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Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Ex-PM versus current Opposition Leader, WHO WILL PREVAIL? II

  • This Part II is a continuation of my article posted on yesterday (Monday, February 13, 2012); my thoughts were instigated by reading's English translation of an article titled REGIME CHANGE in Bahasa Malaysia at the former PM's blog, CHEDET.
To be balanced, let's read the whole of the TRANSLATED COPY in English which I must thank the for ease of use by Copying&Pastrying:)~~

And if you are an IMPATIENT READER, please stop reading from now!

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Is Anwar America's candidate to bring about "regime change" in Malaysia?

In Arab countries, whenever there is a rebellion against the government, America and Europe provide financial aid and arms, and even armed attacks to topple governments they don’t like.

In Chile, President Allende, who was chosen by the people through a democratic process, was killed by American agents so General Pinochet, who was supported by America, could become President. America prefers vicious dictators to democratic leaders who don’t support America.

America and Europe provide assistance by using their media to slander certain governments so that the people will overthrow governments that are not friendly with America and Europe.

In Indonesia, support was given to the army to topple Sukarno. Later, various forms of pressure were used to topple President Suharto.

We see America, Europe and Israel have not stopped trying to bring about “regime change” so that they can control every country in the world.

Has Malaysia become a target for “regime change”? Malaysia has definitely become a candidate for regime change because Malaysia does not recognise Israel and criticises various policies of the United States.

America and Israel’s candidate for building a puppet government is Anwar Ibrahim. For a long time now they have fostered a close relationship with Anwar.

Anwar clearly seems to believe that American support can help him achieve his ambition to become Prime Minister of Malaysia.

Because of that, Anwar gives the impression that he is a liberal who accepts and supports Western concepts such as human rights, all sorts of freedoms, anti-cronyism and corruption, rejects the NEP that is said to oppress certain groups in Malaysia, and anything else that can earn him encouragement and support from America.

It has succeeded to some extent because America considers Anwar to be worthy of bringing about “regime change” in Malaysia.

For more from CHE DET.


FOR THE RECORD: YL Chong, journalist-cum-blogger runs, and de facto head of MOLE.COM:):) is journalist-cum-blogger Datuk Ahirudin Attan aka rockybru~~

I enjoy debating with fellow BUMmers even if they hail from UMNO camps, seeing representatives from both sides of the political divide coming together to organise the BUM annual gatherings (BUM stands for Bloggers Universe Malaysia...) because I know where they come from, and they too know where I come from. If you are getting bored reading my long digression, hey, that's the "privilege" of running and owning your own blog. If any ER don't like it, GET THE HEAR OUT OF HELL!:(

I don't enjoy conducting discourse with certain socalled CIVIL-SOCIETY/NGO activists -- I call them Johnnys-come-lately --who self-appoint themselves to be supra-governing bodies over all others, including the more established political parties half a century-old; naming just one example, MCLM, less-than two years and now quite defunct! And of course that self-rightious blogger resident in the UK who thinks he can say or do no wrong, and all bloggers must defer to him because he's from royalty! And he justifies any "turncoat" actions as necessary and consistent with his playing that supra-normal role in Malaysian society.

My piece started on Monday is just to recount for my EsteemedReaders' benefit what my journalistic eye has taught me to spy, after weighing the two protagonists properly, though I must declare here I am a card-carrying member of PKR headed by defacto chief Anwar who is, of course, current Parliamentary Opposition Leader, and his chief nemesis is of course Dr Mahathir -- IMHO, NOT NAJIB TUN RAZAK -- who is tenaciously using all weapons to stop his former Deputy from reaching the Putrajaya throne of power. Further backgrounding a little not secretive at all in blogosphere is that Rockybru is well-known to be aligned with Mahathir, NOT former PM Abdullah Badawi, whose SIL Khairy Jamaluddin could not restrain his ambitions and so made many enemies from within UMNO; hence, although elected UMNO Youth chief, the MP for Rembau does not hold any Cabinet position, quite a departure from UMNO tradition...


The Part II main body resumes here:

From Mahathir's blogpost as translated by, I draw attention to this sentence:

Malaysia has definitely become a candidate for regime change because Malaysia does not recognise Israel and criticises various policies of the United States.

