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Monday, May 21, 2012

Sometimes I do agree with lameduck MCA President Dr Chua SL...

In my humblest of opinions, although I am an Oppositionist, I do give credit to MCA leaders when they say or do the right thing. I had written more than once how Dr Chua Soi Lek in his heydays as Health Minister, was the best performing Minister. I will search my archives and extract ONE GOODE EXAMPLE if you, my esteemed readers, behave yourselves and don't do that "butt dance" in front of Desi's midnight cyber-home, OK! I don't serve Burger or Nazi Lemak for thy performance:(!

Now in The Star today, page 10, the report headlined "Do DAP and PKR know?", the following extract is significant:

"On the resignation of DAP vice-chairman Tunku Abdul Aziz Ibrahim, Dr Chua said he was surprised that it took the former senator so long to see the DAP’s true colours.
“I am shocked Tunku Aziz said DAP is a racist and autocratic party because he is an intellectual and should have understood that before joining the party.
“I was shocked when he entered the party and when he left ... because he took so long to find out,” Dr Chua said, adding that although the party claimed to be multi-racial it only contested in Chinese-majority constituencies."


DESIDERATA: Dr Chua's observation on the "hypocrite" (my description-lah!) of Tunku Aziz strikes a chord, and many commenters at MChronicle's article May 15 -- penned by that guy ex-newsdog named YL Chong refers --

YES, where has Tunku Aziz been altyhough these 50years before he joined the Democratic Action Party and during his heyday (much touted, but I don't think he deserved it) as TRansparency International Malaysia president?

Only now after he was forced into a corner, and then resigned from DAP yet making himself such  "man of integrity and principles" -- reminds Desi of RPK and sidekick Haris Ibrahim as MCLM topguns wanting to play supermen of integrity to select 20 ment of integrity to stand under DAP and PKR's banner! Hey, Tunku Aziz, self-proclaimed man of Toweing Malaysian status, were you born just Yesterday? OR have you been another poor version of RipVanW(R)inkle(D) sudddenly woken up by polituical stirrings that he began to sing the praises of UMNO and its unelected chief, and by default,mbecoming Prime Miister Najib Tun Razak,  Lofty "transformation programmes" indeed, my foot! (it hurts just listening to Tunku Aziz's UMNOspeak on ntv7 and subsequent propaganda in the MSM the following days, EVERY DAY. Yes, Like RPK, now Tunku Aziz is "flavour of the month" of the well-regarded mainstream media including the NST where he was a weekly columnist damning DS Anwar Ibrahim in the few weeks before joining DAP four years ago! A Bernama report which I picked up a day or two ago partially recounted for Desi's benefit THAT HYPOCRITE lambasting Ds Anwar shortly before he helicoptered into DAP -- "big catch" according to some analysts and DAP leaders, MY FOOT!


UPDATEd @1.11PM: c how heART Desi works4u, my dear ER!? THat is a rhetotrical Q, which means you need NOT reply!:(

Someone dared aRsEk Desi why describe Dr Chua as " impolite wan!

Here's WHY: Remember that sex tape which he cuntfessed to? Made most likely by another MCA faction who wanted to bring him down?

UMNO BIG BROTHER has many authentic copies which they now wield over MCA chief's head -- "YOU TOE BIG BROTHER'S LINE, or..." YES< DR Chua could be brought to court any time at UMNO's cuntvenience, I think the charge is committing "sexual act against the normal order of Nature..." or something' to this effect. You want the exact specifics, cuntsult the MCA/DAP/PAS lawyers-lah! Desi is only sometimes a lotarbuluk!:( YL, Desi, knottyaSsusual


NB: I will do another heART jobUPDATEhen I wipe away the cobwebs in my Archgives and find that Dr Chua's fine performance -- not in the Johore hotel room-lah, at the Health-turned-Hell Kementerian! -- for you, my dear ER, if thou art Patient OK! OR dhl Desi endless rounds of tehT! Badder still, send some kambing from Lingam's2! --

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