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Saturday, May 26, 2012

TRAGEDY: All for the love of a girl...

I had once adopted the song titled thus by *** (read t .... and today The Star's story speaks volumes of the eternal burning triangle. So Sad, yes, says his Dad....

Saturday May 26, 2012

Doc: My son was in love triangle


KLANG: The father of the medical student who plunged to his death in Penang believed it was due to relationship problems.
Dr Ko Chung Beng claimed that his son, Steven Ko Yiu Hing (pic), 24, was dejected after deciding to give up his relationship with a girl.
Dr Ko, who is a skin specialist, said his son had been seeing the girl for a month, who also happened to be an ex-girlfriend of a friend.
Recently, the friend had expressed his intention of resuming his relationship with the girl and Steven decided to give way, said Dr Ko.
The trio had spent more than two years studying medicine in Ireland before returning to complete their studies at the Penang Medical College.
“He (Steven) had sent an SMS to the girl saying that he did not want to give her any trouble or pressure her. He advised her to watch the movieCasablanca,” he told reporters at the wake here yesterday.
On Thursday, at about 2am, Steven's body was discovered sprawled on the ground floor of a shopping complex by three restaurant workers.
He was believed to have fallen from the fourth floor of the car park where his BMW was parked. He had gone to the complex at about 4pm on Wednesday.
Casablanca is a 1942 movie starring Humphrey Bogart, Paul Henreid and Ingrid Bergman set in World War Two. It features a love triangle between two men and a woman with Bogart's character giving up Bergman.
Sad times: Dr Ko (right) and his wife grieving over the death of their son.
Dr Ko, who has a daughter, blamed himself for not spending enough time with his son when he was going through an emotional phase.
“My advice to parents is to spend more time with your children. Do not pamper them too much by giving them all they want.
“Otherwise they may not be able to take rejection, as there are some things that money can't buy,” he said.
In GEORGE TOWN, police are pursuing all angles, including relationship problems that could have led to Steven's death.
George Town OCPD Asst Comm Gan Kong Meng said Steven did not leave behind any note.
“Police are ascertaining whether there was any foul play,” he said yesterday.
The case has been classified as sudden death and police have surrendered his belongings, including his car, to Steven's family in Klang.


Dear ER, esp the Young Ones, should you be caught in such a bind, just join Johnny Horton-lah, or Desi at Butterfry Varrey, to singAlong: VIA LINK:)~~~

Artist: Johnny Horton
Song: All For The Love Of A Girl  

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"All For the Love of a Girl"
Performed by Johnny Horton
Submitted by Diron A.,

Play in a nice, slow "pick, strum, pick strum" technique

            C                           F             C
Well, today I'm so weary, today I'm so blue,
F                      C                     G
Sad and broken hearted and it's all because of you.
C                                 F             C
Life was so sweet dear, life was a song,
F                             C                G                 C
Now you've gone and left men, oh where do I belong?


            C                         F            C
And it's all for the love of a dear little girl,
C                                         G
All for the love, that sets your heart in a whirl.
        C                                          F               C
I'm a man who'd give his life and the joys of this world.
C            G           C
All for the love of a girl.

Repeat Chorus

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