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Monday, February 13, 2012

Ex-PM versus current Opposition Leader, WHO WILL PREVAIL?

If you were to believe former Prime Minister Dr Mahathir Mohamad, current Opposition Leader Anwar Ibrahim is guilty of fanning a regime change in Malaysia ala the Arab Spring. If this is his real concern, I salute the PM-for-22-years ruining all the key institutions of NegaraKu -- among them The Judiciary, The Royal Police Malaysian Force -- besides perpetuating a highly inept and corrupt Executive branch. To me, Dr Mahathir's only saving grace was bringing the overly-privileged Royalty to heel; where previously any royal miscreant could not be brought before the courts, now they could, and indeed some have been.

Now can you forgive Desi if deep in my heart I say that if Anwar could galvanise the citizenry to topple a government who has overstayed its welcome, I say: Welcome, let's do it. PAS spring, PKR spring, DAP spring -- as long as it's for REGIME CHANGE.

Frankly, Malaysians like me in the 60s, don't wish to be so dependent on overseas support -- be it American, British, Europe, India or China -- to lend us a helping hand in coiling up a successful spring. We have our internal energy and strength to MARCH TO PUTRAJAYA and tell the corrupt UMNO-headed Regime: "Enough Is Enough!"


To be continued: Be patient okay, Mr/Ms Patient is also Ms Virtuous:)

I can say that as the Prime Minister, Dr Mahathir in his heydays, had indeed many Jews for friends, associates or "employees", so let me recount them in a quick recall:~~

* In the General Elections preceding the sacking of then deputy UMNO President-cum-Deputy PM Anwar, Mahathir had engaged UK-based Saatchi & Saatchi as public relations consultants. Later, they helped the PM's daughter Marina, to set up a Malaysian wing, but I can't recollect the name, and I stand corrected on this point.

** Yes, other Jewish companies like Goldman Sachs were also appointed as consultants for various projects and tasks. In particular, even as Anwar was sacked in September 1998 because of differing views on meeting the Asian financial crisis -- including using Petronas oil money to bail out one of his sons' sinking shipping company -- Mahathir engaged Salomon Smith Barney, a Jewish firm, to advise him on how to manage the financial crisis. Of course, Mahathir wanted us to believe that Anwar wanted to follow the International Monetary Fund formula to overcome the crisis, and Mahathir had no choice but to remove the deputy for not taking the good doctor in the house's medicine, which later saw the currency controls, arguably as the one magic measure that saved "Malaysia" from going under. Digressing a bit, but that claim of Mahathir having saved the country from bankruptsy is really academic, seeing how other countries like Thailand and Indonesia which adopted the IMF way, still managed to brave their way through the challenging times. And of course, had Anwar's option been exercised, it would have stopped the National Economic Policy (NEP) from being abused for another 15 years, a policy which has been, and is still proven to be ineffective because the Bumiputras' equity of the country's wealth remained/remains/stood still at about 20percent -- taking the UMNO regime's figures as gospel truth-lah. In contrast, renowned academics like Centre for Policy Initiatives' director Dr Lim Teck Ghee, who came along with World Bank's credentials, had in a study claimed the NEP's target of 30percent equity had been far exceeded a decade ago, more like closer to 45percent, causing him to depart from ASLI under which he had released the study's findings (and incidentally ASLI was/is headed by another Mahathir's son...) and the big bosses disavowed association with Dr Lim's findings.

*** Prof Jeffrey Sachs from Harvard, one of Mahathir's top economic advisors, is also a Jew, a frequent speaker at the annual MSC international meets; another was John Nasbitt. But giving credit where it's due, the MSC -- Multimedia Super Corridor -- we Malaysians thank the former PM for as he did institute among the MSC's Bills of Guarantees of not "censoring the Internet". Otherwise, Desi's and other intrepid BUMmers would have had their writings "blacked" out like they once did to Far Eastern Economic Review pages on Malaysia's dark sores! Hey, Desi in not a diehard Oppositionist and will continue to give credit where credit is due, just as I had applauded MCA president Dr Chua Soi Lek for his great work as then Minister of Health (which preceded his minsitry of Hell as some detractors -- knot Desi K! --renamed his leadership!)

To be continued, as I hear the thunder, and I can't afford another lightning strike to make my PC kaput (and I don't have the millions stored in Jewish banks OK!:), which would make MCMC honcho Rais Yatim pretty happy and one less irritant to his ministry now plotting how to erase Mahathir's Bill of Guarantee ensure zero-censorship...(

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frewily said...

I fully agree with Dr. Mahathir.

How to counter Jewish George Soros?Salomon Smith Barneythe oldest Jewish financial institution in the world is the answer.

Salomon Smith Barney is like a great-great grand father to George Soros and there's no way for George Soros to engage Salomon Smith Barney on financial matters.

I salute you Tun, Tun make Smith Solomon Barney Tun proxy to rid Malaysia of George Soros.