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Friday, May 25, 2012

China-Malaysia relations can be jeopardised by deviant groups like Perkasa...

and non-descript NGOS obviously backed by UMNO; and putting in cheerleaders like the keris-waving Minister and "ketuanan Melayu" rhetorics like "You Chinamen, don't like it here, go back to Tong San!; likewise to Malaysians of Indian ethnicity, presently under the limelight Bersih3.0 co-chair, S Ambiga, being told to "go back to India!" just for her guts in leading Malaysians by hundreds of Malaysians across all racial groups for basic freedom to march to protect the country's democartic system including a CLEAN and FAIR ELECTIONS during  the five-yearly General Elections.

WE ordinary Malaysians are peace-loving people, and NO ONE, BUT NO ONE, can question our SACRED CITIZENSHIP on grounds of suspecting our loyalty to NegaraKu. We may be members of political opposition like the DAP, PKR or PAS, but we are NO LESS LOYAL THAN THE UMNO, MCA or MIC MEMERS living in our neighborrhood. AND THE LAW MUST BE SEEN TO BE EQUALLY APPLIED TO ALL CITIZENS, not one standarFOR NGOS LIKE PERKASA OR TIBAI, AND ANOTHER STANDARD FOR BERSIH3.0 , OR EVEN A THIRD SET OF LAWS FOR UMNO ONLY,  AND A FOURTH SET OF LAWS FOR ALL OTHERS1

So the following news item from MChronicle is worth reading; PONDER THE ISSUE, my dear ER!:) or :( AND EVEN UMNO BIGWIGS PANNDERING Tp\O EXTREMISM TO HOLD ON TO POWER BY LABELLING MY KIND AS COMMUNIST -- and you former IGPs like Tun Hanif Omar too included, be forewarned! -- STOP DEMONISING BERSIH3.0 DEMONSTRATORS AS BEING A FRONT FOR COMMUNISTS TO TOPPLE THE GOVERNMENT! --~~~~~~~

Friday, 25 May 2012 06:58

Chinese premier, Malaysian PM discuss bilateral ties over phone

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Chinese premier, Malaysian PM discuss bilateral ties over phone
BEIJING -- Premier Wen Jiabao and Malaysian Prime Minister Najib Razak on Thursday discussed bilateral ties and issues of common concern during a telephone conversation.
Wen said China and Malaysia have maintained close high-level communications and coordination in international and regional affairs. Cooperation in all fields has also been fruitful.
Wen stressed that it is the common aspiration of everyone in the region to develop the economy, improve people's lives and jointly tackle challenges.
China is willing to work with Malaysia to maintain peace and stability in East Asia and promote common prosperity, Wen said.
Najib said Malaysian-Chinese relations have withstood the test of international vicissitudes and benefited both peoples.
China is a close and reliable friend of Malaysia. Nothing could block the development of friendly relations between the two countries, Najib said, adding that Malaysia is willing to strengthen cooperation with China to safeguard the common interests of both sides as well as all countries in the region.


UPDATEd @2.42PM -- see how Desi works heART for my ER!:) -- here's sharing from

Thursday, May 24, 2012

Let This Sekinchan Ikan Bakar Man, Jamal Yunus, Taste His Own Medicine

Kuala Lumpur Traders and Residents’ Action Council chairperson and owner of 1Malaysia Fish Restaurant Jamal Md Yunus has declared that he is a supporter of any political party or politician. However, he has gone through great length to do something even a hardcore supporter can't muster to do.

First, Jamal has branded his 18 restaurants as 1Malaysia Fish Restaurant or better known as Sekinchan Ikan Bakar Restaurant. As a luxury car dealer who has obviously benefited from APs handouts, he has offered two luxury cars to those who sign up and participate in the Bersih 4.0 protest. Of course, those who signed up must also visit and eat in his restaurants. The cars on offer are a 2005-model car which is worth RM225,000. The other car is a 2009-model Lamborghini Gallardo worth RM1.2 million.

What an opportunist, Jamal! This is better than even a guy who would advertise his thoughts on 1Malaysia and national unity on national newspapers. Brilliant! I am sure Perkasa and UMNO hardcore supporters would know where to eat and organize their functions in the following months running up to the general election.

Unfortunately, Jamal does not behave as a trader who is really affected by the Bersih 3.0 demonstration. He cannot fool anyone who was there. Those who had opened for business had probably made a killing that day for an entire week's profit. Those shops and eateries who had stayed opened during the 428 demonstration would have told us to bring it on every week!

