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Wednesday, August 05, 2015


LET me just state this is a collation of events in the recent weeks, the figures cited ARE JUST CLOSE APPROXIMATIONS WHICH ARE good for making TRENDING PREDICTONS.

Writers/writHERs are not soothsayers though one BLOGger exiled to the UK resident in (Woe)MANchester oftense with LOGICAL arguments to support his CONCLUSIONS>making sen pushes his predictions down the readers' throats the past few years, WITH DIDACTIC PREACHINGS AND QUANTUM LEAP OF LOGIC TO make INFERENCES LIKE telling stories from the Arabian 1,001 nights... BEFORE these "Past few years", he was making sense with his WRITES with good background and LOGICAL PROGRESSION BEFore laying out his CONCLUSIONS. I am writing this BECAUSE HE sold out the REformasi CAUse and PKR Leader DS ANWAR IBRAHIM, and I deem him just a fiction writer nowadays, so be FOREWARNED SHOULD you still read his stuff, OK, from UK! KO him from your reading list when surfing, OK!


NOW I Will list some BULLET POINTS Of the key economic factors that will IMPACT THE formation of the PERFECT STORM NOW forming in the near horizon.

*1.    THE Malaysian RINGGIT became the WORST PERFORMING CURRENCY Versus the GREENBACK or AMerican DOllar since a few weeks back, even beating the INdonesian RUpiah for the HOnour/DISHOnour. THE MAlaysian RInggit breached the RM3.80=1USD, last fixed 17 years ago by THEN PM DR MAHATHIR MOHAMAD as part of his CAPital COntrol MEasures to tackle the ASian FInancial CRisis. I sighted CNN Reporting just a few days ago the exchange rate saw RINGGIT FALling further  to above RM3.84 against the USD1!.

**2.   THE last time media reports on the NATional DEBT-to-GDP (GROSS DOMESTIC PRODUCT) RATIO that I sighted from ECONOMIC ANALYSTS' writes in the media, including the MSM<, was about two months ago putting the RATIO AT 65Percent. THe MALeen always boasting the Malaysian government has been constantly kept below 55%, the self-imposed TRIGGER POINT. IF this IMPORTANT INDEX goes above 55%, it means the country is incurring MORE NATIONAL DEBT versus its GDP.

OF Course, we are still far from the 100% MArk, beyond which a country is deemed ACHIEVED BANKRUPTSY STATUS by international agencies; in contrast GREECE was reported to have gained the 175% RATIO, so it's getting Another BAILOUT from its brethren in the EUROZONE.

DEAR ER, may I seek thy forebearance as you have been wrt falling Ringgit while DESi goes for a BF BReak so I Cometh back to write/writHE badder! 
SO cheerio, to be CONTINUED ....if DESi survives CApitalist BF wit' AYamnKAMbing RENdang! INSyaAllah, yes, GODwillingYL, Desi, knottyaSSusual

(TO BE CONTINUED TOMORROW... AS DESI's energies after lunch were diverted into writing a NEW POST Titled:

"MR PM&Cohorts, Art Thou Kidding US?" ENJOY OK:)

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