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Sunday, June 30, 2013

Taking leave -- It's adieu...AND KNOT GoODBYE!

I am starting a long journey into mindscape
and wonderland, and taking flight to
even arrive at

to a place where NO ONE
but Desi answers to my name

I might jest BUMp into you
Around the bend
as I seek Moon Ribber

So maybe, when i BUMp
heART into the sext homo sapiens


Thursday, March 24, 2005

It's just adieu

I miss you so, my friend
A daily diet of AM
now is denied me

I miss the invigoration 
The quality words
the beautiful lines

I hope AMigo
I'll see your face again
Smiling to greet me at early morn

I drank of your wine, made of
Grapes of soothing rhyme
Songs of knowledge sublime

But you said it's time
To ring down the curtain
As the money has run dry

I wish I could write out
A cheque for a million
To make you AM stay

I pray it's just adieu
And not goodbye.

I reprise here a poem I composed in the first weekend of 2001 to mark a milestone of a fellow traveller's journey which I then wished had not happened. But life's reality can be cruel.

So dear Reader/s, let you SIRprise me when I take the corber at Moon River's bend
Do I see a SweetSpirit?

OR it might just be YOU!:):)


Stephen Bishop - It Might Be You (Music Video) from Tootsie 1982

WIT' lyrics:


Time I've been passing, time watching trains go byAll of my life lying on the sand, watching seabirds flyWishing there would be someone waiting home for meSomething's telling me it might be youIt's telling me it might be you all of my life
Looking back as lovers go walking past all of my lifeWondering how they met and what makes it lastIf I found the place, would I recognize the face?Something's telling me it might be youYeah, it's telling me it might be you
So many quiet walks to takeSo many dreams to wakeAnd we've so much love to makeOh, I think we've gonna need some time[ From: ]Many be all we need is time
And it's telling me it might be you all of my life
I've been saving love songs and lullabiesAnd there're so much more no one's ever heard beforeSomething's telling me it might be youYeah, it's telling me it must be youAnd I'm feeling it'll just be you all of my life
May be it's you(It's you)Maybe it's you(It's you)I've been waiting for all of my life


PS:@11.10PM, Desi after an afterthot whch is steal allowed/aloud ehre/hear -- WE ARE VERY DEMOCRATIC AT MIDNIGHT VOICES as 12 approcahes ! -- I will spending my
leave doing what I DO BEST -- WrIt iNg (up Max Ehrmann's alley..!).

My plan is to finish a novel in next s x months -- sexy izn't Nit,? IF i feel GENEROUS, I may publish here/hear ONE chapter at RANDOM -- they call it word=tasting.


Fare Ye WeelA

It's jest ADIEU

MayHaps a "long' gOodBUY!


4Desi's OWN REF wrt BOOK PUB'icshing:

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