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Friday, July 29, 2016

"Keeping the Rage" on 1MDB: PART 12

From my steady blogger matey Down Under who urges, like Desi, that MALAYSIANS MUST CONTINUE TO KEEP THE RAGE on 1MDB! -- YL, Desi

Not only Rosmah’s son (with her first husband), Riza Aziz, couldn’t return to America temporarily while the US DOJ is hot on his tail, some US$1 billion worth of assets – hotels; luxury real estate in Manhattan, Beverly Hills and London; fine art; a private jet and even the highly successful 2013 film “The Wolf of Wall Street” – vaporised into thin air.

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JUL28 2016

By pro-Najib bloggers’ admission, everyone including the Malaysian Prime Minister Najib Razak was caught off guard with the press conference held by the U.S. Attorney General Loretta Lynch and US Department of Justice, exposing that billions of US dollars were indeed “stolen” from 1MDB – a fund set up and chaired by Najib Razak himself since 2009.

As chaos erupted in the Prime Minister Office, Najib’s advisers were summoned for meetings and brainstorming on the best damage control money can buy. They couldn’t find one because the A.G. Lynch was beyond their control, let alone US DOJ or FBI. Of course, PM Najib was extremely furious, but nothing beats Rosmah Mansor who almost fainted.

Not only Rosmah’s son (with her first husband), Riza Aziz, couldn’t return to America temporarily while the US DOJ is hot on his tail, some US$1 billion worth of assets – hotels; luxury real estate in Manhattan, Beverly Hills and London; fine art; a private jet and even the highly successful 2013 film “The Wolf of Wall Street” – vaporised into thin air.

Sure, those were acquired with allegedly stolen money originated from 1MDB. Still, the “First Family” had put in considerable amount of time and resources into planning what eventually turned out to be the biggest theft of the century. Hey, we should give credit where credit is due (*grin*), right? In haste, the “First Family”, still fabulously mad, decided to take revenge.

Deputy UMNO Youth Leader, Khairul Azwan Harun, was sent to make a local police report against the former Governor of Malaysia’s Central Bank Zeti Akhtar Aziz, former Attorney-General of Malaysia Abdul Gani Patail and the outgoing head of the Malaysian Anti-Corruption Commission (MACC) Abu Kassim Mohamed.

Through the police report, the “First Family” was essentially crying, whining and bitching about the three individuals of providing confidential information to foreign agencies, including the US Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI), without authorisation. The report also insists that the three individuals named were conspiring to topple Najib and the democratically-elected Malaysian government.

The primary issue that is causing pro-Najib bloggers, politicians and supporters beating their chests and screaming until foaming on the mouth is this – the Government of the United States should have first checked with the Government of Malaysia (read: Najib Razak) whether the complaint is legitimate before taking action (of telling all and sundry about Najib’s involvement).

In other words, A.G. Lynch and DOJ should have called the Prime Minister Najib Razak Office and asked – “Hey Mr. Prime Minister, we received stacks of evidence that your stepson Riza Aziz and your friend Jho Low have stolen billions of dollars from 1MDB. Can we confiscate their assets such as the luxury real estate in Manhattan, Beverly Hills and London, fine art, and a private jet?”

Najib’s minions are also complaining that 1MDB wasn’t consulted by the US for information. Well, perhaps they were right. Perhaps the American government should have had contacted Pablo Escobar and asked nicely whether he was a drug dealer before conspiring with the Colombian government to hunt, shoot and kill the Colombian drug lord in 1993.

They’re also accusing Malaysian Anti-Corruption Commission (MACC) chief Abu Kassim Mohamed of secretly contacting the US authorities. In short, Najib Razak, either brilliantly or stupidly, is accusing the United States of a deadly conspiracy to overthrow his government, the same way Turkish President Recep Erdogan accuses the US of the recent failed coup d’état.

More importantly, by launching the police report locally (they never dare to do so overseas, for some strange reason); it actually adds credential to the corruption case – that A.G. Lynch and DOJ were right to seize the billions of dollars allegedly stolen from 1MDB. After all, it’s not everyday you see a country’s top-3 heads of enforcement agencies being accused of conspiracy.

