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Sunday, October 16, 2016

Beaut Sundae: Time 2ENTERTAIN Thee Wit'...

Nonsensical and knotty VERSE:) or :(

In a land knot so far-abbey
BerNama MalSia 'cos everythin' 's Topsy-Turvy
For dumNOs less savvy in Inggerris, 'tis Upside-Down

Mal in finer English -- my Royal matey named Lam'.mm says "Queen's English" --
Desi repkies: No Can Do
B' cos some MB checks out Desiderata2
(He claimed in a Kangaroo Court he couldn't understood
The InMigrasion-Kastoms forms, brought into
Oozzzzland Tons of money wit'out completin' the forms
He no understood English, "candu" Yes 4Opium

Todie is the new King of MalSia's birddie
And first thing many Royalites look are the Nama-Nama VIP
In the daily newspapers -- hence like Desi they wake up at 7.00AM todie --
On The Honours List

Lower Kelas:

Ah, Ah Pek, Rama dan Pandai get PMM, PKK and JPP

Middle Kelas:

Dr (Madsin) Jagabaik, ChongSiLong Ir dan Dr (Kangkong) Mat Pikir --
all garduates from local universities, and proud of IT3! --
They receive Latuk, Latin, Latuk Sri, Datin Sri

Hi-est Kelas

Mostly tycoons of multi-million class
OR expyred politikus in APpreciation of their patriottik service
They call it Khidmat kepada NehGagarLalaKuKu
Mal for malfunctioning, maladministering dan Mal opposite of Right

Sound the trumpet and horns! 

Tan Sri YouTowkay, Tan Sri Arumagaiahkayah, dan Tan Sri Admad MalfudZi

And LUST of Awe!

Sound the trumpet and horns! dan Kompang2!

Tun ApekNighLobakGong, Tun NazikandarSingum dan Tun MadSalleh AlZaidinR.M.

And they march with shining medals to the SoundOfMusik
Welcoming parties as they balik kampong to adoring Commoners like U&Me.

Butt did I tell you about Desi once almost reachin' climax
Receiving a letter of bestoval of a new honorific called "Dan Si"?
I guess it means either

*Looking at Excreta when pronounced "Dung See"


** Waitin' to die lah!" when pronounced "Dang Sei"!

PS: YL, Desi Thinking Aloud, Steal Allowed Here/Here!

"I'm lucky to be presented wit' "Dang Sei"

PPS: Will my ER bye me socialist BF at De Miang CONner in 15mins? For Entertaining Thee lah! Kedekut WON'T GET YE ANY TITLE, OK! --YL, Desi, knottyaSsusual

8.18AM 16 Octupus, 2016

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