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Monday, September 24, 2007

I'm not optimistic the Government cares two hoots

...about ordinary citizens Joe and Jane.

And I'll cite thee three cases and some reasons why I think we the Rakyat have been taken for a ride ... hopefully we'll right the wrong done at the Last General Elections 2004 before these nincompoops take us into the sunset, or over the Abyss.

LATEST on the Parti Keadilan Rakyat led by Sdr Anwar Ibrahim's expose of that video clip:

From the NST today frontpage:

Judiciary, Questions and Video Clip
So WHO was the lawyer talking to?

The eight-minute video clip shows the lawyer
apparently discussing the appointment of the
judge as Court of Appeal president, and later,
chief justice, as well as the appointment of
several other judges.

Prime Minister Datuk Seri Abdullah Ahmad Badawi
calls on the police to investigate the matter promptly,
saying: "We cannot treat this lightly."

Minister in the Prime Minister's Department
Datuk Seri Nazri Aziz says legal action can be
taken against those seeking to erode public
confidence in the judiciary.

(ctd on page 4)

Nazri: Senior judge denies
being on other end of phone

KUALA LUMPUR: A senior judge has denied he was the one a lawyer was talking to in a video recording of an alleged phone conversation between the two to discuss judicial appointments.

Minister in the Prime Minister's Department Datuk Seri Nazri Aziz said yesterday the judge in question had contacted him to make the denial.

"I have been told that the person on the other end (in the video-recorded conversation) was not the alleged judge," he said."The judge called me to deny that he was the one talking to the lawyer."

Nazri, the minister in charge of law, asked: "What will happen to the judiciary if the allegation that a lawyer discussed judicial appointments is false?"

He said the bench's reputation would be tarnished if action were taken on an accusation which was later found to be unfounded.

Police have begun investigations to ascertain the authenticity of the video clip.

Nazri also questioned the motive behind the release of the video clip, which was given to the media before it was handed to the police and the Anti-Corruption Agency (ACA).

"I don't think the person who released the video clip to the media was interested in solving a problem.

"If they want to uphold justice or want to clean up the judiciary, the police and the ACA can investigate. "Why go to the media? The intention is questionable, was it for political mileage or for a clean judiciary?" he asked.

The video was disclosed at a press conference by the opposition Parti Keadilan Rakyat on Wednesday.

The minister warned that legal action could be taken against those seeking to undermine public confidence in the judiciary.

The eight-minute video showed the lawyer apparently discussing the elevation of the judge he was speaking to and the appointments of other judges.

Yesterday, the Bar Council, in an emergency meeting convened to discuss the video clip, called for a Royal Commission of Inquiry to investigate the matter.

Prime Minister Datuk Seri Abdullah Ahmad Badawi said on Friday that he viewed the issue seriously and had asked the police to investigate it as soon as possible. He said the video clip could harm the good name of the judicial system.

"We cannot take this lightly and the matter must be addressed promptly," Abdullah had said.

DESIDERATA: Normaly as a writer, Desi tries to be optimistic in issues involving civil society and social justice, but if one's faith depends on the Judiciary whose independence had been emasculated since 1988 -- the sacking of then Lord President Salleh Abas and subsequent removal of four (or was it five?) brother judges, remember? -- my optimism is diminished.

Just as a similar expose involving Chief Justice Eusoffe Chin some seven years ago, I predict that NO ACTION would be taken by this Close-One-Eye government on the latest expose by PKR; worse, it could be another Standing-up-but-sleeping-on-the-job CEO charade, hence the PM's "brave words" of concern and assurance, viz: "Prime Minister Datuk Seri Abdullah Ahmad Badawi said on Friday that he viewed the issue seriously and had asked the police to investigate it as soon as possible. He said the video clip could harm the good name of the judicial system."

The highlights (thus BOLDED and "brave words" are all mine, not the PM's, but I quote the PM's words from the NST's.)

And Nazri's stern warning indicates where the government is heading -- they are warning to any potential "whistle-blowers" who would open up more cans of worms, so much so the revelations have become commonplace and resulted in fostering a mindset among the people that they have acquired an immunity to becoming ourtraged by such scandals.

The blardy government is NOT interested in going after the real culprits. They enjoy shooting the messegers, you know. I long ago knew -- worked as a newshound for a few decades, so you must say "no" when it's yes, and "yes" when it should be "no". (Maaf: Some DDC hear, just to tease thy senses!)

And this is what scares Desi, and also causes my pessimism. Can some esteemed/steamed readers quote me on this? I want some honourable mention in the history books which I hear are being re-written, according to some mGf!:(

Case 1:

I was then serving at an online paper as News Editor when the lawyer for tycoon Vincent Tan, one VK Lingam -- believed to be the same guy in the latest video exp[ose -- was captured on video having a holiday in New Zealand, accompanied by their families. (and there were cases involving Tan then before the courts; hence the question of ethics arises...) All the details on travel itineraries and hotel bookings were publicised in what came to be known as The Bowman Papers, but what happened. All remained quiet at the courtly front, up till today.

Case 2:

Just a couple of weeks when the blogs and some more respectable mainstream media (translated as theSUN, especially Citizen R Nadeswaran and his investigative teAm:) broke the story of the Port Klang Free Zone scandal involving some RM4.6billion, the government "silenced" all quarters by announcing a "soft loan" (Desi's translation: "bailout" only available to super-Bumis and UMNOputra, a facility out of reah of common citizens like YOU and Desi-lah:(o) to overcome the "small" problem in the same league as State Assemblyman --yes, of Port Kang! -- Zakaria M(a)d Deros.

Case 3:

Even after theSUN (syabas, again!) ran a whole series of the Special Sports Complex in London detailing the scandalous waste of public funds, and the lies and half-truths spun by officials and interested parties, the Deputy Prime Minister-cum-Defence Minister and the Sports Minister proceeded with the multi-million-dollar project, even at the expense of removing the "heritage" status of the once-famous Malaysian research centre which made many breakthroughs in rubber research spanning several decades.

So are you convinced these Barisan Nasional leaders care two hoots, care a damn!, about your concerns, Mr Citizen Joe and Jane Public?
I'd like to hear some "Yes" answers from the more optimistic rakyat that we indeed have a caring government as pledged to deliver by Pak Lah on assuming office as the nation's CEO four years back. Sell me your madsin (the rationale, however mousey!), and I'll lend thee my ears.
Just don't shoot me -- I'm just the blog writHer giving thee some negative news and views that don't really matter?

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