Hey, wait a minute. Attorney General Lynch and DOJ didn’t name Prime Minister Najib Razak as one of the people who had stolen money from 1MDB. They only mentioned Riza Aziz and Jho Low. With the police report, does that mean the Malaysia government now officially admits “Malaysian Official 1” is indeed Najib Razak (*grin*). If not, why bother with the DOJ accusations at all?

********To the United States, it only goes to show that the powerful Najib Razak has everything to hide if former Governor of Malaysia’s Central Bank Zeti Akhtar Aziz, former Attorney-General of Malaysia Abdul Gani Patail and the outgoing head of the Malaysian Anti-Corruption Commission (MACC) Abu Kassim Mohamed are to be arrested, intimidated and persecuted.

Why does Najib administration need to send a junior Deputy UMNO Youth Leader to do the dirty work of harassing retired Zeti and Gani and soon-to-retire-Kassim when they could easily get some American lawyers to defend their casein the United States, if Mr. Najib Razak, Riza Aziz and Jho Low were indeed innocent of money laundering and corruption?

It’s pretty simple. If the Malaysian “First Family” is indeed as clean as a whistle, no amount of information and documents could be used to overthrow them. If there was a simple explanation on how Riza Aziz and Jho Low could become billionaire overnight, there’s no reason and justification for the Government of the United States to target PM Najib Razak or his family members.

Relax Najib, Here’s Why The Mighty U.S. Dares Not Shame Or Arrest You

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JUL22 2016

Najib Razak is in an awkward position. What this means is the Malaysian prime minister is like Chua Soi Lek, the former President of MCA (Malaysian Chinese Association) who was forced to admit and subsequently resign after his sensational sex DVD scandal. Unlike Mr. Chua, however, Mr. Najib is a man who knew no shame.

Nope, Mr. Najib wasn’t caught with his pants down bonking another woman; although he was allegedly did so in a Port Dickson hotel room with singer and actress Ziana Zain when he was then Malaysian Defence Minister. But his 1MDB and RM2.6 billion scandals brought so much shame to the country that Chua Soi Lek looks like Hugh Hefner instead.

Mr. Najib is in an awkward position because whenever he meets foreign leaders, he can’t help but notice a smirk on their face. True, he knew no shame but that doesn’t mean he has no dignity. Unlike North Korean Kim Jong-un orZimbabwean Robert Mugabe, Najib takes very personal on how world leaders think of him. After all, Malaysia is still a democracy country.

When U.S. Attorney General Loretta E. Lynch announced on Wednesday (July 20, 2016) that the Justice Department filed lawsuits to seize assets that it said were the result of US$3.5 billion that was misappropriated from 1MDB (1Malaysia Development Bhd), a fund set up by Najib Razak himself in 2009, the Malaysian prime minister almost fell off his chair.

The son of Razak had been given the impressions by his No.1 bootlicker – Communications and Multimedia Minister Salleh Said Keruak – and his band of supposedly top-brain advisers that FBI would drag their feet in the 1MDB investigation. That explains why Mr. Salleh suddenly made a spectacular U-turnand dismissed his “usual” claims of an international conspiracy against Malaysia.

Prior to the unexpected announcement by the U.S. prosecutor, Mr. Salleh has been consistently rubbished allegations by the Wall Street Journal, Sarawak Report and every private-owned media about his boss Najib’s involvement in the embarrassing but damaging twin scandals – calling them international conspiracy against the country.

Salleh took it that because President Barack Obama had golfed with PM Najib Razak, diplomatic calls were exchanged between both leaders for the investigation to be dropped, or at least halted. After all, A.G. Lynch was handpicked by Obama and had, together with FBI, carried out the president’s errands such as the recent cover-up for Hillary Clinton’s email scandal.

Unfortunately, Najib’s 1MDB was too explosive and massive to be covered up by Obama administration. Coincidently, Attorney General Lynch openly declared – “The Department of Justice will not allow the American financial system to be used as a conduit for corruption,” – just a day after Donald Trump officially became the Republican Party’s presidential nominees.

