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Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Kim Quek's Counterpoint to Three-man Independent Panel

Desi had just completed reading the Star and NST on the major local news headlined reports and about to write today's Post on the just announced Three-man Independent Panel to investigate the authenticity of the 2002 video clip showing a prominent lawyer brokering the appointment of top judges when SDR KIM QUEK emailed me an update to his Post yesterday as Guest Blogger here.



The hurriedly arranged three-man panel announced by DPM Najib on Mar 25 to investigate the explosive Lingam video clip is obvious a ploy to achieve 3 objectives, namely:

1) To take the steam off the proposed Malaysian Bar’s march in Putrajaya on the next day Mar 26.
2) To prevent a full scale investigation by a Royal Commission of Enquiry.
3) To close the case in the shortest possible time so as not to obstruct the imminent general election.

Najib’s denial that the panel’s formation was a reaction to the Bar Council’s move is easily demolished by the panel’s chairman Haidar Mohd Noor. Asked whether he has received his letter of appointment and terms of reference, Haider said: “I have not received anything as yet. I guess, because of the urgency, they called us up first.” Haider further said: “I was just informed today (Tuesday) of our appointment. We need to know what our role is.”

Now, if Najib’s announcement is not to pre-empt the Bar Council’s move, why should he have been in such a hurry - announcing the panel’s formation on the same day that the appointees were told of their appointment, even before the latter knew the terms of reference or receive the appointment letters? What is the reason for such indecent hurry, that the announcement must be made one day before the Bar Council’s march? If it is not to derail the march, then what is such hurry for?

According to the Star, the terms of reference are to “investigate the authenticity of the video clip”. The panel’s finding should be “based on police and other government agencies’ findings. It can probe further into the findings but cannot directly be involved in interviewing and obtaining details from those implicated. Findings will be submitted to the Cabinet, subsequently made public”.

It is obvious that Najib’s proposed investigation is totally unacceptable.

That the investigation is for ascertaining authenticity of the video is a clear demonstration of the government’s total lack of sincerity. Such investigation is a sheer waste of time, as no body is ever in doubt of the video’s authenticity, especially when both the Chief Justice and V.K.Lingam have chosen to be in hiding one full week after such serious accusations were leveled against them.

What we need is a total exposure of the treacherous politician-judiciary nexus that has existed since 1988 until this very day. It is this betrayal of our Constitution by top political leaders and top judges that is the root cause of countless cases of travesty of justice - including some heinous ones - that have ravaged our judicial system and defamed our country. Unless this terminal malignancy is properly diagnosed and effective remedial measures taken, how can we save this country from the inevitable slow death?

Only with the work of a Royal Commission of Enquiry appointed by his Majesty Yang di-Pertuan Agong, with full power to get to the bottom of this prolonged tragedy, can we hope to extricate this nation from the present mess.

Kim Quek.

DESIDERATA: All the highlights above in Kim Quek's article are made by Desi to emphasise the key points, mainly to rebut DPM Najib Razak's stance that the panel was set up not "To take the steam off the proposed Malaysian Bar’s march in Putrajaya on the next day Mar 26."

Also, a point which Sdr Kim deplores in the "sincerity" of the Government's commitment to investigate the "root problems" besetting the Judiciary, which has seen its independence steadily being eroded starting from 1988. The panel's function is just limited to, quoting Kim's, viz: "That the investigation is for ascertaining authenticity of the video is a clear demonstration of the government’s total lack of sincerity." And further, quoting The Star: "It can probe further into the findings but cannot directly be involved in interviewing and obtaining details from those implicated.

Desi would just lend his personal opinions on the appointment of Lee Lam Thye's as one of the three panel members. That Najib had deemed to describe the three appointees' record as "impeccable"character made me want to puke.

I know this "social activist" pretty well as I was a DAP card-carrying member in the Bukit Bintang division headed by this same Lee (rocketed to fame on the Rocket symbol, not his own!) for a considerable period, including as a division delegate to two DAP Congresses, one in Petaling Jaya and the other in Seremban.

Lee's departure from DAP on the eve of an impending General Elections when UMNO faced its greatest challenge from ex-UMNO team led by Tengku Razaleigh Hamzah was the greatest betrayal of the Opposition cause, and this same man's character is described as "impeccable"? As the saying goes, this was a case of true blue label about politikus in general: "EVERY POLITICIAN HAS A PRICE ON HIS HEAD".

What do you think was the "price" on this "social activist's" head? Your guess won't be as good as mine, I assure you. Maybe the present MP for Cheras Sdr TAN KOK WAI's insider information cometh closer to the TRUTH!

Subsequent events of this social activist's ascent -- or descent as many BB voters would describe it, because many said they would throw rotten eggs at him on sight! -- tend to confirm many people's suspicion one blardy MP soul'd out -- board memberships at several blue-chip listed companies. Then the self-claimed title of "FACE OF NATIONAL SERVICE" -- passing the buck to the Director-General when trainees deaths occurred, but claiming credits when things went right, according to his own convenience. And the fact that the NS programme is under the aegis of DPM-cum-Defence Minister Najib Rajak is surely of no coincidence for this social activist's appointment as a panel member. Impeccable selction indeed!

Sometimes our leaders think the Malaysian electorate suffers from emory loss. The leaders forget there are still some journalists from the olde days around who do not have selective memory at the service and command of The Master's Voice.

UPDATEd @2.15pm:

Just plucked this flower from

"Lee Lam Thye? Collector of ‘positions’ and ‘directorships’. Director of god-knows how many public listed companies. Head of the National Service Training who doesn’t even have the decency to resign after more than a dozens deaths and numerous more complaints. In some crime prevention foundation, which millions have been pumped in, and clearly not prevented the deluge of serious crimes. Oh yah, I think he was even once a Suhakam commissioner, but none of us from the HR groups could remember him, since he did (censored) all for HRs on public payroll."

PS: Thy honour, whoever careth to listen -- I (DESI) rest my case!


moo_t said...

Thanks to AAB, I learn two new English vocabulary today : perfunctory and thorough. It seems TDM has leaving the country with a sand castle country. Nevertheless, the majority must take the blame too.

Nothing will happen to Japan when they keep changing cabinet, PM. But when Malaysia change PM, it will be a new round of pillage. The PM has all the quality except dignity,honor and feel of shame.

Maverick SM said...


My opinion is that we are shooting the foot. I do not disagree with the skepticisms. However, it will be premature to pass judgment at this stage.

I am paranoid too but there isn't any essence to be more paranoid than was empirical.

Let's have a little hope that justice and fairness will prevail. Otherwise, we live in an environment full of distress and insecurity.

desiderata said...

I know "thorough"; I had an idea, but had to check da dick on "perfunctory"!

I no sisdar Helen is still checking on Itimidate, Intimate and Reciprocation!:(
Now let me move on to check on "pillage" -- Moo-t, you think that Dirty Dick ex-Prez Nizon can help out ah?

desiderata said...

brudder mave:

Thou art too kind in being optimistic and giving this Panel the benefit of the doubt! Well, to each his/her own.

Shall we join hands -- where's dat NSTman? --and sing "I should have known better?"