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Friday, June 07, 2013

BEWARE the enemy from WITHIN, YB Tian Chua ,Will Leong and WakilRayat PR!

Desi has recently cautioned some PKR wakil rakyat about THE ENEMY FROM WITHIN. Maybe Desi was being diploamtic in his caution, so today I will be BLUNT&FORWARD instead of being subtle&suggestive.

This report which I read in print version of The Sun prompted Desi's blood pressure to rise this moUrn:(

***************************************** from and I assume the online version is same as print copy, safe assumption yes?:

NGOs urge PR MPs to boycott swearing-in

KUALA LUMPUR (June 6, 2013): All 89 Pakatan Rakyat (PR) MPs have been urged not to take their oaths of office on June 24 at the commencement of the first session of the 13th parliament as a sign that it does not recognise the newly elected Barisan Nasional (BN) federal administration.
The call was made by a coalition of some 50 civil society groups calling itself "Suara Rakyat 505" in the run-up to the June 15 "Black505" rally protesting alleged irregularities during the 13th general election.
Asalkan Bukan Umno founder Haris Ibrahim, who today read out a joint statement of the groups, said PR MPs should heed the call for them to "boycott" the swearing-in ceremony.
"The oath-taking ceremony is a prerequisite of taking office (as an MP), without which they cannot officially carry out their duties.
"Should PR MPs decide to boycott the ceremony, the King would have to (step in) and look at what is happening to the country," Haris told theSun .
Opposition Leader Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim had on May 5 declared that PR would not concede defeat following what it claimed to be Election Commission's (EC) failure to conduct a free and fair election.
PR has since organised a series of rallies to push for the resignation of all EC commissioners, and plans to file up to 30 election petitions.
Solidariti Anak Muda Malaysia chairman Badrul Hisham Shaharin said the coalition would submit a memorandum with its demand to the PR party headquarters today.
Suara Rakyat 505 coordinator Ong Kar Jin, meanwhile, said the groups will continue organising non-violent action to push for a reform of the electoral system.
"We do not wish to topple the government; what we want is good governance," he said.

Desi's Note: The highlights in red and blue in the report above on the two protagonists are made by YL Chong, the newsdog and Desi, the BUMmer and they are ONE&SAME humanbeing doing this writHing! ~~ YL, Desi, knottyaSsusual

Before I elaborate on WHY I directed the post particularly to Esteemed YB (4Yang Berkhidmat until they are sworn in as MP and then it transforms to Yang Berhormat, cun?), read an entry from a fellow Blogger's quick response, which also prompted Desi to comment doubly-quickly in that which follows marked ****!


ALREADY a fellow BUMmer fom the other side of the divide has added on the CHALLENGE flagged off by that MCLM fella!:(

FROM on record I state that this BUMmer I know as Datuk Ahiruddin Atan, ex-Editor, Malay Mail; hope he is UNLIKE wan Papagomo Pye who DENIES his Bapa-given name when it suits HIM/her/IT!

Friday, June 07, 2013

Pakatan MPs want to boycott Parliament, izzit?

Federal Constitution Article 59 (2):

" If a member has not taken his seat within six months from the date on which the House first sits after his election or such further time as the House may allow, his seat shall become vacant."

So, yer buggers (ybs) we Malaysians elected just last month and are now threatening to boycott the Dewan Rakyat session, please make sure you stay away long enough to earn automatic didisqualification. 

Don't be wimps, ybs. Go all the way. 


I had written many posts when I faced off RPK and his sidekick known as Haris Ibrahim in the days when they headed MCLM (Malaysian Civil Liberties Movement). I shall not recall too much except TWO POINTS:

+1. The two -- one based in UK and the other based in Malaysia --claimed their supporters would form THE THIRD FORCE in Malaysian politics and had wanted to nominate 20 men of INTEGRITY to PKR and DAP to stand under their banner as candidates in GE13. I had quoted MP for Batu, also VP of PKR TIAN CHUA, as dismissing their proposal, asking WHY SHOULD PKR (or DAP) OURSOURCE THE SELECTION OF OITS PARTY CANDIDATES?

