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Sunday, September 23, 2012

In a country music mood again, so I wonder...

If YOU REALLY WANT TO KNOW, vevene if the gal says yes, she has not secrets to hyde! Listen to the anthem above, then list'n to Skeeter Davis' reply.

IHow many arms have held me and hated to let me go
How many I'll tell you the answer
Cause I really want you to know

Other arms have held me and others have kissed me too
But now they have all been forgotten
Since the day that I learned to love you

I didn't know of true love to me it was just a game
But I only belong to you love so I am not ashamed

No reason to keep a secret what happened long ago
Don't wonder my darling don't wonder
Cause I really want you to know

But I enjoy another country's company too, though I also envy Jim McGraw having lots of FAITH HILL, and another BUM having Keith Urban having awe of theNicole KIDman!:)

So on this holy Sundae before Desi adjourns for his CON BF, capitalistic wickedEND, r'ber?!


Songwriters: J. ROWE, J.W. VAUGHAN

How sweet and happy seem those days of which I dream
When memory recalls them now and then
And with that rapture sweet my weary heart would beat
If I could hear my mother pray again
If I could hear my mother pray again if I could hear her tender voice as then
So glad I'd be with who means so much to me if I could hear my mother pray again
[ guitar ]
She used to pray that I on Jesus would rely and always walk the shining gospel way
So trusting still his love I'll seek that home above
Where I shall meet my mother some glad day
If I could hear...

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