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Monday, September 17, 2012

WHO Will Weep for NegaraKU?

AFTER 55 years of Independence of Malaya from British rule, and six years later, the birth of Malaysia in 1963 making Sabah and Sarawak EQUAL STATES with the rest of Malaya's 11 others, I wonder if the East Malaysians regretted they had not been able in following Singapore's breakaway? Frankly, IF I WERE A SARAWAKIAN/SABAHAN, my answer would be a resounding YES! But YL, Desi, is not, will not be a Sarawakain or Sabahan, so I would NOT speak on their behalf/ves -- but I believe I can still THINK ALLOWED/ALOUD?

WHY, my perrenial thought, would Sarawkians/Sabahans fell loved equally as Peninisular Malaysians when after 49 years, the federal government is about to meet the two State Chep Ministers to discuss about raising the miserable 5percent royalties due to the oil-rich states? WHY too should the Kelantanes and Trengganuians NOT FEEL SHORT-CHANGED that Kelantan's court case to fight for the 5percent to be channelled to the State government and not to a federal agency beholden and/or for a higher percentage of oil royalties payable(? -- so long o'lady, I can't keep track!:() to UMNO remains a question mark YET to have a answer?

Saudara Anwar Ibrahim has pledged to the Rakyat/electortae that if Pakatan Rakyat were to take over Putrajaya from BN-UMNO, the first act the new government would do is TO LOWEER THE PETROL PRICES AT THE PUMP. This is highly practicable because MALAYSIA IS A NET PRODUCER/EXPORTER OF PETROL and GAS, and THE LOCAL CRUDES ARE SWEET TOO, which translates into a higher grade and commands a higher market price!

WHY are Malaysians short-changed -- like Sabah, Sarawak, Kelantan and Terengganu! -- through long suffering yaers that when world oil prices rise, we the RAKYAT do not enjoy the higher revenues/profits that PETRONAS receives from ooverseas cosnumer-countries? WHY? why? WHY?

Instead. the BN gomen did the contrary, every time world prices rose, they UPped the pump prices, causing to another round of INFLATION. Food and daily essentails would rise by 10-20percent each round, and the ordinary folks have had to tighten the belt. And FLOM went to petaling street too to buy some cheap shopes to stress the point that she and First Man also tighten their belts (made of Au?)

Then First Man came up with BR1M, which I code as Bribe Malaysia One, in the form of RM500 for households with combined income less trhan RM3,000 per month. Hey, Mr PM, how long would this RM500 last for a family oif man-wife-2children? My guess is just TWO WEEKS' EXPENSES! OR TO VERY TIGHTLY-BELTED MALAYSIAN HOUSEHOLDS, JUST ONE MONTH!

So before GE-13 you want to launch another vote-buying BR2M??????

Dear masochistic Malaysians, help yourself and not chain thyself/ves to these cunning UMNO-wolves-in-sheeps'-clothing!


I reprise a poem I composed eon years ago, so bear with me -- you can surely bear with Desi's mouthful after bearing with all the daylight robbery by the only federal government (BN-UMNO) you know for 55 yaers, right!? :(:(:(:( Four scowls, and 4 is Sei-Liau-liau in Kantonis! How many more masochistic years would fellow Malaysians who voted BN want to self-impose, dear Malaysians?

Bleeding Malaysians

Oil fields offshore Malaysia are a-plenty
Yey when world prices rise
Malaysians pay more for their petrol
Shouldnm't it be the othe way round?
We produce an oil surplus
Which commands a premium price

No, the politicians smartly tell us
The oil subsidies keep rising
Hence, we raise the pump prices
We chase away Malaysians in their youth
To study in faraway land
A decade or two later
We beg them to come back
To serve the motherland

Wo bleeds more, my dear
Malaysians or Malaysia?

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