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Monday, April 22, 2013

First endorsement of several *BUM Wakil Rakyat defending their Seats -- UPDATED 22 April

*BLOGGERS UNIVERSE MALAYSIA, evolved from its first year as Bloggers United Malaysia.

This is my preliminary thought-sharing with my Esteemed Readers on the Candiadtes nominated yesterday for the 13th General Elections (GE13)

On the Right Hand column I have featured the pictures of THREE immediate past MPs from PKR (one is also conconcurrently immediate ADUN plusbeing the first Menteri Besar from Pakatan Rakyat of Selangor, and he is Tan Sri Abdul Khalid Ibrahim


Resumed writHing at 12.49PM, April 22, the THIRD DAY of GE13 campaign after the Nominations last Saturday April 20. This time aropund the field is CROWDED BY THE RECORD NUMBERS of Independent candidates, which in most cases would BENEFIT BN-UMNO.. The question at the back of Desi's mind -- Do these Independents take out their own monies to finance their contests? OR WHO HAS SUCH DEEP POCKETS TO "SPONSOR" THEM? You tell Desi -- I'll bye ye endless rounds of tehtarik at De Miang COrNer if you can catch me (like how you can catch the multi-million-dollared sponsors?!)

First noteworthy  endorsement from Desi of the FIVE named leaders highlighted in my RH Column are all from PKR because I know them well enough to want to "endorse" them. With one exception i.e. Tan Sri Khalid Ibrahim, ex-MB of the richest state in Malaysia (which Najib is eye-ing with fat and hungry look  to grab back, hence he's leading the BN assault in Selangor), THE OTHER FOUR ARE ACTIVE BLOGGERS who Desi has had the privilege ofinteracting occasionally with the past 6-7 years. Khalid later supported the non-political-party-affiliated Bloggers' activities by SPONSORING TWICE as head of Selangor state government donating each RM10,000 in consecutive years to the Organising Committeee for BUM2010 and BUM2011.

I won't say more about the named PKR leaders except that Sdr William Leong is presently the party's TREASURER-GENERAL, Tian Chua is an ELECTED PARTY VICE-PRESIDEN, Nik Nazmi Nik Ahmad is DIRECTOR OF PKR COMMUNICATIONS BUREAU (of which Desi is proud to decalre I am a member), and Sdri ElizabethWong (immediate past EXCO MEMBER, Selangor State Government), pretty vocal on Freedom of Assembly and Environment issues even before entering partisan politics. Just restate that Sdr Nik Nazmi had addressed a few forums organised by (memorably when elaborating the Freedom of Information Act legislated by Selangor government --as the FIRST state to do so in the country. According to him, Nik Nazmi had stated at Bloggers' gatherings taht he first spoke  FIRSTLY as a BLOGGER, then secondly as ADUN of Seri Setia, Selangor.

PS: I will stop now to catch my breath and belated **runch -- **defined by a lazy BUMmer as "lunch on the run!" Some Ipohlang / guy whispered to Desi that during GE13, even if one is NOT BUSY, wan must make believe he/she's b C as a Bee-lah! Feel important mah?! Knot impotent OK! -- Watch thy English, whose standard has been consistently falling in dear "Bolehland" I proudly call homeland. Yes, I won't be modest in being proud of my excellent English mastery, BUT I AM ALSO "COMPETENT" ENOUGH in BM and Mandarin K!

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