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Tuesday, October 11, 2016


The quirky keyboard sometimes misbehaves, but knot as BAD as politicians worldwide, so the above post TITLE IS ALLOWED TO STAND to demo my point: I wanted to head it as: "DONALD TRUMPISH BEHAVIOUR DEMEANS ALL THE *WOEMEN OF THE WORLD", including his own wife and daughter!

*thus spelt using DDC to highlight the WOEful plight of the FAIRER sex of this world where often, their members -- sometimes wittingly! -- are TRAMPLED ON, and yet, remain SUBMISSIVE. Dear sisdars, please RISE and tell the Donalds of the world: CEASE and DESIST!And gove him the largest PUNCH IN THE FACE summoning all the energies left in thy frail body because God , however you preceive Him to be, wills the HI-est power to Thee!

TODATE, This is my THIRD commentary on the current US Presidential race -- Americans are located in a situation quite like many other democracies/crazies in the world, that is, their choice is to PICK THE LESSER OF TWO EVILS> In Malaysia, ditto.
I will be brief, please read the now INFAMOUS DONALD TRUMP'S BOAST THAT WHEN HE "HAS THE POWER, HE CAN GROPE ANY PRETTY WOMAN IN SIGHT, EVEN AT HER PUSSY", and still get away with IT! (I'm just summarising the gist of the matter here...YL, Desi)

Wit' less than a month to go before the Americans go to the November polls, I tell them, especially the WOMEN VOTERS: "IF YOU STILL SUPPORT THIS DONALD THE I.DOT OF A CANDIDATE, TO BE YOUR NEXT PRESIDENT, I PITY YOU! You might as well migrate to N.KOREA to be wit' KIM Jong Un? or to RUSSIA to be wit' Putin!

YL, Desi, might just migrate to where THE EART DOESN'T SPIN AROUND SUCH BAST'RDLY NATIONAL LEADERS -- Is TimbukTHREE a gOod choice?

From, which I receive daily via my yahoo email AC:~~~~~~

So many women have a story of sexual assault. Including me.


Trump brags on tape about groping women

ONE in three women will be a victim of violence in her lifetime.
One in five women will be a victim of sexual violence.
I’ve lost count of how many times I’ve fallen back on those statistics. Sometimes it’s on radio, sometimes a TV panel show and sometimes it’s a simply a dinner party disagreement in my own home. I’ll be arguing with someone — usually a man — who refuses to acknowledge how pervasive violence against women really is.
On one such occasion, I was at a bar with friends, when I reeled off the numbers. An acquaintance took issue with the statistics I’d quoted.
“So you’re saying,” he said, gesturing around the booth at the two men and three other women sitting with us. “That at least one of you girls and what, a dozen of the women in this bar have been assaulted? Seems like a stretch to me”.
I exchanged a furtive glance with my female friends and said nothing …
The political world has been rattled this week by reports of US Presidential candidate Donald Trump boasting about molesting women. “Grab ‘em by the pussy” was the delightful way Trump phrased it.
Many Trump supporters have turned their backs on him, apparently shocked.
But you know who isn’t shocked? Women.
Because women know that this kind of language, this “locker room talk” as Trump calls it, is actually pretty common. Even more alarmingly, the physical manifestation of this sort of language is pretty common too.
Don’t believe me? Open Twitter right now.
Yesterday, New York Times best selling author Kelly Oxford tweeted in response to Trump’s “pussy” comments. She shared her first (note the language, her first, not only) experience of sexual assault with her twitter followers: “Old man on city bus grabs my ‘pussy’ and smiles at me, I’m 12”. Then she asked them to do the same.
The response has been enormous. Thousands of women have been tweeting their earliest encounters with sexual assault. At one point, Oxford was receiving tweets detailing horrific experiences of girls as young as seven, at a rate of more than one per second.

PS from DESIDERATA: There are many more such stories, just Google, and you will be totally DISGUSTED. How did the REPUBLICAN PARTY LAND UP IN THE PRESENT SITUATION WHERE THEIR CANDIDATE SHOULD HAVE BEEN NOT ONLY CASTIGATED, BUT "CASTRATED"! But I do understand, because in MalSia, we have an MO1 who thinks he is aABOVE THE WART. He's making NEGARAKU the MOST CUPPTEST CUNTTTREE IN THW w.w.w.! -- YL, Desi, knottyaSsusual-- 

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