+2. The then PKR Deputy President Dr Syed Husin Ali (whom I hold in the highest esteem for his long-term, consistent struggle for the masses...) had told reporters that RPK's and Haris' self-claimed Third Force is neither a Third nor a Force, more aptly a FARCE! After I had writtten them off a year earlier they must deem themselves self-as "supermen of INTEGRITY" to arrogate onto themselves a demi-God role, the two parted ways as MCLM heads. Soon after, Haris to my mind looked for another vehicle to carry on his "own agenda" -- so he HIJACKED ABU -- Anything But Umno. He principally used this to promote Jeffrey Kitinggan who had founded Sabah STAR after he and Zaid Ibrahim left PKRafter weaking much havoc, especially in Zaid Ibrahim's contest for Deputy President's post in PKR (won by Azmin Ali); and in this damaging to PKR play  Haris == a non-PKR member -- played a huge role, writing DAILY postings in his People's Parliament's blog.

I shall not write anything new BUT CUT&PASTE two olde posts for my EsteemedReaders to digest and see in context WHY I HAD WARNED MY PARTY (Yes, I am a PKR card-carrying member in Seremban cabang from January 2005...) LEADERS TO "BEWARE THE ENEMY FROM WITHIN".  Of course my caution extends to DAP and PAS too since they are also included in the tripatite coalition of PAKATAN RAKYAT contributing a total of 89 MPs in the recent GE13).


Should you fall for his BAIT, BN/UMNO will laugh all the way to the Parliament bank with another potential 89 MP seats! (Maybe they will share some 20-30seats with RPK's socalled candidates == MEN OF INTEGRITY? --from his  and Haris' old list that DAP and PKR in their goOd sense rightly rejected.


I shall stop here/hear, save for the TWO recalls, BEAR WITH DESI FOR THE "LONG" RECALLS, OK! I'm doing National Service gratis OK2! 10.04PM, May 7, 2013



Dear Readers: PLease red my entry

"POST-GE13 PROTESTS -- Beware the ENEMY from WITHIN!"

here YESTERDAY, when all our troubles seem'd so far away! TQ for being an obedient boy/gal!:) ~~ YL Desi, May 16, 2013

on post titled: A Straight-talking Is Harsher Than Desi on ...(Haris Ibrahim)
The following is a CATCHING-UP post -- should have been written some 5 to 6 weeks ago, but it's better late than never. But Desi was busying himself organising BUM2011 which ended July 24 afternoon; and two days later I had to recuperate-reenergise -- okay, RnRnR! -- at the Seremban General for one week followed by 5-week HI-atus. Now I'm back writHing in blogosphere and I needed to write the following post to do justice to MP Tian Chua much maligned by Haris in TWO SPECULATIVE POSTS, a capital offence in my vocab from one Bersih2.0 leader's stabbing a fellow Bersih supporter/leader's in the back, with the aid of the much respected Polis DiRaja Malaysia (the esteem in Haris' eye...)

Yes, this post, much aided by a commenter calling himself DON, TO SHOW THE HYPOCRISY OF PEAOPLE's PARLIAMENT hostblogger--cum-MCLM Prez Haris Ibrahim.

I was truly amazed and angry that so-called "People's Parliament" blogger-cum-lawyer could turncoat so badly. In fact, merely reading the titles to his two posts would make anyone who is well-informed to shake his/her head in "disbelief". I won't even dignity this guy reproducing the two posts here/hear -- THE TWO LINKS WILL SUFFICE.

Posted by Haris Ibrahim


From henceforth, I am taking the liberty of using a well-informed Commenter there at Haris Ibrahim's post to "speak" as his views easily resonate with what I have been writing all along for the past one year-plus about Haris Ibrahim (RPK too) and Malaysian Civil Liberties Movement (MCLM) and incidentally Haris' connection with Bersih2.0.

