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Thursday, September 20, 2007

Desi goes poetic sailing A*Fur'ong

Presented By SDR TIAN CHUA, PKR Information Chief,

To CHUNG HUA HIGH SCHOOL, SEREMBAN,At PKR Negri Sembilan Hq, Jalan Rahang, Seremban


Date: Saturday 22 Spetmber 2007 at 2.30 pm:

Address by PKR Negri Sembilan Liaison Chief, Datuk Kamarul Baharin

2.40 pm: Address by Chong Yen Long, author of the Anthology

2.45 pm: Address by Chung Hua High School Principal or Representative

3.00 pm: Address by Mr Tian Chua

*** 3.10 pm: Book presentation by Tian Chua and to CHHS

+++ Book presentation to Datuk Kamarul Baharin


PS: This is an OPEN INVITE to awe my EsteemedReaders, even steAmed wans, to attend/cover or under-cover, who careth? -- if you can find thy way to PKR Negri Sembilan Hq.

SIGNPOST: It's about 3km from Seremban town centre, and the landmark along Jalan Rahang to look out for is BIDARA CORNER (Mamak) RESTRON, and the Hq is just in the next block of buildings, more modern-lah!

If thou art LOST, ring Desi @012-9702285 and I may despatch the SpecialBrunch oouchrider to guide you the rest of da way. My way, Thy way, Their way!


moses foo said...

Is it accompanied by the moon full and lantern glow? ;-)

Good luck...

moo_t said...

Hmmm, seems desi know about the "changing lifestyle" trigger before anyone

desiderata said...

moses foo:

fool moon only reserved for AnakMerdeka and furongKnights. Art thou from Sban? fems for 5 stones, knot to death wan!:)

I need GOoD luck alright, still no takers for Desi's for 20million; sext caller may bring the goOd nu'es!

desiderata said...

moo_t: Thanks for the poily link, usefool.

Now how avbout my 20million sale coming? I'd cut thee in for 30%!:)

Bloggers are NON-greedy people, we share 66, you 33, one % for AM! under the fool moon:) in the MC Festical:)

Moo_ooot:You serenade in Mandarin ah?

moses foo said...

I, was a brief acquaintance by another name.

Like Charlton Heston in the movie 10 Commandments, was seen carrying two stone tablets on his arms...was a prior incarnation.

And so as I was before...from a nearby town where man and tin are together but now has migrate like those of old migrate in search of tin to KayEl, like most peasant's son do.

As for your night of poetry, I was not able to accept your invitation, having a more serious engagement with the inside of the law in a stone-chisel town down south.

But should opporturnity comes again, we can all cry cheers! to the tea of Ceylon (or maybe of Sumatran's origin which is cheaper to the tea vendor) either in KayEl or Furong under another moonlit night...


Pardon my bad imitation of the master but the apprentice can't resist in trying to do some rhyming ;-)