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Sunday, July 10, 2016

"Keeping The Rage" on 1MDB: PART 2

In keeping with their promise to release more details from what it claims to be the auditor-general's report on 1MDB, whistleblower site Sarawak Report has published excerpts of the report's executive summary today.
"The auditor-general’s report into 1MDB is written in professional and dispassionate language.
"However, no one could fail to miss the stark criticism and disapproval contained within those paragraphs of factual analysis.
"Preceding over 330 pages of tight scrutiny of the evidence made available to him (which he points out was not nearly as much as he would have wished or expected), the auditor-general provides the usual 'executive summary' for such reports, focusing on the key information and points to be made," the article read.
This is the third consecutive article from Sarawak Report in three days that revealed details from the auditor-general's report or key documents related to the 1MDB probe.
In the London-based site's analysis of the executive summary, it said that the auditor-general laid out his concerns about several questionable investments and decisions made by 1MDB's management.
"It really is as breath-taking stuff as you are likely to read from a crusty auditor’s report into a government-owned company," Sarawak Report said in the article.
Malaysiakini cannot independently verify if the documents published by Sarawak Report are authentic nor can it report on the contents due to legal restrictions
On Thursday, the website had revealed that it had gained "extensive access" to the auditor-general's report on 1MDB and provided some details from what is supposedly the report.
It promised to publish more details from the report in the coming days, and the very next day, it published what is claimed to be a "damning" letter from Bank Negara Malaysia to the Public Accounts Committee (PAC).
Deputy Home Minister Nur Jazlan Mohamad had reportedly confirmed that the police will be investigating this matter, as the auditor-general's report is classified under the Official Secrets Act (OSA). Sarawak Report editor Clare Rewcastle-Brown had also earlier urged Prime Minister Najib Abdul Razak to immediately initiate extradition proceedings against her, so that she can face trial in Malaysia.
"He should get on with it in the most public possible way, so that all can judge his motives and justifications in an objective court of law - away from judges whom he appointed and controls.
"It is time the world started to learn what has happened to the once largely respectable and law-abiding government of Malaysia," Rewcastle-Brown said.


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