The fact is, Barack Obama is struggling to ensure Hillary Clinton successfully become the first woman president, and continue Democrats’ agenda. The last thing they want is for Trump to make bombastic allegations that Obama and Lynch deliberately cover-up Najib’s corruption, and Hillary would continue such practice if voted to the White House.

To cover-up Hillary Clinton’s email scandal is one thing. But to cover-up Najib Razak’s 1MDB scandal, involving a whopping US$3.5 billion allegedly diverted from 1MDB funds, is another “very damaging” thing. 1MDB’s scandal is so hugethat it creates a new record as the U.S. largest single action ever brought under the Kleptocracy Asset Recovery Initiative.

Make no mistake about the exciting announcement from the U.S. Department of Justice. President Obama and A.G. Lynch weren’t interested in shaming PM Najib Razak, let alone prosecute him. If one looks hard enough, Lynch was merely acting based on “complaints”, and the Justice Department was merely talking about “recovering” money.

The lawsuit doesn’t name Mr. Najib and no charges were brought against him, although there are 32 references in the complaint to “Malaysian Official 1″, a description that fits no one else but Malaysian Prime Minister Najib Razak himself. The 130-pages lawsuit, however, would be damaging to Riza Aziz (Najib’s stepson) and Jho Low (confidant of Najib).

The way this case is going to develop is pretty predictable. There’s no way Najib would allow his stepson to be charged, let alone spend some time in prison. That would break self-proclaimed First Lady Rosmah Mansor’s heart – badly. Mr. Jho Low and Khadem Al-Qubaisi would be the fall guys who would gladly admit they had willingly given US$238 million to Riza as “gift money”.

The drama requires Riza Aziz to be innocent, so that Najib Razak can be as clean as a whistle. One should take note that NO criminal charges were filed by the Justice Department. Therefore, nobody would go to jail. What the Obama administration can do to scratch Najib’s back is to put up a drama – a lawsuit to “recover” the illicit money, not sending people to prison.

As we had mentioned, if the United States wanted to put Najib on trial, there’s no escape for the son of Razak. It’s rare but the U.S. government simply needs to deny PM Najib Razak an A-1 (diplomatic) Visa as head of state. Without this visa, Najib doesn’t enjoy diplomatic immunity anymore. However, only President Obama can exercise his authority to deny the visa to Najib.

The simple fact that the U.S. Justice Department wasn’t interested in criminal charges despite overwhelming evidence that Najib and his gang have insulted and raped the American financial system proves that Obama and Lynch are willing to close one eye. Now, do you understand why Minister Salleh Said Keruak’s made a humiliating U-turn?

If Salleh had sung the same old song like a broken record that the latest U.S. Justice of Department’s move was an international conspiracy against Malaysia, essentially he would be starting a provocation against the Government of the United States. Being challenged, all pro-conservative American news media would pick up the news and Obama would be forced to retaliate “seriously”.

Even if Obama wanted to, of which he doesn’t, the U.S. cannot afford to start a confrontation with his so-called moderate Muslim Malaysia, who is supposed to help America in the fight against the terrorism. With former de-facto opposition leader Anwar Ibrahim in jail and the opposition in disarray, the U.S. simply hasno candidate for a regime change.

For that reason alone, PM Najib Razak is safe because the United States dares not shame him, let alone arrest or prosecute him. To the U.S., Malaysian Najib Razak is no Panamanian Manuel Noriega or Iraqi Saddam Hussein. Najib is just a super corrupt leader, something which both U.S. Democrats and Republicanssubscribe, endorse and embrace.

But do you know what the funniest thing about this U.S. lawsuit is? Ultimately the billions of dollars of looted assets to be seized by the U.S. government will be returned to the country affected – Malaysia. Unless PM Najib resigns, which is highly unlikely, he’s actually getting back all the money he had allegedly laundered to his stepson Riza Aziz in the first place!

DESIDERATA2: Thats why many Malaysians are praying for DIVINE INTERVENTION!

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