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Wednesday, July 03, 2013

My new book -- WORK IN PROGRESS

A writer in retirement is like a politician just past his shelf-life. The latter won't keep his mouth shut for long. The former won't lay his pen down for anyt length of time for more than week. As for a retired playboy still with millions in the bank, he won't let his penis rest for more than a day -- or he would die. Of dysfunction, a medical term which means worse than death in the Casanova's dick. Look hear/here, a "dick" is short for dictionary, not that s x-inch long thingy below your waistline which you can't see while pee-ing -- neither is it a half-foot long when you are sixty-four, feeeling forty-s x.

So I woke up at 6.33AM this moUrning (cut off 'this moUrning', my editor Titus Coww yells, it's redundant, also the spelling is wrong! Desi  would have writ instead "the sperring is wlong"! But I can't be both writer and editor at the same time, for some fellow Malaysian would lose his/her job. Yes, Titus could be female OK though the name sounds mancho!:)

I am still writing funny because this is still/steal my blog -- and bloggers like near-death Cassanovas, like to take liberties.

Today's post takes the air because I could still rise at the cockerel's first crow, and I wish to intimate to my "millions" of buyers out dare the cointents of what I told Titus would be my ticket to fool retirement -- the bestseller would be snatched up by a Hong Kong film director and made into an award winner to best the Hollywood and Bollywood copy-cats. I already envisaged the female lead to be played by Gong Li, and someone who fell in love wit' her at first sight/lust to make a "cameo" appearance. (A free autographed kopi to can guess right the cameo guy! WORTH RM2,000 after this writer moves on...100X the cover price!)

Okay, after a long ("cheong hei" in Kantonis -- see how I prepare my Hong Kong readers to prep for my first movie blockbustier!) INTRO, please bring on the theme song "IT MIGHT BE YOU" -- I sang it for the first time last night and my buddy singer-critic Huat said I delivered it with wit and gusto! I am motivated to wake up after setting my handphone alarm at 0633 this moUrn.

Okay2, the TITLE of the book is brilliantly shortlisted from many in Desi's mind the past 3 nights -- I think best at Midnight r'ber?!) :  finalely I settled on EVIL in the AIR, and just as a reserve,picked over what else? -- IT Might Be YOU, and it might attract a law suit involving copyright by the song writer/s. But an afterthought is that  that would be a good marketing tool, eh?

So come back for more for my random CHAPTER -- a TEAser mayhaps for copy tasting? -- when I do away wit' the funny language -- DDC r'ber? AweOFhelen, mudah lupa ke, you Malaysians! -- Desi wanted to use the word "blardy" in front of Malaysians, but then I scared UMNO-rites/rights would call me UNpatriotIC."I no wan dat, do I wanna mati 2die?" ~~ Last post for s x months by YL, Desi, knottyaSsusual

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