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Wednesday, November 05, 2014

Mal Minded Logic? Go back to Orifice where the sun don't shine

Someone says Yes, the evidence is obtained "illegally"
But it can still be admissible in court
Is that the logic of legal minds in Malsia?

Yes, my basic knowledge of law is gained
from watching the olde Earl Stanley Gardner's
and the modern Law & Order

But frankly, you don't need rocket science to understand simple Common Sense logic, No?
Maybe Malsian courtroom DPPs use different Law references
And dictionary
From Laymaen like Desi?

That errand boy is so scared of his Master
So he brings K or Y jelly to protect him/herself
GOoD logic inverted when the brain cells are relocated to thatOrific
Where the sun don't shine

Desi knows 1+1 is two
But some lawyers better traine would not agree
They use a calculator, the outcome says "four"
Who am I to disagree
I have a simple God gifted mind
I jest like to beg to dis- or miss-agree

Mr Prosecutor, why don't you prosecute Desi
For your logic I have eyes
But I-I no see

PS: I'm on a curry diet, the rich Indian spices maeketh mu mind go knotty
So I quickly penned this ditty before THEY come for me
Then you no Amore read funny poems by Desi!

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