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Monday, September 17, 2007

G7 Bloggers Meet tomolo: OPen Invite:)

To ER (EsteemedReaders):
If thou art new/nu'e to Desi's Place, let me warn that the English hear (in place of here) sometimes falls within the parameters of DDC (Da Desi Code as bequeathed by QueeEn fool of Awe Ipohlang -- hoRst of -- just to entertain and to befuddle the kind of MBs and CMs who can't even fill up simple Oz immigeresen dan kastam forms and they want tro promote FDI into Malaysia but take along bundles of currency into QueeEnsland:(

Yesterday I sent off an INVITE to some close Blogger mateys, and in lieu of a proper Post todie, here's opening the invite to awe comers, and goers, and stayers, watever!:

"Hi mateys awe:

Mave and Desi have fulfilled the quorum of 2 to call
for a G7++ Bloggers Meet at Jaya Supermarket, Jaya
Noodles House, Ground Floor, Section 14, PJ coming
Tuesday 5.00to7.00pm.

Mave and I are meeting up 30minutes earlier (Doc, pls
push the AP to 4.30pm OK!) as we have some HI level
proposal from Putrajaya to discuss. NO sharing -- the
world out n KL/PJ is fool of wolves, gender neutral!

Hope you guys record this number 012-9702285 and
pn'tpass it to SpecialBrunch, sked they bring along


YL, Desi

PS: SMS me if confirm coming to I can gas the number
and prepare enuf standing space:)"


PPS: If more than a dosen turn up, I may neGOItiate with the Boss at said Noodles house for 30%-cut -- MY CUT, No sharing as I said earlier, you know understand?


desiderata said...

to Awe ER from Desi:

As of Sept 17 @8.00pm, I have received WORD that Eli Wong is coming, also Bernard Khoo aka Zorro though he says CZJ (Who's that?) sends her APologies this dime!plus Howsy (Dr Say Yee?) will be running late as he goes jogging bare footed -- or izzit bear-feeted?
Present thyself and we'll all teh-See!:)

Dangerous Variable said...


So sorry that I couldn't make it because I was busy with a lot of things to do...

I know these past few days has been hell for our democracy and the encroachment of our civil liberties has made me more resolute to leave the country for a freer pasture.

The politicking will be the same but at least I do not get f*****ed around by people using religion, inherent rights, etc...

Somehow I am sad for the state of my country. 50 years of independence and yet we still have segments in society behaving like they are still colonialised and under oppression based on ethnicity and religion.

As a boy, I used to be proud of my country reciting the scouts honour to God, King and Country; singing the national anthem with gusto and zeal. Looking back, I don't think it means anything to me.

As a boy in primary school, all my friends are from different race and yet we do not divide ourselves to see who has more rights than others. It really didn't occur in my mind that there is such divide although I would say that it was more intriguing to see how people from other cultures lived.

I still believe in God and that all shall be held accountable to this higher power. I believe in the separation of religion and state. However, we still have leaders going waywardly of course professing their piousness and so called honor to the higher power but does not practice what they preached.

Anyways, the list goes on and I am boring you. I will try to make it back to Seremban over the weekend. My work has become my goal and burden in life. Making more money in every way I can...