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Saturday, September 29, 2012

DPM says Budget 2013 is NOT an election budget...

YOU BELIEVE HIM OR YOU ARE ON DESI'S SIDE, shaking my head in utter disbelief that Muhyiddin even believes his own fiction?!

Okay I read from the print copy of The Star at BF this morning, here below I just copy&paste the extract:

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7 hours ago ... TAN Sri Muhyiddin Yassin has described Budget 2013 as focused, sustainable, realistic and meets the needs ... “This is not an election budget.

I would describe the Budget presented by PM Najib Tun Razak as containing GOODIES GALORE, and if you say it is NOT a budget aimed at winning votes cometh GE-13, which must be called latest by JUNE 2013, then one's brain must be covered in dung, like during Muhyiddin's time as minister in charge of AGRICULTURE and taking part in approving the RM250million cattle rearing project called famously the NFC Cowgatre! Of course people like him would say that RM250million gifted to another former minister still Wanita UMNO chief/(thief?) Sharizat Jalil's family to operate the National Feedlot Corp/Centre is small money only!

Yet, when they give you another RM500 under BR1M now reprised -- I call it BRibe One Malaysia -- they expect a grateful electorate to vote for BN. My reminder to the Voters: You get RM500, the UMNOputras like Sharizat's husband who is NFC chairman, and their privileged children, get millions...!!! Yes, the exclamation marks come a byte late because I want my ER here to "digest" the difference in figures!

Badder steal, I quote from a former PM, the sometimes quite rational Dr Mahathir Mohamad, saying that Najib's handing out of goodies when rounding the country was "c;lose to vote-buying".

SO when Najib yesterday handed up super goodies for next year's budget, he would in Dr Mahathir's words, Desi extrapoltaing the good doctor, cun?: "....super-close to SUPER VOTE-BUYING, Yes!"

********************************Copying from my post of Sept 20, 2012, cun?:~~~

I thought Dr M was "senile" when criticising American mothers...

BUT the next report reproduced below, slso from the Malaysian Insider, shows he's still capable of rational thinking. He hides the indefensible corruption rampant in UMNO by using "jovialities" to temper his bytes on his own party, which grew up for 22 long years on the good doctor's medicine, true or false.

I would call current PM's ang-pow distribution nationwide for the past two years as OUTRIGHT VOTE-BUYING, But Dr Mahathir is kinder than Desi. The GOoD news for Malaysians living in poverty is that second tranche of BRIBE RAKYAT 1MALAYSA (Contrast my definition from Najib's ****BR1M below)IS kamBing so-ON! Jest b4 the GE-13, if yoy believe Dr M. I believe him 200Percent, so Najib may just raise the angpow to RM500X2. If the first AP lasted two weeks, this dime around it would lust one month!

Malaysia A: largersmallerresetEmail Print

Dr M: Najib’s cash handouts ‘very close’ to vote buying

UPDATED @ 08:55:07 PM 19-09-2012 By Clara Chooi September 19, 2012
KUALA LUMPUR, Sept 19 — Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad admitted today that the Najib administration’s penchant for handing out cash to Malaysians through its various people-centric policies was “very close” to vote buying.

But the former prime minister said the government was running out of time with polls drawing closer as the ruling Barisan Nasional (BN) coalition needed a bigger mandate to tighten its grasp on Putrajaya.

“I do not believe in giving money to the people. I believe in giving facilities. But I think when a government has no time and they are facing an election, they make a decision that is easy,” Dr Mahathir (picture) said in his keynote address at the Perdana Leadership Foundation’s CEO Forum 2012 here.

“If you give people money, then they should support (you). Maybe it is not vote-buying... but it is very close to that,” he said, to laughter from the audience.

The government is expected to announce a second round of RM500 cash handouts to lower-income households when Budget 2013 is tabled next week, in a move that is seen as giving Najib and his BN pact’s ratings a boost ahead of polls expected soon.

The first round of handouts under the ****Bantuan Rakyat 1 Malaysia (BR1M) programme, which involved some five million families and cost taxpayers RM2.6 billion, saw Najib’s approval ratings shoot up to 69 per cent, largely due to a surge of support from low-income households.

Throughout his address, Dr Mahathir repeatedly mentioned the Najib administration’s cash handouts, at one point even saying that “he (Najib) has a lot of money”.
Desi has this to say to fellow citizens: DON'T LOOK AT JUST THE NEXT 6 to 9 months preceding the 13th General Elections. For your next and future generations' sake, look beyond the next FIVE YEARS. VOTE 4CHANGE, for after 55years of tasting BN-UMNO medicine when they once-a-while hand you some "kacang putih" goodies that last one to two months while they steal by the milloions, just take the goodies, but VOTE ACCORDING TO YOUR CONSCIENCE! Desi again says: Don't fall for the bribery -- OK, take the goodies because it's from your tax dollars anyway, JUST DON'T BE OBLIGED TO VOTE FOR THE BN-UMNO!

In fact, after GE-13, should Pakatan Rakyat take over, they should ask MACC to investigate Najib and his whole/holey Cabinet IF THERE IS A CASE FOR PROSECUTION FOR ATTEMPTING TO BRIBE THE ELECTORATE!

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