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Sunday, June 12, 2016

I Thank 'OutSyedTheBox' for a beautAnalysis of a One-liner Statement by Monetary Authority of Singapore...


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Singapore Noose Tightening : An Assassination by the Monetary Authority of Singapore

Sat, 06/11/2016 - 09:30
I told you folks, the Singaporeans know all the facts.  That statement by the Monetary Authority of Singapore was actually well aimed. They have killed so many birds with just one shot.
The MAS does not tell lies like some other people. Here is that statement by the MAS :
Monetary Authority of Singapore (MAS), dated Jun 8, 2016 stated that no bank in Singapore received the US$3 billion wire transfer from Goldman Sachs in relation to the bond issuance for 1MDB.
This simple statement is a killer shot. It is like that magic bullet from the Kennedy assassination in 1963 that made a total of seven entry and exit points in two people (Kennedy and Governor Connally).  

Because now Najib Razak must explain his statement to Parliament on March 2 "that 1MDB had US$1.1 bil cash in BSI Singapore". That is over RM4 billion.
This could not be  that fake Saudi money because the dates will not match. The amounts also do not match. The fake Saudi donation was US$681 million  (only !!)

So you see, that simple announcement by the MAS has really put Najib in a spot.
Then the 1MDB guys did "confirm to the Public Accounts Committee that indeed more than USD1 billion in 1MDB money was held by an 1MDB company called Good Star in Singapore".  
I heard Husni Hanadzlah say this himself on TV. Husni said we are not responsible for JV partners who may have their own contracts with other companies (or words to that effect).  
So what money was that ? Where did that money come from?  It cannot be the US$3 bil bond proceeds raised by Goldman Sachs. That is what the MAS is saying.

And lets not forget that leaked Bank Negara letter to the PAC (which has never been denied by Bank Negara) which confirmed that Good Star is beneficially owned by Jho Low.  (You can check here)  

And Good Star was paid US1.03 billion by 1MDB. Is that a different US$1.03 billion? Wow !  So many billions. There are many, many billions.
Indeed the Swiss investigators said they are "investigating more than US$4 bn in money fraudulently circulated in European banks, on corrupt activities related to 1MDB, and the BSI branch in Singapore is at the center of this fraud".
Then Arul Kanda said that "1MDB had sent US$2.3bn from Cayman Islands to Singapore, parked them in BSI as fund units. And that half of which had been redeemed and spent"

So, back to that statement by the MAS - if no bank in Singapore had received any US$3 billion payment in wire transfer from Goldman Sachs, then where did all these other billions come from? 
The Singaporeans are being very precise.   The MAS is referring specifically to US3 bill from Goldman Sachs. 
Najib says  the Saudi donaton was only US$681 million. Ok lets go with that bullshit for a moment.
  1. Explain the US1.03 bil paid to Good Star.
  2. Explain the US1.1 bil in cash in BSI Singapore.
  3. Explain Arul Kanda saying US2.3 bil was sent from Caymans to BSI in S'pore.
  4. Finally explain the Swiss AG's statement that another US$4 bil laundered through BSI is under investigation.
Add up 1 to 4 above and it is way beyond the US$681 million "donated" by the fake Saudis.
So that statement by the Monetary Authority of Singapore actually puts more nails in the coffin.  It is a killer shot.
The US3 billion from Goldman Sachs did not arrive in Singapore. Very good. Now explain from where all those other billions arrived.  
Be careful what lies you will speak. 
Because you dont know what the Singaporeans will say next Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and so on.
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Pointless analysis if he has no conviction to keep posting up.

desiderata said...

Sdr A Voiz knotnaughthy, I jest got back from Haiti, drunk on Rut Bir, I don't take alcohol U C? Hey, methinks outsideTHEBOX did post up but the Ministry of Cyber Moral Polising dah BAR la! AhLah, I can't help Tuan Syed, I can only Cut&Pastry so more peeps like another (B)prick in da MalSian Perlin Wall would help bring It down, downer, downest -- I'm solly don't know even what I'm tokking about. U know lah, I dlunk on Rut Bir! -- Desi, knottyaSsusual:)

desiderata said...

PS to "A Voice" knot midnight:) ~~ the following greAts thee when you log on to OutsideTheBox postings: "Laman sesawang ini tidak dapat diakses di Malaysia kerana
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Maaf saya Desi jika you, A Voice, masih sokong BN,taa YL dah GAVE UP on BN government post Tunuku Abdul Rahamn; I still like you lahpi lam BRUDDER BUMmer, but I don't love Thee:( -- YL,Desi, knottyaSsusal