My Anthem

Sunday, November 30, 2014

Don't say you care for us, just justify with right actions

Politicians posture to the Rakyat
Men, women who interact with these PeMiNPin annually
Singing their love of Country, Religion and the Rakyat
Yeah, it's easy to louth loudly "you care for us" -- The People

But your actions belittle they words
I'd rather go to the Sunday market
and mix with the masses
who frankly tell you their hearts' innermost vibrations

Of pain and sorrow
When what they ear they can't cope
So do you beg, steal or borrow?

Oh dear Leaders who are so pompously loud and pious
Preaching DOWN to the Rakyat

Dio you know many people use th F*** words on thee?

God save us from these good-sounding leaders
But they have eyes, they do not see
IU'd rather interact with the blind who
tell of the state of beings, affairs and fears
As It Is

S: ay
A: men again and AG*IN!

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