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Sunday, August 02, 2015


IN My first year of BLOGging, I dedicated every SUNDAY To creative writing/writHINg, goping into personal sharing about my life's journey plus others' more interesting perosnal journeys. I call it BUMMering around on wickedneds, and It's occasionally I ventrure here as SOCIO_POLITICS took over my main energy-taxing adventures as the last few months' posts show, centring around 1MDB..

TOday I took time off to watch CCTV-AMERICA's FullFrame; just CUt&PASTry below the background to this programme running from 1.30-2.00PM.

KCETLink Presents CCTV America's New Current Affairs & Culture Magazine Show, 'Full Frame'

Series Hosted by Veteran Journalist Mike Walter, Focuses on
Human Interest Storytelling and Philanthropic Newsmakers

Burbank, Calif. - (June 30, 2014) - KCETLink, the national independent public transmedia organization, presents FULL FRAME, CCTV America's new weekly series, which features human interest storytelling, enlightening dialogue and humanitarian issues embraced by leading cultural luminaries. The series will premiere on Link TV (DirecTV 375, DISH Network 9410) on Friday, July 11 at 8 p.m. ET and on KCET (Southern California) on Sunday, July 13 at 4:30 p.m. PT.

Every week, FULL FRAME will begin with a newsmaker interview focused on his/her philanthropic efforts. The remaining segments will be devoted to panel discussions and documentary-style storytelling about various aspects of the newsmaker's cause. The new series aims to be a vehicle for bringing attention to the humanitarian work and causes that world leaders, celebrities, musicians, professional athletes, authors, innovators, intellectual luminaries, industry leaders and politicians have embraced in their time away from the media spotlight. Arts and culture, science and technology, entertainment, education, health, environmental sustainability, women's issues and social justice are some of the many topics the show will cover.

The premiere episode will feature actress Geena Davis discussing her work to create equitable depictions of women in film and television. Upcoming episodes will also profile famed cellist Yo-Yo Ma and his philosophy of 'passion driven' education; former champion boxer Sugar Ray Leonard's battle with alcoholism and his campaign about the dangers of diabetes; and philanthropist Howard Buffett's vision for eradicating global hunger.

Hosted by Mike Walter and produced by the American division of China Central Television at KCET's Burbank studios, FULL FRAME brings an innovative new approach to long-format interviews and feature stories while fostering thoughtful and insightful discussion about the issues that shape all of our lives. 


August 2, 2015's edition featured an African model, author and philanthropist named ALEK MEK. (SHE was the last to be covered, no pun intended, as I couldn't recall others uncovered earlier...)


ON SATurdays when I'm free -- which is seldom at 5.30PM -- I would try to catch "ICON" , also on CCTV, which yesterday featured a MUSICIAN-CONDUCTOR< let me get the name later OK>
  Hu Yongyan, artistic director < interviewed by JI XIAOJUN, another TV ICON? -- in his own right/write.

OKAY some background first follows:~~


Ji Xiaojun

I like singing. And I like old songs in particular. In my mind, they are more than just songs.
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TO BE CONTINUED>>>IF I SURVIVE MY LATE CONTINENTAL LUNCH == normally my fave LAMB CHOP OR BEEF STEA(ic)k --Which is normally hosted by better ENDOWED FRIENDS:)

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