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Sunday, August 16, 2015


WHEN I Started BLOGGING/BUMming on the IDESofMARCH 10years+ AGO, I devoted on beautiful Sundaes to RUMINATing on issues important to YL for SOUL'S FOOD&mentalREJUVENATION, especially on my speciality, MEDIA, olde and new/nude.

AS I INdicated occasionally, one columnist I  highlighted when he wrote on subjects covering MEDia, COrruption, RESponsibility&ACCountibily, I saved energy by COPy&PASTrying CITIZEN NADES' writes.

HERE's from last WEDnesdae, served late here/hear COs DESi is sometimes/dimes RECALCITRANT!



Citizen Nades - How not to treat good officers

DATUK Seri Shahidan Kassim says he is the minister in charge of the Public Services Department (PSD). Datuk Paul Low says he's the minister in charge of governance and integrity. The chief secretary to the government, Tan Sri Ali Hamsa, is also the head of the civil service.
Among these three, who made the call to "transfer" two senior officers from the Malaysian Anti-Corruption Commission to the Prime Minister's Office (PMO)?
Three days after the transfer order was issued, there has been an about-turn, and in the process, the government has egg splattered on its face. Why did it happen? Was it an arbitrary and spontaneous decision made by an individual without going through due process? Were there hidden hands orchestrating yet another episode of this drama called 1MDB?
What wrong(s) did the two officers commit? The rules of natural justice demand that the accused be given a chance to defend himself or herself. Were they given a chance to defend their actions or inaction?
I know for a fact that Low was totally in the dark on this transfer because when I called him on Friday evening, he too was as surprised as me. But ministers do not have the power to hire and fire. The only man that wields the power is Ali, who in a media statement said: "I have decided to cancel their transfer orders to the Prime Minister's Department and they will return to their respective designations in MACC effective Aug 10."
Ali said that he and PSD director-general Tan Sri Mohamad Zabidi Zainal had met the two officers, MACC Special Operations Division director Datuk Bahri Mohamad Zin and director of its Strategic Communications Datuk Rohaizad Yaakob.
He said the two officers have explained their media statements and after listening to their explanations, he had decided to cancel their transfer orders.
So, now from the horse's mouth we get confirmation that the transfer was related to the media statements made by the duo.
With his department under siege and its officers being picked up and he himself being questioned and his office raided, Bahri stood up for what he felt was right. He reasoned that there were hidden hands manipulating this uncalled for series of events.
To date, seven MACC senior officers and directors have been detained or questioned on issues related to its investigations into RM4 billion of funds related to SRC International Sdn Bhd, a former 1MDB subsidiary.
Like many of us who take pride in their profession and protect the integrity and credibility of colleagues, Bahri had remarked: "I will find the perpetrators who are ordering the arrests. By God, I will find the perpetrators till kingdom come.
"We do not have time to play politics as we are doing our job as entrusted by the public on what they expect us to do with regard to this investigation."
Rohaizad, being head of communications, merely welcomed and thanked members from the opposition parties who turned up to show support for its independent investigations. Did Ali and PSD expect the MACC to shut its doors and keep the visitors outside?
The days of "government knows best" are over. This statement was not concocted by me. It came from the prime minister himself before the last general election.
So, why couldn't Ali and Mohamad Zabidi call the two officers for an explanation before deciding to transfer them? Do both of them think they "knew best"? What prompted both to issue the transfer orders without even seeking the reasons for their statements?
The decision – a rare and rash one – has destroyed the reputation of the MACC and its officers. In the process, the government is now being seen as "victimising" good officers who follow the rules and brook no nonsense from any quarter.
Were Ali and Mohamad Zabidi aware of the consequences of their actions? Do they realise the mental anguish the two officers and their families were put through and will continue to endure?
No, answers will not be forthcoming from the duo. They will continue sitting in their ivory towers issuing statements after doing the damage.
The spate of support from the masses for the two beleaguered officers is a message that our citizens will no longer sit and watch when injustice is perpetrated against people who are doing an honest day's work.
The abrupt and unexplained transfer which was announced on Friday put-paid to the government's promise of wanting to be more open. The billion-ringgit question is: Who is going to take responsibility for this silly mess they got the government into?
R. Nadeswaran has been trained to understand that the rules of natural justice must prevail before judgment is made and punishment is imposed. Comments:

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