My esteemed readers are advised to check out the many comments at People's Parliament to get a "balanced" picture, but following are Don's and Desi's takes:):)
Don Says:

July 28, 2011 at 7:38 pm

The same names, the same game, the same lines of defence, Haris is sitting next to God, nah, he is God, only well, second to RPK of course, Haris is committed to reforms, Haris is the next wonderful thing, 2nd only to RPK, to happen to Malaysian politics, blah, blah blah. All bloody excuses to enable RPK, Haris, etc., to bring down the present leadership of PKR, especially Anwar, so that RPK and Haris can dictate to PKR. The trouble with these people is that they are sooo predictable and unrelenting in the attempts in wanting to bring Pakatan down.

I always said, many, many times, Haris, Zorro and RPK are arse holes, this proves it. Again, I have said several times, Haris, together with RPK are working with BN, and are trojan horses, now this is the proof.

Surely there are other ways to get Tian Chua answer for the video. For God’s sakes, it’s 40 seconds of film, and by watching 40 seconds of film, Haris has already come to a conclusion. And no matter how Tian Chua defends himself, Haris has made sure that he has got public opinion on his side. To ensure maximum effect, he has got his minnows and side kicks to comment negatively about Tian Chua.

Haris knows that there are more effective ways of getting Tian Chua explain himself. But doing it that way, will not achieve Haris’ and the puppet master RPK’s objectives and ulterior motives.
Tian Chua has given his life to fight for the benefit of others’, that have brought about terrible consequences upon himself. RPK has, countless hit out at Tian Chua, saying a certain website is linked to Tian Chua, and that, that website is bending backwards to accommodate Tian Chua, I knew worse things will follow, and I guessed that Haris will be one doing the damage to Tian Chua, at RPK’s bidding, and it seems that I was right.
All I have say is this: shame on you Haris. You formed MCLM with two members, you and RPK, one as chairman and other as President, to cause maximum damage to the reputations of Anwar, and now it seems to Tian Chua. You came into Bersih, now we know, as a trojan horse, and it would also seem that you have achieved your purpose, but the game is not over yet. You will get what is due to you.

Haslinah Yacob is the the first to see through your veil. Others’ will follow. I am eager to see the day when someone in the UK spits on RPK’s face and calls him a coward. And you Haris, because you allowed yourself to be used, your turn will come too.

To all those who will write to defend Haris, I do respect your decision to do so. Just argue on the points that I have raised, don’t be cowards like RPK and Haris and become comment snipers.

Enough said.

(Dear ER: Note that my reply, reprised below wit' Typos, Warts and all/awe, is dated 5 September while Don's original comment was dated July 28, 2011 ~~ YL, Desi)

ylchong Says:
Your comment is awaiting moderation.
September 5, 2011 at 5:29 pm

Don, I second most of what you’ve written here. I saw thru Haris and RPK long ago when they constantly n consistently condemned PKR and its leaders starting more than a year ago, hece my writing several articles at MChronicle rebutting him, Haris and MCLM,

I also asked Haris Ib to “reessin” from the Bersih2.0 Steering Committee the moment he took up post as secoid lieutenent to RPK, my Fac-Off opponent whom I also challenge to prove his false allegations against me. (++++NOTE: See tomorrow's post in which I will reprise my earlier writing on this subject! ~~ YL, Desi) He maintained elegant silence, and I told him in one post he’s both a coward and a liar.

Hari Ib only “resigned” his Bersih post recently, BUT HE WAS THE ONE WHO COMPROMISED BERSIH’S NEUTRALITYT.

***************************************************UPDATEd @the break ofdawn:

Fellow BUM2011 organising right or left hand pardner DonPlayPuks had also commented there/dare, numbered 29 in line but ranking top of MY list!:)
donplaypuks Says:

July 28, 2011 at 4:02 pm


Whose side are you on?

Leave it to the police to investigate and if they have the evidence and case, charge Tian Chua.

It was supposed to be a peaceful assembly. Who came there with tear gas and water cannons and cornered everyone like a posse of cattle, robbing them of their dignit? Who were the provocateurs – Tian Chua or the police and FRU?

An what, TC was “charging” the FRU with a lethal yellow T-shirt and shouting out “3″ ??!!

