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Sunday, September 16, 2007

Not the Kind of September to want to Remember ...

Desi was very troubled on surfing to a fellow Blogger's comments site twice the past week, and I spied a deliberate attempt to "smear" my name. I referred the matter to a few close buddies for consultation, and I decided to "sleep" over it. Even after 24, I am not too sure if I should "respond" as I would re-open olde wounds, but a few half-truths and some related outright lies have been perpetrated by a couple of Blogospheric APs ...

I will continue to ponder, weigh the p[ros and cons, but I have had restrained myself on several occasions but IF I NEED TO PUT TO REST SOME OF THESE EVIL FORCES, I will. And when I shoot, it's not with a six-shooter. Cannon balls are bestA since I don't have access to nuke.

I tried to recall some "sweets" exchange from past September nostalgia, and some sombre thoughts relevant to this "not so sweet" September entry -- too bad not really the kind we want to remember:

from the post titled "WANNA GO FOR A RIDE …?" in September 2005~~~~~~~

sweetspirit said...

Life's like that
You get that

Only if we trust someone too much , it is then we can be taken for a ride.
Be it smooth or rough sailing who knows.
As long as we reach the shore and are still standing on our own two feet,that is was matters .
Of course it is about lessons of trust .If we trust someone too much , well the advantage may be there for the taking.

So i've reached the shore and i have learnt not to trust ppl as much as i did before :).

Cheerz my friend im off shopping :)
i am the mobile atm haha.
cheerz tcz

10:58 AM

desiderata said...

Trust -- seems a rare commodity nowadays -- so sad, but that's the state of the world, also the state of society.

It is only the circle of fRiends you've cultivated and watered like the blooms, there are the true flowers of fRiendship -- but sometimes even these are subject to the storms and foul weathher and chill winds ... so who do we TRUST?

Sssssspirit -- I don't blame you for being more cautious nowadays, even some BestFriends have proven to let their buddies down -- the unending stories of fRiendship,:) and fiendship ... the R running away into betRayal.:(

Sweetz, Shopping on walkin ATM eh, buy me a CON,choc-lah, can?

5:49 PM


Helen said...

You're making me curious...

Lemme checkout your archives. :-)

sweetspirits said...

Dearest Desi
My thoughts are steer clear .
Time is precious give it to those whom deserve it and ignore those whom don't.

Email in process my dear friend.

Anak Merdeka said...

Yeah, I'm twitching with curiosity too!! Uncle Desi cannot sleep well becoz of some untruths being circulated in Blogosphere?

Don't worry. Zam Zam is correct to say that the internet is not as wide reaching as perceived. Well, at least there's 2 of us here who know nothing about them lies! LOL!!

So, chill out Desi. Sleep well ... mayhaps I'll wake you up when September ends, okay? :-)

desiderata said...

helen dan "AM aweways going into playing Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde with Desi in Furong!": The archives just recollect the Kind of September I'd Like to Remember...

The "troubling" comments e contratio are found at's Post about wan Wong CW being'eGECIC of the people's (waste) paper:(

Happy hunting:)

Hey Helen: Post me your Email wilya, need to forward somethin, and somehow your addie found agoode hydeing place in the dense Desi's jungle!:)

desiderata said...


Thou art aweways the kind and wise one;
I think you eco another matey Howsy's advice -- bestA to igNOre these APs, eh!:)

desiderata said...

aMore2Anak Merdeka:

NO escaping this time/dime -- Read today's (Sept 17) post plus thy Emel and present thyself at Jaya S in Sextion 14, PJ tomolo 5pm sharp -- the Other Muskeetoes wanna unmask thee, as pretty as Cathy Zeta-Jones? (Oops, I mis n match, she belongs to Zollo:)

Celia said...

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