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Sunday, September 30, 2007

sundae's a-long adieu

desiderata said...

Dear Esteemed Readers awe, sum or in parts:

Desi is taking an unannounced HI-atus from todie.Gd willing and body able, I will be back with some satyre, sarcasm without bytes, and now I adjourneth for late CON BF at Men Kee, hoping myGOoDfriend AM turns up to kolek her autgiraffed kopi of Poemes by desi fool of errata. So funny, I have met pavlova awe the way from PP and back from NZ and this shy-shy Anak Merdeka from Furong hydes hersefl from YL> Mama mia, why-lah, AM going MIA from AP till PM? Do I have to hunt thee down with Mave, howsy in Putrajaya 3+1th floor?

10:23 AM


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