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Sunday, July 07, 2013

I promised a Random Chapter, didn't I?

So here goes:


Pastor NG vaguely recalled a short story he read some years ago --it gave him a "deja vu" feeling of uncomfort; or should it be disomfort? In such moments, the emotion was difficult to define. He only wished the feeling would go away, and leave him to his Sunday's rumination.

Yes, the congregation had just dispersed; pastor's sermon had been quite up close and personal to the flock wehen he talked about sinners and lost sheep. Those who have not sinned please rise and cast the first stone... among the flock each wondered -- did the pastor aim the dart of accusing finger at him or her? So it was not too composed a crowd that left the church that morning -- and a looming storm more or less represented their state of mind.

Flashes of lightning and thunder boomed across the Furong skyline, a rare happening taking place about once in  a blue moon. And today,it was a long way before the moon would rise on the little town's horizon.

Even Pastor Ng was in deep reflection as he googled and found the tale telling on his conscience. Feeling still unsettled, he began to softly read the short story:~

SUNDAY, JULY 12, 2009

Wine Sublime, Truth Divine


Naomi: Father, it's not good. The last time I did it with you, I felt guilty. Now I feel bad coming back ...

Pastor Parissh: Now, now, my child. That's perfectly normal. Eve after succumbing to temptation, she first felt shame. Adam too, but soon they began to enjoy the excitement of discovery. After all, we are all human...

Naomi: But I wronged my boyfriend...

Parissh: Let me fill you in. Garrett sleeps around too. He does it with the boys gives him a different high.

Naomi: Father, you mean Garrett's has been confessing too?

Parissh: Oh yes!

Naomi: Oh, I see! No wonder he says he's not free on Friday nights...playing poker.

Parissh: You don't join him at the pub?

Naomi: No, I hate the taste of beer! But I enjoy our Communion wine. And last week, it was so ecstatic!

Parissh: Oh yes, we finished one whole bottle.

Naomi: The "blesssed" liquid, you said. Christ's sacrifice. Our bonding--'twas so divine!


Garrett: Father, I feel so ashamed. I think I'm paying a price for my wandering ways.

Parissh: I worry for you, my son. It's been twelve months ...

Garrett: Father, My playing has finally caught up with me...

(A pause)

I went for my annual medical last week--you know, Company's policy--and the results just came back...

(Another pause)

I have contracted AIDS. And I've been having such great sex with Naomi! Poor Naomi, she...


TO BE CONTINUED: at Desi's whims and fancies, and you, my dear ER, can't do anything about it! It's all in my mind -- noy yours, not his, not hers, but mine, My Mind:)

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