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Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Belatedly, I reprise a post from BUMmer donPRAYplay...

Back to serious, although my buddy ES Shankar aka DonPlayPuks published his post a week ago, Desi was then not focused enough to pick up this gem for sharing. Badder later than never, as responsible stakeholders of beloved Malaysia, We The Citizens must PONDER over any mega-projects involving these UMNO-goons because very often the Rakyat would be taxed with bailouts when such projects failed or suffered cost-overruns, and the buddy Government benefactors used OUR MONEY to benefit these SURE-WIN projects. Remember Port Klang Free Zone multi-billion investments -- and the current court-sandiwara involving former MCA Prez and Deputy Prez, BUT NO UMNO BIGwigs brought to court? Alert Malaysians must ask: WHY no UMNO leaders are being prosecuted? WHO are these Bigwigs robbing the public coffers in connivance with the UMNO politikuses?? and HOW are they getting away with blue murder -- remember the Scorpene purhses and USD1 billion paid to a middleman???

Alert Malaysians must always JANGAN MUDAH LUPA: Have you forgotten about that damned Bakun Dam project in Sarawak and the thefts by CMs and MBs of state land and timber in the various states under UMNO control while in the interior of Sabah/Sarawak, school children have to walk several miles to school and back???? You don't know that Taib Mahmau and keluarga own state land whose acreages total THREE TIMES THE SIZE OF SINGAPORE?????

Here's sharing, and an ISSUE TO PONDER over another "blood-sucking of the Rakyat" mega project --~~~~

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by don't rock d boat rockefeller, Donplaypuks® intrepid correspondent for Oh No, God affairs
Whenever pro-BUMNO bloggers and children associated with a certain Maha Firaun wax lyrical about $62 billion Oil&Gas projects rising up to a stupendous $170 billion in investments and 40,000 local jobs, you always get a creepy feeling. The blood chills and the atmosphere gets very cloudy. You know there's got to be a catch somewhere.

CLICK HERE and CLICK HERE for the sugar-coated version of, if the converted are to be believed, this unfolding project which will propel us into the first world, just, just a few years from now.....when....(if) it happens.

But to get an independent view and a broader picture of what has happened so far, we need to go elsewhere, to the real world, where "clean" projects like Lynas are stripped bare to their naked essentials so we can make a proper and fair judgement.

CLICK HERE for Lim Sue Goan of Sin Chew's post reproduced by Malaysian Insider, for the "unimportant bits and pieces" left out by Sydetious Ali.

LSG's main concerns are:

1. This was a project originally REJECTED by the Government of Taiwan because it failed the Environment Impact Assessment (EIS) test in 2008! In 2011, President MaYing-jeou of Taiwan withdrew his support for the project. So, why is our Government rushing in where angels fear to tread?

2. The project was rejected in Taiwan because it would have consumed 400,000 tons of water per day, thus affecting wetlands, land and waters earmarked for food production.

3. To quote LSG of MI, "In addition, it was estimated that 339 to 565 people would die of cardiovascular diseases and lung cancer, while patients of respiratory diseases would also increase due to the PM2.5 pollutants released into the air."

4. 20,000 jobs would have been created in Taiwan, but the social costs would have escalated to NT100 billion EVERY YEAR in Taiwan!!!!!!!

Expert and public opinion were consulted, and research conducted for 6 years before the Taiwan Government decided to say no.

Now, let's fast forward to the truly Asia fascia world of Malaysia, where transparency and accountability are often, er, temporarily suspended, of course, in the genuine interest of our fellow citizens, for the sake of expediency.

1. Does anyone recall experts and public opinion being gauged on the pros and cons of this project or its location in Pengerang, Johor?

2. Is anyone aware of any EIA Report commissioned, and if so, what it's findings were? What are the annually projected social costs vs commercial benefits in ringgit billions?

3. What will be the short term and long term effects on the livelihoods of farmers and fishermen in Pengerang, Johor and on wetlands and nearby coastal areas and seas? Where will all the toxic waste from the project be stored, dumped or pumped out to?

4. Why is this project, like bedevilled Lynas (12 years), given Pioneer (Tax Free) Status of 10 years? What exactly are the respective role of Petronas, Diolog Plc, Taiwan party and the Johor State Government in this mega project?

5. Who sold the land (22,500 acres) to whom at what valuation, if any? Has Johor State or the Federal Government and/or Ministers issued "letters of support" which can be misconstrued (by mysterious bodholders) as cast iron GUARANTEES? If so, for how much? We don't want another $12.5 billion ringgit fiasco as per the Port Kelang Free Trade Zone to erupt in our face, do we?

6. Most importantly, who will be left carrying the baby if the project is fucked and far away from home or up the shit creek without a paddle or left with an unwanted bunny in the oven or..............(fill in the blanks for your favourite expression for the Malaysian taxpayer).

This seems to be the modus operandi of BUMNO/BN. Sign the directly negotiated contract and incur billions in start-up costs. Pollution, cancer, lung-related diseases? Toxic chemicals and effluents? Belakang Kira (We'll deal with it later)!

The devil is always in the details, which is perhaps one reason why the details are always classied under "Official Secrets" in 1Malaysia?

 Donplaypuks® with our environment and future, man!

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