You want to curry favour with the force which arrests people for “waging war against the KIng” and “resurrecting Communism”?

Come on, get off your high horse. Please reserve your energy and righteousness for the real enemy!

we are all of 1 Race, the Human Race
PS: TOMORROW I shalt reproduce Sdr Tian Chua's reply to Haris' challenge/dare to respond to his two Prosecutor-Judge-and-Jury posts.


Continuing from yesterday's post, I am reproducing below the Press Statement from MP Tian Chua -- nothing like hearing it from the horse's mouth! I would also like to reprise one of my own posts from days of yore relevant to my asking -- shouldn't have Haris resigned his Bersih2.0 Steerig Committee membership the moment he decided to lead MCLM? Another question I would add -- as was asked by several Commenters at People's Parliament -- what right had Haris got to arrogate unto himself from Bersih2.0 chief Ambiga to be the spokesperson for Bersih in condemning the MP from Batu at the Bersih rally? What are Haris' motives (something I will explore tomorrow...Note on 13 Sept 11 ~~ I apologise it has to wait while Desi gets out of QWriter's Block which I suffer from when tackling certain writHes "reluctantly!, YL, Desi)

~~ YL, Desi

Press Release by TIan Chua on the Brutal Teargas Attack at the KL Sentral Tunnel

July 28, 2011

The title of this post is in fact the unedited heading of a press statement released by YB Tian Chua that I received by email.
The full text of the same is reproduced below.
On July 21, the PDRM held a press conference to justify the violent conduct of police personnel. An edited video footage was released to the press in order to show that BERSIH demonstrators were aggressive and provocative. The PDRM claimed that they had only used minimal force against the peaceful assembly.
One particular clip showed the scene where the crowd marching out of the KL Sentral were met by a row of policemen. The video is said to show me leading the demonstrators running to the front. The PDRM asserted that it was an evidence of provocation.
Subsequently the video has been broadcast on prime time TV almost daily, with the objective of depicting BERSIH rally as violent. This edited video does not give the true picture of what happened at the tunnel that day.
The PDRM has launched an all-out media propaganda war to demonize BERSIH. Although the police did not specifically accused me for “charging” the police, reports in mainstream media insinuate that I and other demonstrators intended to “attack” or cause physical harm to the police officers.
This is far from the truth. From the video, it was clear that the policemen had their guns loaded with tear gas canisters. At the time, the crowd was trapped in an tunnel-like enclosed area. The group included BERSIH chairperson Ambiga Sreenevasan, Anwar Ibrahim, Wan Azizah, Hadi Awang, Lim Kit Siang and other leaders and participants.
For anybody in that circumstances could notice the danger of staying in the enclosure once the police fire the tear gas. The video footage only showed a few people rushed out toward the open air, and tear gas was fired directly into the crowd.
The video also showed that the police fired the tear gas canisters horizontally into the enclosed zone non-stopped. The police action was evidently malicious and intended to cause maximum harm to the peaceful group without warning. It was unprovoked and unwarranted action. It was police brutality
Hundreds of people were eye-witnesses to the incident. The edited video cannot distort the truth. The government should accept the responsibility of excessive force against peaceful BERSIH rally. The witch-hunt whether on me or other participants cannot absolve the guilt of brutality on 9 July.
The video also showed that the police fired the tear gas canisters horizontally into the enclosed zone non-stop. At least 12 shells were fired in a matter of a couple of minutes. 3 persons suffered injury to the head. The injuries suffered by Anwar Ibrahim’s bodyguard Fayyadh Afiq Al Baqry who had his left cheekbone crushed were particularly serious.
The police action was evidently malicious and intended to cause serious injury to the defenseless demonstrators. Use of tear gas in such a manner has been known to cause death.The incident was eye-witnessed by hundreds of people and even the edited video cannot distort the truth. The government should accept the responsibility of excessive force against peaceful BERSIH rally. The witch-hunt whether on me or  other participants cannot absolve the guilt of brutality on 9 July.
I call upon the police to cooperate fully with the impending SUHAKAM inquiry where I believe the facts will be presented by all interested parties in a public inquiry. Let the public then judge based on those facts.
Tian Chua
Vice President Parti Keadilan Rakyat
Member of Parliament


Saturday, December 18, 2010

A Straighttalking Writer Is Harsher than Desi on RPK!

