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Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Insanity Prevails in Malaysia: I Say Amen Ag*in!

The world goes forth
Leading nations are now trying to land on the Red Planet

Malaysia is not even able to land on the Moon
But we flag off a First astronaut
Merely riding as paying passenger in some else's spacecraft

Leaders at international fora preach Moderation
But back home the PIMinPin are getting more and more XXtrene
Just questioning the Law could get one a jail term under the guise of Sedition
But the id.ots who INCITE, THREATEN those who beg to disagree with their id.otic ways
With Yes, again the mighty Sedition Act to silence the Moderate voices
of Conscience

So do you now wonder WHY
the Young&Articulates who graduate overseas
DON'T want to come back to NegaraKu

'Cos those now who stay in NegaraKu are told
"You don't agree with our ways of doing things
MIGRATE/Pindah lah!"

Desi is migrating back to HIBERnation
e'en it's just 12.10PM...
Pray our Almight look after me and awe myGOoDfRiends wellA



Repirsing an olde poem I wrote in the days of ISA, but now the SeditionAct takes more prisoners WITH EASE ...


(or I Say Amen)

When you play Politics

You must master double speak

And watch out for the nemesis

Lest thou be trodden sick and weak

Linger a while

the opposition will attack you


It's all part of the Game

Linger more than a w'ile

When comrades hug you, kiss you

They honey you

Set thee for The Sting

Then say your prayers

knightly, nightly, frighfully

That thy mother's Angels watch o'er you

I do that too, yes, I do

"O' Lord Almighty, protect me from all evil

The Opposition enemy I can handle

It's the Devil from within I shudder!"




But the +AP is that Archangel in disguise

You saw Him attired in Dunhill shirt and tie

Then in the Steal of the night

They come for you

Chanting the internal Security Act

And a thousand "Amens"

Can't secure you.

+ Agent Provocateur, often abusing status to cause mayhem

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