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Friday, September 07, 2012

IgNOrance is BLiiisSS...(Fool!)

I REALLY DON'T WANT TO KNOW best describes this feeling in the most challenging of contexts!


How many arms have held you
And hated to let you go
How many, how many I wonder
But I really don't want to know.

How many lips have kissed you
And set your soul aglow
How many, how many I wonder
But I really don't want to know.
So always make me wonder
Always make me guess
And even if I ask you darling
Don't confess.
Just let it remain your secret
But darling I love you so
No wonder, no wonder I wonder
No, I really don't want to know...

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As mots of my regular ER would know by now, I really wanted to be a roving cowboy -- Alan Ladd in SHANE, John Wayne in NORTH TO ALASKA and the seven bros in MAGNIFICENT SE7EN and another set in SEVEN BRIDES FOR SEVEN BROTHERS sealed my bondship with cowgalhoodism.

In life, some of the things we know of someone's past keeps us down, weighed down by a heavy load because THAT PAST WAS GUILT-WRENCHING, for both doer and the knowing VICTIM. I'm sure you beyong age 21 must have such a burden thrown on thy adulthood shoulders, and often enought, you wished YOU HAD NOT KNOWN. Yes, that Ignorance is Bliss wish cometh to mind, mine2!

Today's number evokes such a strong sentiment when your eyes catch that strAnger of an arresting beauty that has just walked into you common room -- bar, KaRaOK, or KFC or MacDonald or A&W, the lust I like best as it trult connotes my WWW sentiments -- her eyes catch yours (Of some 30pairs inthe crRoOwoWeded rooOoom, she picks yours, that's like winning the 3-digit!!!:)

ANYWAY, to such a stranger from paradise, I of10 when the circumstances -- well circumscised of oppositionists -- allow Desi to praise the NOE aloud with a cowboy's rendition, with a stress -- for your ears oly! -- on:~~~~

I Really Don'T Want To Know:):).

""So Ai Ren, Cheerio, C U Agin, INsyaAllah!""-- YL, Desi

POSTsript: On reflecton, let this cowboy add that "pause when your eyes lock in blissful anticipation, for lady Temptation can wreak its price/prize!" DejaVu to "ALMOST PERSUADED" message:(~~~~



Recorded by David Houston
Words and music by Billy Sherrill and Glenn Sutton

Last [G] night, all a-[G7] in a bar-[C] room
Met a [G] girl with a drink in her [D] hand
She had [G7] ruby red lips, [C] coal black hair
And [G] eyes that would [D] tempt any [G] man. ... [D]

Then she [G] came and sat [G7] down at my [C] table
And as she [G] placed her soft hand in [D] mine
I [G] found myself [G7] wanting to [C] kiss her
For temp-[G] tation was [D] flowing like [G] wine. [D7]

And I was [G] al-[G7] per-[C] suaded
To [G] strip myself of my [D7] pride
[G] Al-[G7] most per-[C] suaded
To [G] push my [D7] conscience a-[G] side. ... [E7]

Then we [A] danced and she [A7] whispered, "I [D] need you!
Take me a-[A] way from here and be my [E] man."
Then I [A] looked into her [A7] eyes and I [D] saw it
The re-[A] flection of [E7] my wedding [A] band. [E7]

And I was [A] al-[A7] most per-[D] suaded
to [A] let strange lips lead me [E] on
[A] al-[A7] most per-[D] suaded
But your [A] sweet love made me [E7] stop and go [D] home. [A]

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