When Desiderata the blogger started noticing a change of trend in RPK's columns in his own portal some six months ago, I sat back initially and just watched his show. I became more concerned when he was then aided by maverick fomer UMNO-appointed Senator-minister who came aboard PKR and started critical attacks on PKR de facto leader, Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim, and the party itself for which he recently started to campaign to become its deputy president. Yes, Zaid Ibrahim -- alleged by some including this writer as an UMNO mole -- then resigned from PKR after giving up the deputy president contestmidway. He saw the writing on the wall he was badly trailing Azmin Ali (the eventual new deputy president PKR, duly elected...). All this is history but still stirring up trouble - shit? -- is, a website financed by Datuk Soh Chee Wen who came into PKR with purported "generous" funding for PKR but fell out with DS Anwar early this year. It became very clear Soh was running a campaign, in concert with Zaid and Jeffrey Kitingan, to "self-destruct" Parti Keadilan Rakyat, and hence in its wake Pakatan Rakyat in its train, for general consensus is that should PR topple BN in Putrajaya, Anwar would become Prime Minister. I have described Zaid-Soh-Jeffrey as the triumvirate who are the chief moles - Anwar used the term Trojan horse -- who are waging a war against PKR-Awar incessantly the past six months, so much so I had titled my last article as "With Friends Like RPK and Haris Ibrahim, PKR Doesn'T Need Enemies"! (***Reproduced below ith no copyright:)

Malaysian blogger-in-exile in the UK Raja Petra Kamarudin (RPK) along with his blogger-matey civil rights lawyer Haris Ibrahim have recently given birth to the Malaysian Civil Liberties Movement (MCLM) after posting several floating-balloon posts in their blogs espousing the role of The Third Force with the two often contradicting themselves -- I guess they were amending their Articles of Formation of the new NGO, I term it as a SUPRA GOVERNMENT BODY -- along the way as they got blasted quite a lot by writers such as YL Chong-Desi. Many critics of the Third Force/ MCLM including Desi feel at this critical junction, MCLM would mainly play a "Spoilers' Role" in taking part in GE13 when they first had said they would NOT field candidates in the forthcoming General Elections 13 (GE13). The third force would just a sort of "Auditor's Role" like in checking maladminstration in a Listed Company. But Haris proudly announced he had in mind, through the Third Force, fielding 30 candiadtes, and he indeed had approached some 20 of these people of "integrity" an some 16 of them had agreed to stand.

Today I was heartened to read at m2day a LETTER in that now I don't think my viewpoint was isolated when I wrote three articles on the subject, for here below I reproduce the writing from someone even harsher is his/her criticism of RPK's efforst wrt MCLM:(, viz:

Pakatan Rakyat – A pile of shit?

