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Friday, July 01, 2016

Britian Has Got BREXIT, Will East Malaysia Have Its S.S.EXIT?

You guess'd it! One "S" stands for Sabah and the Other for Sarawak!

Desi has just ended Hiatus/Haiti away from writHing on LOCAL socio-political happenings, skipping the two by-elections (BECAUSE I ANTICIPATED THE SURE-WIN FOR BN BECAUSE OF MONEY POLITICS, a FRACTURED OPPOSITION, and aMore....)

I also stayed away for almost two long weeks writHing about the1MDB -- the GREATEST SCANDAL COMMITTED IN BROAD DAYLIGHT in NEGARAKU, with close to RM40-42BILLION of the taxpayers' maney syphoned off, and NO ONE IS BEING PROSECUTED FOR COMMITTING THE GREATEST CRIME AGAINST THE MALAYSIAN PEOPLE! All we hear from THE CLUELESSWAN is Denial, Denial and Denial, ad nauseum. I once recommended he and cabinet migrate to De Nile, so much closer to the Saudi Arabians who gift the CluelessWan RM2.6billion FOR NO REASON!

Meanwhile, Arul Kanda Wang-ganda-anda conjures a self-image he is indispensable to the survival of 1MDB; with a little help from his friend Jho Low, how low can you go!" Desi is awaiting the "die" when his goose will the first to be DEEP-FRIED with the compleat UNRAVELLING OF 1MDB and THE CLUELESS CEO he serves like a God. Many a demigod inverts the master role from dog to "god" -- well, until the Gods get angry.

I think there's a warning to the effect: "...whom the gods wish to destroy they first make mad."  I too, along wit' some fellow Bloggers, get mad too, but I love to think our madness is akin to "that wrath of God" category -- yes, Desi can sometimes be arrogant! Our outrage -- ala steadyaku47 and Desi -- is manifest in our urging felllow Malaysians to ""KEEP THE RAGE on DS Anwar Ibrahim and the 1MDB!"", translating as: Don't Let the Issues Get Forgotten!

"Jangan mudah lupa, eh!"- a reminder that Dr Mahathir Mohamad is getting very angry too! Putting his PAST as PM-for-22-years, what Mahathir is doing now is in tandem with PKR's initiated REFORMASI or ABU, Anything But UMNO!

I had avowed that I won't return to this 1MDB SUBJECT until I sight the storm clouds gather over PUTRAJAYA in readiness for the PERFECT STORM FORMATION. These UMNO id.ots think t hey can FOOL ALL THE MALAYSIANS ALL THE TIME, by just transferring the 1MDB debts to the MINISTRY OF FINANCE. And if you are smart to read IN BETWEEN THE LINES, some NEW PEOPLE in the recent Cabinet reshuffle were inducted into the A-TEAM, until the DAYS OF RECKONING ARE COMETH and they FIND THEIR GOOSE/S -- or izit GEESE? O Jeez, my English is failing Dez.perado!-- IS BEING DEEP-FRIED.

So the past week saw Desiderata being a kaypoh "interfering" into Britain's and European Union affairs. We can't even solve a GIANT PROBLEM STARING AT US FOR MORE THAN ONE-YEAR NOW in our backyard!

But from the BREXIT affairs, Desi's thoughts went wandering Eastwards -- to visit our stepbrothers called Sabahans and Sarawakians...

May I pause here, as I am nowadays running short of breath easily.I will continue soonest, god willing or unwillllling I Don't care anyway, anymore. Many of my socialist mateys and I have prayed very hard/heART for divine intervention so that one XXpecial plane carrying a lot of Malaysia's stolen goods/golden goose in the plural.... WOULD JUST HEAD SPIRALLING DOWNWARDS ACCORDING TO THE LAW OF GRAVITY. BUT It had not/did NOT happen. Not yet. NYET!

(to be continued. hopefully...) -- YL, Desi

Continued @ 7.15am the mouRn after-- See, Desi keepeth his WORD:), and last night I was singin' Bee Gees' "...and WORDS are all I have, to keep..." THE RAGE! 

In journalism, the golden rule in news reporting is to answer the FIVE Ws and 1H. 

So after much digressing -- TQ you my dear ER for forebearance in indulging this BUMmer -- I get back to my subject proper, which to date, has only flagged off a one-liner INTRO. (I hear finally some sighs of relief from my ER...) Let's now delve into my preaching that   Sarawakians&Sarawakians have a goOd case for S.S.EXIT. ala BREXIT.

Elaborating on the 5Ws and 1H as follows:~~~~~~

W1 is for WHY?
ANSWER:  Because it's the RIGHT THING TO DO!  

Fighting to right the wrong done to you by the federal government under BN/UMNO treating you as stepbrothers since you guys, Sabahans and Sarawakians, along with Singaporeans, joined up with peninsular Malaya, as EQUAL PARTNERS to form the new federation that is MALAYSIA, on September 16, 1963.

W2 is for WHEN?

ANSWER:  NOW! -- The timing is RIGHT. 

Learn from BREXIT! Have your own S.S.Exit!

(UPdated @1600hrs, 1 July 2016)

W3 is for  WHO?


As I said earlier, you Sarawakians&Sabahans have been treated for the past 50years like STEPCHILDREN. 

The national leaders only VISIT YOU when there are ELECTIONS, State or Federal, to hand out some money bags running into thousands; but these national BN leaders and their State cronies HAVE SYPHONED OFF BILLIONS.

Don't Be Conned  anymore. Enough is Enough!

W4 is for WHERE?: 

ANSWER: In the State Assemblies of Sabah and Sarawak, and in the hands of ALL THE VOTERS of the two East Malaysian states.

Dear esteemed Sabahans&Sarawakians: Your states are endowed with rich natural resources, especially OIL and TIMBER, and with so much human potential, yet the states' development have been neglected and so you people are "lagging behind" the peninsular counterparts. Stand Up to UMNO To Be Counted!

W5 is for WHAT? plus H is for HOW?

ANSWERS: THE NATION-WIDE REFERENDUM conducted on June 23, 2016 by the British Government under PM David Cameron resulted in an outcome that was historic and caused reverberations that shook up the whole world. The unique exercise of Westminster parliamentary democracy at its best had an outcome that has  been described as "SEISMIC" and EARTH-SHATTERING" -- some 52percent (against 48percent of Remainders...)of the British registered voters for the BREXIT Referendum voted in removing their country from the 28-nation European Union.

And now, my friends from Sabah&Sarawak, your time has come to demand that your State Government conduct a State Referendum for the People in that State to decide once and for all, WHETHER SABAH SHOULD EXIT (S.EXIT) THE MALAYSIAN FEDERATION; and also a separate State Referendum to decide whether SARAWAK SHOULD EXIT (S.EXIT) TOO.

Hey, the Federation of Malaysia is deemed to be a parliamentary democracy modelled after the Westminster UK format. So my dear ER, sing this chorus after Desi:~~~~~~~

The Brits have voted for BREXIT.
Sex is goOd, S.Exit is GOoDER
Will Sabah and Sarwakat make it the most goOdest of 'em all?

"Brave SABAHANS will S.EXIT!

Bold SARAWAKIANS will also S.EXIT!"

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