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Thursday, July 07, 2016

From One year ago on 1MDB: Keeping The Rage

Desi the Journo-BLogger has been keeping alive THE RAGE ON DS ANWAR IBRAHIM way before the news on the biggest scandal to date in Malaysia was "formally" broken by the Wall Street Journal a year ago. Hence, this WSJ news report is featured. 

Desi is linking the TWO ISSUES BEDEVILLING THE MALAYSIAN LLANFSCAPE -- DS Anwar's Imprisonment on Trumped-Up Charges for Sodomy II (Sodomy I saw Sdr Anwar convicted at the High Court, same decision was upheld by the Court of Appeal, and luckily for the former Deputy Prime Minister, he was "freed" by the Federal Court. It has to be noted by Desi here that it could have happened ONLY BECAUSE ABDULLAH BADAWI was then the Prime Minister, and being widely known as a more "pious" UMNO leader-cum-PM, the courts were allowed to function "more independently", IMHO, OK! Should you beg to disagree and don't enjoy reading this peice highly opinionated, "please get the here out of Hell!"

I believe Anwar's incarceration could end when, not IF, the UNRAVELLING OF 1MDB TTAKES place, leading to the consequential UNRAVELLING of the NAJIB RAZAK REGIME mired in sacndal after scandal from Day 1 of his premiership. But the ship IS SINKING VERY FAST, heading towards that ABYSS I HAVE BEEN PREDICTING WHEN THE PERFECT STORM breaks over Putrajaya. Yes, Najib has survived as the PM and SEEMED INVINCIBLE becuase he has appointed his LACKEYS IN ALL THE KEY DEPARTMENTS OF AUTHORITY -- just name the main ones, the Inspector-General of POlice, the Chief Justice, Bank Negara Governor and of course, the ATTIRNEY-GENERAL'S OFFICE.


BUt Desi believs the LAW OF KARMA would finally triumph, so DEsi knottily has asked of that fellow I now call THE CLUESSLESS CEO -- Mr NahCheap, for how long can you survive the Rakyat's Wrath?

A fellow Blogger steadyaku47 has urged Malaysians to KEEP THE RAGE, and Desiderata has been standing tall and steady at the SteadyAku's side so we can reinforce each other's endeavours.

I will now break to recall the SIGNIFICANT NEWS EVENT headlined by WSJ like a newsdog proud of this news grou['s HOUNDISH BLOOD.  "Thank you" WSJ news teams for helping Malaysians keep the rage on 1MD. I hear the Clueless cabinet members protesting too often the US and other foreign media -- ABC Australia, Four Corners? -- are "interfering in Malaysia's affairs. Desi's rebuttal is: IT IS NO LONGER A MALYSIAN AFFAIR BECAUSE   AT LEAST 11 FOREIGN JURISDUCTIONS ARE INVESIGATING 1MDB, chiefly ofr MONEY-LAUNDERING OFFENCES. You don't know, my dear ER -- some RM40-42BILLION has been LOST BY THE 1MDB. 

****Patience OK? -- I will reproduce a local nesdog I salute --renowned P GUNASEGARAM'S EXCELLENT ARTICLE tallying 1MDB's losses -- still growing with each passing day or "DIE", as the Oz would pronounce this day of reckoning. -- YL, Desi




To mark the first anniversary of that news-break:~~~~

Another 1MDB shocker! And the money trail leads to …

by V Shuman (

Once again, 1MDB has put Malaysia in the news! And once again, it is not positive news.
American financial daily The Wall Street Journal (WSJ) and UK-based whistleblower website Sarawak Report highlighted today on how some US$700 million (RM2.63 billion) funds from 1MDB had allegedly been deposited into the personal bank accounts of Prime Minister Najib Razak.
WSJ cited documents from a government probe, and said that the transfers were in full knowledge of Malaysian investigators.
If they are legit, this is the first time that Najib, who is under domestic pressure to step down amid various issues, has been directly connected to the embattled 1MDB, said the daily.
“The government probe documents what investigators believe to be the movement of cash among government agencies, banks and companies linked to 1MDB before it ended up in Mr Najib’s personal accounts.
“Documents reviewed by the Wall Street Journal include bank transfer forms and flow charts put together by government investigators that reflect their understanding of the path of the cash,” the report said.
The daily also spoke to a spokesman from Putrajaya, who insisted that Najib never exploited 1MDB funds for personal use.
Sarawak Report, in its part, said the funds were wire transferred to Najib’s personal account via various companies linked to 1MDB on several different occasions, including one just two months before the 2013 general election.
According to the report, Nik Faisal Ariff Kamil – a name which had largely figured in the 1MDB controversy, has been accorded the power of attorney over Najib’s personal account.
It also claimed that the banking information was also in the possession of a number of Malaysian law enforcers, including the Attorney-General.
As of the time this article was written, the Prime Minister’s Office has yet to issue a statement. However, the 1MDB had countered the allegations, saying that they have “never provided any funds to the Prime Minister.”
In a statement, it said “to suggest otherwise, as some media outlets have done, is highly irresponsible and a deliberate attempt to undermine the company.”
It cited the recent reports about alleged attempts to tarnish the company’s image, via the publishing of doctored documents, as an example.
They were referring to Swiss national Xavier Andres Justo, who is currently under Thai police custody, for allegedly extorting and blackmailing his former employer, in connection with the 1MDB.
Malaysian authorities have also maintained that the former IT director had doctored documents, which they say, he had supplied to portals, includingSarawak Report, but it is yet to be proven that the documents had indeed been tampered with.
“We are therefore surprised that documents such as these, whose existence and authenticity have not been publicly verified, continue to be used as a basis to create new unsubstantiated allegations against 1MDB.
“1MDB is currently cooperating with a number of enquiries being conducted by lawful authorities including the Auditor-General, the Public Accounts Committee and Bank Negara, These authorities have all the relevant information, and we request all parties to await the outcome of their finds before making further allegations and rushing to judgment,” said the statement.
Haven’t we heard this before?
The allegations, if true, are indeed damning. The even bigger question is, if the government authorities were fully aware of the transactions, why was there no action taken against it?
Were there attempts to cover the money trail? Even if Najib did not get the money for his personal use, why the need to channel funds into his own account, especially during the general election?
As it is, allegations against BN/Umno of vote-buying are only too frequent. How are they going to prove otherwise?
What would be Najib’s next step? One can expect a normal denial from the PMO but will the PM go a step further and lodge a police report againstSarawak Report and work on shutting local access to the site? And what about the WSJ? Will he sue them as well?
Another possible scenario is Nik Faisal being made the fall guy (since he had the power of attorney over Najib’s account), as the nation has witnessed several times before.
The burden to prove the allegations untrue is upon Putrajaya now. And that doesn’t mean issuing mere denials – they should be accompanied by concrete evidence that such transactions did not take place at all and where the missing funds are now.
Source –

DESIDERATA: Desi will continue for the next few days recalling/refreshing these two aligned events -- the UNRAVELLING OF 1MDB/Najib Razak's PREMIERSHIP, and de facto Opposition Leader DS ANWAR IBRAHIM's UNJUST&CRUEL TREATMENT at the SUNGAI BULOH PRISON. Yes, some international human rights organisations have termed Saudara Anwar as "A PRISONER OF CONSCIENCE". ~~ YL CHONG, the Newsdog, and Desi, the BUMmer:)

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