Saturday, 18 December 2010 Combat
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By StraightTalking
Lately I’ve been reading comments from around the blogs; especially comments in Malaysia Today and I find a disturbing trend. Commenters are beginning to use ugly words to describe Pakatan. I won’t repeat them all, but one that is constantly used to disparage Pakatan is to compare it to “a pile of shit”. MY GOD!!! And who encouraged the commenters to use such an unsavory term? RPK.
What the fark has Pakatan done that is so terrible to incur such wrath from RPK and commenters to call them “a pile of shit”. Is Pakatan stealing money from the rakyat? Is Pakatan fanning racial hatred among the rakyat? Is Pakatan dividing the rakyat? Is Pakatan a bunch of corrupted crooks? Is Pakatan a bunch of useless eunuchs? I DON’T THINK SO!!!
True, some MPs turned traitor turned frog in the early days of Pakatan and cost Pakatan to lose Perak. But that does not mean Pakatan had committed a sin. It only committed a mistake for having traitors in their midst! The recent party elections in PKR and DAP were also not sins. In fact, to allow for every member to vote in their leader was a “first” in any political party in Malaysia. It was only a mistake that Pakatan did not anticipate the difficult task of organizing such a massive nation-wide party election with so limited resources and zero experience.
Apart from those two mistakes, all I see are some disagreements now and then. Overall the party’s top level leaders are good, clean and dedicated to serve the rakyat. Aren’t those traits what we want in our leaders? Do we want EVERY Pakatan MP; EVERY Pakatan official; EVERY Pakatan member to be clean, efficient and dedicated before we vote Pakatan? Is that possible? That would be a miracle! And miracles only happen in heaven. There are no miracles on earth. What more do we farking want!
And now, suddenly RPK has decided that Pakatan is no good. In fact his views are that some Pakatan MPs are “not even fit to walk his dog”! I mean what kind of nonsense is this? The self-proclaimed “repairman” now says that MCLM is sent from Heaven to fix things! How wonderful. To add to my thoughts, I’d like to borrow a wise comment made by a reader in MT. He/she says…
“…if MCLM really wants to represent the 'civil liberties' movements, where are the 'unions'? Where are the human rights groups? Where are the NGOs? I don't see them joining the MCLM in droves. If MCLM cannot accept genuine and pure criticism, is it not going to be similar to 'Suhakam', saying the right things but doing the wrong things? Bersih was a better movement by the way! Why not Bersih constituting a massive group under Pakatan and MCLM offering its 'members' as candidates only? The fact that the MCLM refuses the 'orders' from PKR, PAS and DAP and the fact that they fear the leadership of these parties, shows that there is a deep division among the opposition support panels and this will definitely be cannon fodder for the BN to target in the next GE. One last point: The MCLM is being created not at the 'demand' of the people but by the thinking of a group of good intentioned citizens but let me tell you, not all good intents end up in good things!”
I am not a blind fan of Pakatan. I’ve seen all three movies that are now showing in our cinemas:
“BN – The Big Boss”
“Pakatan – The Alternate Big Boss”
“MCLM – The Little Big Boss”
And I’ve been watching all three movies over and over again, including the short “clips” on youtube. I am by now, quite familiar with the actors and the plots in all three movies. If there’s an Oscar nomination for “Best Performance” I’d give it to “Pakatan – The Alternate Big Boss”. “MCLM – The Little Big Boss” deserves no nomination.
Right now, I think the only thing that needs urgent fixing is the “repairman” himself. He should stop taking the “Tongkat Ali” called MCLM. It is actually bad medicine.
Do you agree?

*StraightTalking is a Malaysian blog reader/commenter who does not blog. This is his first letter to Malaysia Today.

DESIDERATA: StraghtTalking, YES, I TOTALLY AGREE TO YOUR QUESTION POSED AT THE END OF YOUR WELL ARTICULATED THINKING ALLOWED/ALOUD!:) "TerimaKasih, Xie, Xie, Thank You:):):)" on behalf of like-minded Malaysians aspiring for a Two-Party/Coalition System, and kicking out BN-UMNO from Putrajaya because their 53-year record shows IT'S TIME FOR CHANGE, and Paktan Rakyat should be given at least one term of 4-5 years in federal government to prove themselves.


Monday, December 13, 2010

With friends like RPK, Haris Ibrahim, PKR doesn't need enemies

The knives are out for Anwar - Umno offers big money for his scalp
YL Chong

I recently wrote an article thinking aloud why Raja Petra Kamarudin (RPK) the blogger now-in-exile in Britain has been writing some articles highly critical of Parti Keadilan Rakyat, especially regarding its de facto leader Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim, but I tempered my concern with giving benefit of the doubt to the blogger now resident abroad that he might have been misinformed or disinformed by his cronies back home including civil rights lawyer-cum-blogger Haris Ibrahim.

My main criticism was that RPK had always written promoting Reformasi from 1998, marked by his outstanding role of director of FreeAnwarCampaign (FAC), and generally working in concert with opposition parties and non-governmental organisations(NGOs) towards change in government at the federal level. But recent writings had given rise to concern he was giving lots of ammunition to the ruling BN regime, especialy UMNO, to attack the Pakatan Rakyat. And today's New Sunday Times proves again my point -- its page 9 report shows that following the departure of former PKR deputy presidential candidate Zaid Ibrahim, RPK has become the "flavour of the month" of the MSM.

