bling de Chief Justice, OK!

From ~~ the Rock is also known as Datuk Ahirudin Attan, off course:):)

Friday, February 17, 2012

Istana Sebilliong Ringgit

Last I wrote about the new palace for Terengganu, work was on-going and the cost had escalated to more than half a billion ringgit. Current status, same sources told, work on the istana is still on-going and the cost is fast approaching RM1 billion. Something is really wrong here. When construction of the palace was approved, the previous Menteri Besar had put a cap on the cost (the Agong's palace in Putrajaya had just been completed at less than RM100 million then), Current MB Ahmad Said was aware of this.

In 2008, Ahmad Said was made MB courtesy of the Palace. Many had expected Najib Razak to "correct" this mistake by the previous PM but he, instead, allowed the status quo to run its course. Perhaps that was a fair thing to do but come PRU13, Ahmad Said must not expect the palace to be able to back him again. And if he's not careful, there may not be a state government for him to aspire to run after PRU13!

Ahmad Said must be able to deliver as well as his predecessor Idris Jusoh did in the 2008 general elections. But at the rate things are going, this will be a tall order. It certainly isn't looking like a walk in the park for BN/UMNO in this East Coast state. Idris is deeply frustrated by the way things have turned out and has said he would not contest in the next general election. Some observers thought Idris was paving the way for the old guards to give way to new blood in BN-UMNO, but his supporters say Idris is disillusioned.

Najib has a lot of work to do from now until the GE to make sure Terengganu does not fall to his political rivals. The PM can start by demanding his MB to explain why the new Istana is trying to cost nearly as much as the new Istana Negara! One thing will lead to another ... and another.

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