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Tuesday, September 25, 2007

An MC Serenade (II)

Because allofhelen remembers Desi's dedication to last year's Mid-Autumnal Sad Song, I try to put back a s-MILE aawe the way to Ipoh from Furong tonight, because that's the thing to do right.

So chapter 2 of the MC SERENADE starts hear; get thy Pu-Er tea ready -- o'lady? -- and slice those sweet cakes of all variety -- I like the Leng-yung yellow-coloured with bright orange egg-yolk within, to add that "tang" to my sweet tooth/teeth. But first, let the Pu-Er cha brew for a good w'ile -- it costs about RM5 a sip, so do it slowly, and sturdily. Thanks to myGOoDfriend Sdr Choo from KL as during my last visit to his "small" house in, I slipped a packet of PE cha into my black bag; I wonder if he did qualify as a black belter!

Zhang Er for some 350 days and nights did cry a river
That her Lover miss'd the APpointment by Sg Ujong
This poet's heart was moved to donate a live-r
To try dry up the tears of a love that lingers strong

Strangely when I woke up this morn
The sun shone bright like a moon re-born
The maiden's tears did run dry
My hopes sprang sky hight for a while

I was told by a midnight voice last night
If a poet's prayers be sincere and stout
Even the hardest heart could be bought
The heaviest brok'n heart be made again light

So I thought out some fantastic scheme
Let Zhang Er's tears be not in vain
A year's laments must deserve a dream
To remove such agony and pain

So I drew on the sun's power
Dried up the Moon River flooded with her tears
The pebbles at my poetic licensed command
Fell into orderly steps a starcase made
That travelled the length across heavens to touch humble Earth
To form a bridge for Zhang Er's lover to climb
That the two lovers be re-united in a bond so sublime

So all myGOoDfriends, believe me this story
Is not spun out of fantasy
When a lover's love runs deep and strong
Even Moon River knows where two hearts belong

As the Lover late by a few minutes the last time
Tonight he reached the bridge the poet built on rime
To fulfill a dream and a pair of lovers' yearning
Believe me, it takes more than just two to fulfill the bridging

Where there's a will, summon for help from makers of rhyme
It won't cost thee a dime, just gratitude made of cakes and wine
Just one pure heart, maybe two
Anchored on trust, humanity and love
Some dream will then descend from up high like a dove

____________________ Serenade II ends ________________


As I did leave my footprint earlier at's:
I would call on my poetic licence to use for a good Cause
But don't count on Desi to uexercise such AP liberally
I'm Amore a socialist than a democrazee be
Well, now let's toast to the reunion full of grace
As two lovers as One locked in warm and temperature-rising embrace
Now with thy permit my last lunar year's serenade I reprise
Yes, we shall enjoy a full moon tonight
The lusty lament is gone for now
Let's Eat Now (or Chow!:)

Friday, October 06, 2006

An MC Serenade

It was on full moon eon nights ago
Down by quiet demure Sungei Ujong
Where else but innocent PP-Furong
Desi like a young buck reckless and bold
Spied a yound doe doe-eyed and demure
Shakespeare's words worked like magic
If music be the food of love play on
So with Chinoserie tea taesed with **Li Bai's poem
I seduced her with bean paste and lotus seeds in a round cake

Our first time we did in Heaven's rippling bosom partake
Oh holy cow I did not know it could be so beguilin'
We did in in all positions, left, right and all-the-in-between
I didn't know that she was not yet sweet seventeen
Had we been caught, Desi would have been a has-been
Luckily she coo-ED: Let's make believe it's just a Dream
As the moonbeams lit up the skiesWe sang such love songs but no lullabies
She composed Li-Bai-esque recalling her village home
I tricked her reciting Browning's How Do I Love Thee tome
And we made It for the first time, it's so sublime
Now how old was I then? I hear aloud not-shy AM
I whispered in her ears: I could be your PM
Helen interrupts with: Please don't speak in tongue
And Desi in all slyness did say: I was born not Yesterday
So all my troubles were here to stay

But I'd let out a secret tonight
When the moon turns full and bright
All mGf near, far and wide
Look Up and tell me what do you see
Does Zhang Er dook like a beaming bride?
I kept a date with her another mid-autmn night
By the River Ujong now not so elegant
By Seremban town now no more a Peyton
The shy lass I first did it with grew impatient
Desi did not make the date as he's been laden
By the heavy burden of Life I was delayed
Green-eyed Zhang Er flew up, up and away
Full of anger, fool in rage
I ran like a rabbit but missed her by a few bites
The tea was cold, and the mooncake overrun with mites
So when you look up tonightIt may not be a compleatly happy sight
Zhang Ziyi's mum's no delight, the poor rabbit's in fright

My beloved, I know I was late,
Oh mid-autumnal moon I sigh,
why art thou gone too soon?
But never mind, the moonbeams will stream
Furong's idyllic and sweet and sensual dream
To thee, my GOoD friends met and some not yet
We'll still party, Eat Drink and Be Merry
This poem is specially dedicated to Thee

October 6, 2006
in anticipation of Da Full Moonlight

desiderata said...
Look up the sky at 9.00pm tonight; stretch thy long neck to see a couple in embrace -- 1+1=1 when Zhang Er reunites with her lover once aMore!:):)
7:22 PM


Maverick SM said...

Poem King,

I can't see the moon. It has been raining and Chang Er didn't have umbrella.

desiderata said...

mave: KL rain, Furong shineth.
I said the meeting place was by Sungei Ujong, knot in Kayell!
Anyway, I steal some Pu_er cha, let's watch, eat don;t tok! as Zhang Er and lover are now blissfully united as ONE UP dare!:):)

Anak Merdeka said...

Actually, the moon shines the brightest today (I was told but never bothered to verify).

Desi's poem is a sweet treat that goes down well minus all the sinful calories. This SHY SHY furong-gal finds much joy in it. :-)

desiderata said...

ah, Anak Merdeka,my MC Serenade kept you and mateys by the open air eating MCs and downing Pu Er cha!

Mateys Mave, Howsy asked Desi when is thy cameo AP(RM20k?)pearance at G7?

Hey SHY SHYwan, before Dr Say leaves Oct 22 for US, come over OCT 10, 2007 starting 6.00pm PJ CLUB! (Sext to first A&W in the cuntree! Nomore hyde-ing or no Amore poems from FurongKnight!:(