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Monday, September 17, 2012

PETRIFICATION -- Malaysians must learn the meaning...

of this WORD.

And if you can, guess the context of where Desi imagines my fellow citizens should be PETRIFIED -- it has to do wit' our NATION'S STATE OF AFFAIRS!
HINT: that state of mind and emotion to wake up after 55 years,to realise that all along, you have been bedding a DEVIL!:(:(

A second word the teacher-up-Desi's-alley-heART also asked: what's the meaning of STATUS QUO;
and a student's confident reply cometh: things as they are;
expanding a li'l into Malaysian state of affairs -- BusinessAsUsual -- corruption, cronyism, can-lah/Malaysia Boleh to kau dim:(

DIGRESSION, allowed?...and Desi's appeal in relation to our state of affairs: CHANGE THE STATUS QUO! I wandereth if Miss Jean Brodie would have tolerated my knotty intro Politics into the kelas?!

Meanwhile, go to Google to lead you to: "THE PRIME OF MISS JEAN BRODIE". A kind soul has uploaded the movie by 20th Century Fox starrig Ms Maggie Smith (See her in award-winning "Downton Abbey" running over at channle 703, Astro -- NO, i no get any payment for this advertising!

Because I love my ER, this xxtended wickedend rumination -- another WORD is REFLECTION -- I work very the heART to introduce you to this series of se7en-minute movie clips (Yeah, 7 is Desi's fave number:)

And you will find in her first lesson, she also asked the question: Who is the greatest Italian painter of damned all? And a student replies: Leonardo da Vinci (Mine too if I were sitting dare!:(

But no, it was not LDV; Jean mentioned a name I could not receive, then hung one of his/her works over another deicting the principal's love for Safety.

Jean advocates that the greatest of all attrobutes should be: Goodness, Truth and Beauty...

GO-lah, you lazybones, peep into the Youtube, jest the first link hear!:)~~~~

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