Mahathir underestimates the intelligence of the Malaysian populace by believing we, or the majority, would swallow his "American-bashing" and that any "regime change" centred around the Israel issue (along with the Palestine question which sees all the UMNO topguns coming out with attacks on Anwar flowing from his interview with the Wall Street Journal, just focusing on one side of Anwar's statement. May I just add that a report in Malaysia Chronicle today quoting PKR vice-president Tian Chua recalling that:

"I stressed that the needs and rights of the Palestinian people must be guarded and that includes the right to their own country and to not be victimised. I also stated that if this is met then Israel's rights should also be respected," Anwar said in a statement shortly after the Umno-controlled press hurled a barrage of false accusations against him. (Let me refer to this issue separately in tomorrow's post, can?)

This two-state solution issue revolving around Israel - Palestine has been deliberately brought into centre stage to deflect all the other problems facing NegaraKu and I summarise: a hugely corrupt BN government, at both federal and State levels controlled by BN (eg Sarawak Chief Minister Taib Mahmud and family have acquired for themselves state lands totalling the size three times bigger than Singapore!); lack of transparency in governance, and abuse of public funds (eg: RM500million wasted on middleman commissions for two Scorpene submarine purchases during Najib's Defence Ministry days; the ongoing National Feedlot Corporation scandal involving RM250million public moneys enjoyed by a minSTER and her family), high inflation and stagnant wages, compounded by the presence of some 2milllion foreign illegal workers, which registers a high security risk and yet the Police uses the ISA to target politicians and anti-establishment activists!


But chief of all -- and this must surely frighten Mahathir and cronies which include present PM Najib and family -- is that the much demoralised and debauchered Judiciary are showing snippets of brilliance shining through. The much internationally reported "not guilty" verdict on January 9 freeing Anwar from the recent Sodomy II charges at the High Court means that Mahathir plotting in the background (with DPM Muhyiddin Yassin and ambitious son minister Muhkriz...) must pounce on other issues to check Pakatan Rakyat''s march onto Putrajaya.

And cheekily, one former Chief Justice Dzaiddin something a few days ago said the decline of the Judiciary must surely be epitomised by the sacking of then Lord President Salleh Abas (followed by the sacking or suspension of five other senior judges...) by none other than then PM Dr Mahathir. But the humble good doctor of the house implied he had no such powers -- it was the Yang diPertuan Agong who did it, media reported him as saying in rebutting Dzaiddin's account.

So a person who is trying to blind Malaysians from seeing FACTS from his FICTION is clutching at last straws because the likelihood of Anwar becoming the PM at the 13th General Elections due April 2013 is becoming more and more probable with each and every gaffe Najib and Mahathir make. And wisely enough, Najib is letting Mahathir do most of the talking -- sometimes Rosmah Mansur also usurps this role, but RM also stands for Ringgit Malaysia, so let's not digress too much. It is hence not a surprise to Desi that Mahathir is again resurrecting Uncle Sam as the "bogey" man for the new Malaysian dilemma.

Yes, Anwar can spearhead a Malaysian Spring for a Regime Change at Putrajaya, and he and PR don't need the Americans or other foreign forces to achieve this quest. Malaysians in this Internet age "won't be fooled again", and have acquired CSI minds to be able to detect who the real impediments for change at Putrajaya are.

Just a short memory recall for Malaysians yang "mudah lupa":

In the dying days of his premiership, Dr Mahathir managed to squeeze in a short meeting with President George Bush at that White House, but only after spending a paultry sum and using a non-Jewsih lobbyist if you believe these UMNO spin-doctors. Najib of course got a one-to-one meeting with current US President Barack Obama much sooner, but Najib is NOT the main opponent to Anwar. Just wondering if anyone can confirm that the PR company that Najib used/uses, APCO or something, has no connections with the Jews, is that right? I think my ER shall be allowed to use their brain cells a little and not be bombarded with an overload of information by Desi. I hope this knotty blogger has helped thee clear some cobwebs to be able to distinguish FACT from FICTION? Buy me tehtarik lah if you say Yes.:) ~~ YL, Desi, knottyaSsusual

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