Jamal is not such a generous guy if he has appeared to be so calculative in the first place. Do you expect a person such as Jamal to donate two luxury cars if he does not expect to make 100 x back in return?

He even charged a fee for those who wanted to participate in his Bersih 4.0 market.

I believe Jamal is probably an ambitious trader and businessman who wanted to impress his political bosses. Since Jamal is so rich and so generous, we should just stop giving him more business. There are other poorer restaurant owners selling ikan bakar who would appreciate and welcome our business.

We should 'Boycott' all of Jamal's 18 restaurants. Yes, he has a right to protest and voice out his opinion. We have a choice to choose not to patronize his restaurants.

Bersih 3.0 did not attempt to invade the privacy of anyone. It had merely requested to use the Dataran Merdeka which is a public space and big enough to accommodate a peaceful assembly. 

Jamal must be taught a lesson not to mess around with someone else's privacy and home. As a businessman, he must accept the risk associated with his behaviour. 

We have said that we will stand up for Ambiga and her courage to stand up for a clean and fair electoral system.

DESIDERATA: YES,  let's boycott this Jamal's chain of restron -- BAKAR THEM!


UPDATEd@12.05PM May 26, 2012: See how heARTEDly Desi works foir thee, my ER2!:~~~~~~~~From MChronicle, 

Saturday, 26 May 2012 07:05

Meet Ambiga-hater Shahrul, also the man behind the failed 'Kelantan Fiesta'

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Meet Ambiga-hater Shahrul, also the man behind the failed 'Kelantan Fiesta'
A quick background check on individuals who have been organising mob protests outside the house of Bersih 2.0 co-chairperson Ambiga Sreenevasan in the past few days will reveal interesting connections.
Last week, Harakahdaily tracked 'butt-protest' leader Mohd. Ali Baharom, to a news report in 2011 about his confession that he paid a whopping RM2 million in order to get Datukship. On May 15, Ali and several middle-aged men armed with placards containing explicit caricature, stood with their rears pointed towards Ambiga's house.
Yesterday, his ilks decended on Ambiga's house again, bringing with them dozens of school boys on motorcycles who revved their machines in the quiet residential neighbourhood.
While 'petty trader' Jamal Md Yunus's enormous wealth and restaurant franchise are no longer a secret, another individual who was yesterday seen spewing racist and abusive language outside Ambiga's house was Shahrul Nasrun Kamarudin.
The Kelantanese, who heads the so-called Gerakan Belia Gagasan 1Malaysia, has been reported to be dating local actress Nora Danish, whose ex-husband recently tied the knot with another local actress.
Not long ago, when local tabloid Kosmo! in its trademark gossip section criticised Shahrul for publishing on his Facebook a picture of him 'cuddling' Nora, a single mother, it was blogger 'Papagomo' who made a passionate defence of Shahrul.
According to the staunchly pro-UMNO blogger, who has a penchant for uploading sexually explicit images to prove a political statement, Shahrul was the exco member of UMNO offshoot Perkasa's Youth wing and the CEO of events management company Red Carpet Worldwide.
Red Carpet was the company behind the 'carnival-that-was-not' which took place in Kota Bharu in 2010, called 'Karnival Kelantan Fiesta 2010', where only 300 people attended despite much fanfare.
Nik Aziz 'abused'
The expensive event, organised by state UMNO leaders led by its liaison chief Mustapa Mohamad, was dogged by political interference and soon fizzled out after a snub from the Sultan of Kelantan, then the acting Sultan, and a boycott from Kelantan Menteri Besar Tuan Guru Nik Abdul Aziz Nik Mat.
In the end, even prime minister Najib Razak, the main guest, stayed away from the event, and in his replacement, Mustapa stood on the stage and spoke using a loudhailer amid a power blackout caused by thunderstorm. A planned live-telecast of the event by RTM was also called off.
According to whistleblower website The Kelantan Insider, the Sultan cancelled his attendance because Red Carpet did not follow palace protocol.
The blog further revealed that Shahrul's father had during the rehearsal for the event on June 14, 2010 uttered derogatory remarks about Nik Aziz, calling him “berak atas pusu” (ie., one who claims credit for something he does not deserve).
The blog also claimed that Nik Aziz was asked not to attend the opening ceremony, and that Red Carpet would gladly return the state's sponsorship of RM200,000 for the event.
If true, then Shahrul's action outside Ambiga's house was a case of being chip off the old block.
"She's the dajjal (the Muslim equivalent of the anti-Christ), she defends apostates, the LGBT (lesbians, gays, bisexuals and transgenders)," he was heard shouting, as he delivered his protest memorandum containing an array of abusive labels on Ambiga.

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