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Tuesday, November 18, 2014

English standard on the decline...! Challenge from Desi -- Who's the Culprit?

EVEN several Ministers wouldn't get a credit for the GCE/MCE level English paper we seniors did take in the sixties/seventies (Yeah, Desi's that young!...:) -- But there IS NO EXCUSE IF YOU ARE IN THE CABINET! Of course, if you stick to carpentry making tables and chairs or cabinets, it's okay/ OK with Desi!

But some Public Relations/Advertising Agencies who get paid BIG bucks are sometimes equally guilty of lapses! (Don't they review their product one last/lust time before release?) A KEY MISTAKE which is inexcusable is to breach the Subject-Verb Agreement rule.

Eg: A hoy cries;The boys cry. A child sings; The children sing. ie Singular subject, followed by singular verb; plural subject follwed by plural berb...)

For the past few weeks I have been patiently waiting for the Bosses of a certain ad flagging some superpowerhourTV to CORRECT A JARRING MISTAKE, but it's all silence; CLUE: the event just started today.

The voice-over's grammar was correct, but the TEXT APPEARING on the TV screen a hundred times since its initial airing has this phrase: " attract the CUSTOMER(S) who MATTER...". Dear ER, go figure -- pick RED if you see Desi's POV, which is short for Point Of View!~Hope the PR/Ad agency people see Desi's voluntary act to raise English standards ~~~The blardy aSsis missing! OR the company using them should just NOT pay for their half-past six services!

CHICKY PS, Cun?: Maybe I can send a small bill to cover my freelance time as a Journalist to the Company flagging off the ad concerned? Or they are NOT concerned?

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