In fact, most Malaysians long to see the birth of a two-party/coalition system in this country -- surely a central message sent by the March 8, 2008 General Elections (GE12)? My contention is that PR consisting of PKR, DAP and PAS, now form the only viable alternative coalition able to topple the BN government in Putrajaya, and hence must be given a chance to prove themselves. I add that any third force, however well-intentioned, would only become a new impediment to PR's march on Putrajaya.

I have mentioned Haris in tandem with RPK because their efforts in moving civil society often are inter-connected in timing, and objectives, but whether by design or in revision of stands, the duo are caught flat footed in their contradictions when promoting their preferred candidate to take over PKR Zaid Ibrahim, and curently The Third Force in Malaysian politics.

I clearly recall that RPK, in elaborating on the third force, had stressed that it's NEVER meant to field any canidates in the forthcoming general elections, especially the GE13. Using the public-listed companies as an analogy, he said the third force would act like an auditor, to check the listed company's accounts and watch out for discrepancies, or waywardness by its directors and management chiefs. One point I would ask: The listed companies always appoint their own auditors who are qualified for this role, but whose mandate are this third force using to self-appoint themselves as auditors to the three components of the PR?

In fact, in my earlier article I had quoted Haris as saying the third force -- now birthing as Malaysian Civil Liberties Movement (MCLM) in London -- had identified some 30 men/women of integrity to stand as candidates in GE13, and some 20 had agreed to stand, and they would want DAP and PKR to allow these candiadtes to stand under their party banner, according to a Star report dated Nov 17, 2010. I had questioned why would these well established parties with their own selection criteria privatise such an important role to outside parties. This stance was also restated by leaders like PKR strategy director Tian Chua besides Dr Syed Husin.

This Third Force is neither third nor force, according to just retired PKR deputy president Dr Syed Husin Ali. In fact he sarcastically shared at a mew conference in conjunction with recent party Congress a "revealing" episode, relating that preceding the March 2008 elections, a representation was made to him to allow a Third Force candidate to stand under PKR banner. Syed Husin knew of this "guy" candidate quite well, so he told off the backers that they should have done a thorough background check and would have found that their nominee was a regular pub-goer who often ended up drunk.

Let me now reproduce the NST report dated December 12, 2010 in full, and I reiterate that the headline itself again proved my point that RPK is providing grist to the MSM to attack PKR and PR frontally, with banner headlines likely to be used by the UMNO campaigners cometh GE13.

'Some PR reps not fit to walk a dog'

KUALA LUMPUR: Raja Petra Kamaruddin has reiterated his disappointment at what he views as the lack of commitment to reforms by Pakatan Rakyat.

After virtually reprimanding his most recognisable political ally Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim at a London political forum on Oct 2 for not honouring campaign promises, the fugitive blogger wrote in his latest blog posting: "But what is Pakatan Rakyat's excuse? Pakatan Rakyat talks about reforms. But what reforms are they themselves introducing?

"They demand that Barisan Nasional reform. Should not Pakatan Rakyat demonstrate what it means by reforms by first of all reforming itself?

"In a nutshell, this is what I mean when I say that the Malaysian Civil Liberties Movement (MCLM) seeks to reform the political environment of Malaysia. Note that our target to push for reforms is not just Barisan Nasional but also Pakatan Rakyat.

"And I will continuously write about how things are done elsewhere and ask why we can't also do the same in Malaysia.

"And I will not accept the argument that we can't also do that because our skin is black, brown, cocoa or yellow and not white.

"It is not the external colour of our skin that determines advancement. It is our brain and how we utilise it that will."

At the Oct 2 Friends of Pakatan Rakyat Forum in London with Anwar, and now Parti Keadilan Rakyat vice-president Tian Chua, Raja Petra launched an attack on Pakatan's failure to implement "not a single one of the reform agenda contained in the People's Declaration".

