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Friday, June 03, 2016

A LOVE STORY unilaterally ended -- WHO's The BETRAYER?

HERE's ONE OF THE THE YOUNG&ARTICULATE ONES who wouldn't have progressed to WHERE HE IS NOW had he stayed behind. Like many others,it's the overseas environs that fostered, nurtured their fertile minds, and we should be PROUD of them of their GROWING STATURE.

A greAt Love Story follows, COURTESY of rising writer JOHN LING, all the way from across the se7en seas, NEW ZEALAND:~~~~~~~



After going their separate ways, one of the couple grew and grew, and is today STANDING TALL AMONG THE DEVELOPED NATIONS.

The Significant Other  on the other hand regressed and digressed, seemingly stuck in a QUAGMIRE of the guardians' OWN MAKING. The once proud nation with potentially Advanced Country status within its horizons is now languishing, stuck with a Third World Mentality.  With its guardians greedy&clueless, instead of growing the country's unique potential, it is  instead sliding towards THE ABYSS, now descending into becoming what one devoted to DSAnwarIbrahim & PKR CAUSE politician ( BATU MP what's his name lah? ) has described as "THE ASIAN ZIMBABWE', a reluctant moniker I have to agree with.

More to follow: Desi meanwhile says CHOW!.......adjournin' for long BF-cum-Lunch-cum-Hi T.......Hey, it's Fridae, a Childe born today is FULL OF LOVE to GIFT!:) Desi is a GoOD receiver...

Desiderat2: I spent entire 3hours wit' a BUMmer from across the political divide Yesterday -- spent TWO earlier SHORT HOURS waiting as he had a delayed appt in KL -- and IF you believe me, we felt like fRiends between us more than with MOST OF OUR POLITICAL "comrades" MAINLY BECAUSE V V R first BLoggers, then political activist as we need to know some "inside" information.
You are partly right if you allege WE ARE WORKING HAND-in-GLOVE -- hey, in the name of National Interests OK! -- YL, Desi

Sharing his latest WISDOMmy/BOSOMmy -- we talked lots of Marilyn Monroe, Cybil Shepherd and Jessica Lange, also roguish Blake Shelton2, envy him for his duet with ....See 3rd YouTube Video above -- -- quotes for Lunchtime dessert!:), from ~~~

Thursday, June 02, 2016

Of explaining, last words and last laugh, finally inner peace

A friend sent the above quote.

It made us think and ponder. It is not something new and we have said the exact words without realising that it was said earlier by Paule Coelbe. Most likely, we heard it from someone else.

There is a twist to the above quotation.

Fanatics, those filled with prejudice and those that tend to presume things tend to be so. But those really with the right attitude to "agree to disagree" are those that are:

Usually, we hear what that needs to hear but we will stick to a position based on a certain premise. The Arabic word is Itiqamah. It is based on a certain guiding moral principle or public interest.  

So far, we have been mostly right. Sometimes we could be wrong ...

Off course, they will be those that laugh off at flaws and mistakes. But then again, sometimes it is too early to conclude it as flaws and mistakes. They may have laughed it off too early.

You see, someone said:

And, the last best laugh could be the longest:

But then, why do we need to laugh and spew insult. Sometimes those thinking they are laughing last:

Talking about last, many especially woman in arguing with the man partner tend to:

... without realising that:

The more intelligent, rational thinking and knowledgeable tend to:

If there is really the need ...

Enough of explaining to the those that do not want to hear. It is fulfilling the ego to the be the one to laugh last and say the last word but it is far beyond us already. 

At the end, what matter is inner peace. Peace with oneself, others and God. Given the circumstances, strongly believe the path taken remain the right one. The wrong is still wrong and the right is still right. We are at peace.

Those righteous ones out there, are you so sure? Are you at peace with yourself?

The Malays have a saying ... tepuk dada tanya selera. May your true conscience be your guide. You must be sure of yourself before you can have a conscience.

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