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Saturday, October 01, 2016

Desi's Virginal Entry Into FB: wickedend BF serving wit' Luv from De Miang CONner

Heart beats anew/anu'e

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  • A New Morn Has Broken
    If thou art like Desi
    Like to play/pray wit' words funD
    and FUNny e'en phonNY
    Jump on my banwagon

    I first offer thee endless rounds of tehtari'

    Yes, I dance a bit/byte/bite Mostly at de !OK
    aka Butterfly Varrey adjoining De Miang CONner
    My danz pardners are YB Chan, KBoi Huat and off course, Thee
    If thou art able and willing'
    Desi aka YL Chong d nuesdog, definitely knot a bitch,
    Mayhaps a peach:)

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