He said this was an improved version of the Agenda of Change authored by Anwar in 1998.

According to Raja Petra, the People's Declaration was drawn up by what he termed as the civil society movement and was adopted by Pakatan parties as their manifesto for the March 2008 general election.

Three other non-Pakatan parties, too, embraced the People's Declaration, Raja Petra said.

He argued that the move and the spirited efforts of activists and bloggers like him had helped Pakatan gain seats. And now some 21/2 years after the election, not a single one of the reforms had been implemented.

As seen from the video recording of the event, Anwar had smiled approvingly when Raja Petra started addressing the forum but no longer smiled as the speech wore on.

Raja Petra offered not himself, but credible personalities from the civil society movement to be fielded as Pakatan candidates in the next general election.

As for some of the candidates fielded by Pakatan in 2008, Raja Petra, quoting his wife had said, "some of them, I can't even trust to walk my dog".

Raja Petra described them as an embarrassment.

(NST report ends here)

RPK asked in a reaction article to my piece titled "Why RPK is acting out (of character)" asked "Have I really changed?", and in a partial reply, I just said we all as individuals "grow up" with passing years, and that only the person himself or herself (including this writer!) would be able to answer truthfully if he/she has changed characterwise or with respect to the causes he/she once championed. But today, a month later, I conclude that RPK, your struggle has indeed changed direction, and you are treating PKR, and Anwar, as the enemy bigger than BN-UMNO. WHY?

So today when I opened up the New Straits Times, I wasn't surprised by the page 9 lead item headline; totally in character with his previous Oct 13's header:"Umno is Beginning to Look Better Than PKR"

So Pakatan Rakyat be forewarned that you would have to "review" your election strategies with the probable entry of MCLM or Third Force candidates, however you call them, now or revised because the promoters don't seem to know their directions and mandate. Maybe they will be strengthened by their well-linked ally Zaid Ibrahim-- in the next general elections?

The Rakyat/electorate must stay focused and united in rejecting a third, or fourth or fifth force; by contesting, they will only become "spoilers", siphoning off votes from the PR, hence benefiting the BN. Foremost on our mind must be to question where these sudden new forces get their monies from? Whose agenda are they really fighting for ?

Who are you to act like a SUPRA-GOVERNMENT BODY just because you have drawn up a People's Declaration via the People's Parliament via Can an elite group meeting outside the country -- be it in London, Paris or Timbuktu, I care not -- totally a crowd of some 50 to 100 Malaysians carry the Malaysian fight for "A better Malaysia"? If you remain a cyber-voice writing pieces of concern for the homeland, I can live with that. But shortlisting candidates of impeccable character,playing a demi-god role? No, a BIG resounding No!

I end with a recollection of my criticism when it was made known that more than a decade ago, MCA leader Ng Yen Yen was a permanent resident of Australia when she was made a Senator. My stand then was,and still is, that I hold nothing against Malaysians having PR overseas, but I am firm that Yen Yen should NOT remain a Senator and continue to play active role in the country's politics as her loyalties were/are split. In fact, in passing, I too wrote a letter to the PM's Department too objecting to an Aussie PR being appointed as Editor-in-Chief of the Star, more or less on the same principle that one must not have any "conflict-of-interest" situation that often arises with high profile posts.

I too wish that Malaysians abroad who wish to play any significant role such as taking part in the country's elections by initiating or becoming Third Force candidates, or serving as a Cabinet minister, to return home to fight the battles. And help sincerely PR and the people's efforts to win the war for Putrajaya.

Why launch an MCLM in London, and announcing candidates to shove down the PR component parties throats? Maybe the BN regime under Najib Tun Razak will be more accomodating absorbing them -- hence the direct Barisan Nasional membership?

The UMNO leaders seem suddenly to become reform-minded, and so willing to co-opt Taiwan-returned graduate-rapper "Namewee" aka Wee Meng Chee -- why not also co-opt the 20 men of integrity nominated by Haris Ibrahim? I wonder if indeed we are seeing the emergence of The Third Force or The Third Farce?

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