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Thursday, September 06, 2007

If pigs could fly...

The NST today reported there is a perennial problem of pig rearing areas now in Batu Gajah, Malacca, with a potential hot potato blowing up when pig-rearers there were required to relocate some 52,000 pigs, with an earlier deadline o Aug 31 now moved to Sept 21. The Barisan Nasional does another "bomba set up a fire and Bomba come to the rescue" act, and UMNO demostrated its "power" spearheadin the removel of pisg by culling or relocation, and MCA movig in as mediator. These politicians are not interested in longter solutions. Have thety learnt from the almost seven-year-old incidence of JE-like pig-infested disease outbreak that took many human lives in Bukit Pelandok, Negri Sembilan? Why has there been no proper designated areas for pig-rearing and problems now faced in Batu Gajah are fought on an ad-hoc basis?

Just so that UMNO and MCA can score Brownie points?

This problem remains a hotbed of inherent misunderstanding because most pig-rearers are Chinese while the complainants (about pollution of the environs) by the Malay community, so if this problem is not met with LONGTERM SOLUTIONS, it would take more than a "Bomba" to wipe out its own generated fires.

Desi was keen to report on "feel good " news but had to break his resolution expressed last Sunday because some developments in NegaraKu are causing concern.

If former IGPs don't feel safe anymore in the homes, what more can be said from the ordinary Joe public like mostof my ER, including DEsi and family?

This is becoming another repeated "wake -up" call (which Desi had warned some two years ago as a growing "security" problem not unrelated tpo the burgeoning numbers of illegals into Malaysia. We have real security problems with rising crimes like snatch theft, rape, armed robbery, murder and other violent crimes but not attended to enough while they go after law-abiding citizens using the ISA hammer -- Police wasting time and resources investigating Nat Tan and Raja Petra Kamaruddin cases, for instance).

If ordinary Rakyat think the authorities left on their own steam would tackle the above highlighted social problems within the next five years, I would think Pigs Could Fly. Someone said Corruption has grown from bad to worse; even a former Pm said it has gone from below the table to above. Now we know what's the biggest problem bugging the Malaysian systems.I know, do you? It starts with C -- and it's also a form of Cancer.

IF the Police and other law enforcement agencies force can't protect us citizens, I guess we must say our prayers nightly more often, knightly, and frighfoollly?

Lock thwarts burglary at ex-IGP's home

PETALING JAYA: The spate of robberies and burglaries at homes of retired senior police officers continued yesterday, and this time it was the home of former Inspector-General of Police Tun Hanif Omar.

The burglars gained entry into the house in Jalan USJ 12/3B through an open bathroom window and carted away a DVD player and several home theatre speakers worth a total of RM2,000 from a ground floor common room.

However, they were unable to gain access to the rest of the house because Hanif’s wife, Toh Puan Hamidah Abdul Hamid, had gotten a second lock installed on the door of the common room.

Hamidah said the lock had probably saved their belongings and themselves from the robbers.

"Ever since I became a policeman’s wife, I have been conscious about safety.

"So when we moved into this house after Hanif’s retirement 13 years ago, I requested all these locks installed on each door in the house and other security measures for our safety.

"And I am glad it served its purpose," said the 68-year-old at their house yesterday.

Hamidah said they were only informed of the incident at 6.30am by their two maids.

"They discovered the grille and sliding door open, so when they told us about it, we both came down prepared for the worst, with our guns in hand," she said.

Hamidah said the burglars were able to gain entry because one of her maids had accidentally left the bathroom window open and the family’s lawn security detector had to be switched off due to renovation works at their kitchen.

"We will make some security adjustments and it will all be taken care of," she said.

Hanif, when contacted later, said his maids lodged a report at the USJ 8 police station after discovering the incident.

He said this was the first time burglars had managed to enter his home.

Previously, burglars had only managed to get as far as the compound of the house, making off with iron garden chairs.

On the night of July 24, two men, believed to be Indonesians, tried twice to break into the bungalow of former IGP Tan Sri Norian Mai in Section 8, Shah Alam.

PS from Desi, can?: Dear ER, maybe it's TIME FOR CHANGE?


moo_t said...

ROFL. Desi, I just notice the pig farming are hundred millions industry in bolehland. In fact, with that kind of money, the pig farmers can make a few pig fly : propel a pig with a made in thailand rocket ;) won't cost much.

moo_t just learn that China pork price is keep increasing. Now even the premium Berkshire pig are spotted in China farms. So if the bolehland pig farmer change their mindset and make Desi their head, Desi can make it from hundred millions business to billions ringgit industry. Perhaps Desi will raise the 20 milllions stakes when the time come. ;)

desiderata said...


You've got a buyer for Desi's Place for 20million, and greed got into thee for 30% cut you raised the prize?

Remember how the JE-like disease some yaers back was apparently transmitted from Perak because some "diseased" igs were sold cheap to other states like NS and Sabah...?

Malaysian pigs can cloud people'smind -- esp politikus of mainstream parties; they are NOT interested in solving the realproblem. They wanna score political points.

One day UMNO plays Fireman, sets a barn on fire; the MCA comes rushing in as Bomba, uts out the fire, and they both Bow on stage (PWTC and Wisma MCA) like heroes waiting for requests for an EN(s)CORE!

Pigs would fly over NegaraKu if Desi can get hundreds ofmillion when he couldn't get 20mil -- hey, moody?--lower the prize back to my ORI and you may steal get 6mil!:)