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Sunday, March 27, 2016

RUMINATION: M dnight Voices from AFAR

Since pushing myself into cyber space some eleven years ago, following the trail blazed by sifu Jeff Ooi, now elevated to a Penang member of Parliament, YL started his humble abode named after mentor Max Ehrmann's fave poem (fave refers to MINE, knot necessary Max's, but we writHers take liberties OK!:)) Desiderata (of Happiness).

I also nicked my cyber abode MIdnight Voices as I pen best at the midnight hour, especially poems, and several of my ER emailed me started off "Dear miss Desi....", but I don't mind, especially some added "est to the dearie....This was even more beguiling because I later used riddling language whom one ER from Ipoh named DDC, da desi code, because lazywans have to rack/wrack/wreck their brains to understand what I wrote, and often still missi g the msg, which I like.

E.g. I answered one mGf jouno-blogger -- no name please we newsdog/hound are shy-shy wan, unlike our neighbour, Singaporeans, often referred to in negative delight as "kiasu/kiasi" and disdained by MalSians hating their guts blazing theirname from afar -- buddy who aRsEked: " Understood except for BYTES2..." after reading my prior post referring to"....though I am not a lawyer, just a humble newsdog-BUMmer who barks often, sometimes BYTES2!"

My SMS reply: " Ddc, da desi code, word play pray ala phuaCHEWkang lol wordsmithry is newsdog's craft, yes!"

The above "long" intro is mainly for the benefit of new readers to my blog which celebrated 11 years anni on the Ides of March. If you dare ask what is the Ides...of March or Miss April, I am tempted to rebutT: "Hey, get the here out of Hell!"

If you wonder Y Desi left out a letter from M dnight in the post title, I am doing that to call your attention to the fact that readers must be ALERT to be able to read in betwin the words or the lines, especially about politics. Here/hear, you try any of the VOWELS to fill the blank space, your will be RIGHT in 1 out of 5 attempts, simple arithmetics, Knot maths. OK! 

So far, newscomers have gotten a taste of what DDC or wordsmithry is awe about Cos "It's only WORDS, and words are all I have, to take your heart away..."

So I googled,  and the first entry under "midnight voices" surprised Desi, viz: an acapella group, but they don't welcome Desi after I filled the enquiry form!


Midnight Voices

Midnight Voices is an all female a cappella group in Madison, WI. Combining members from area high schools, Midnight Voices rehearses twice a week and performs at many events. Past events include the International Championship of High School A Cappella, Hilldale Mall's Holiday Series, the Madison Area Music Awards, and the annual MG&E Shareholders meeting.

Midnight Voices is currently looking for new members! Contact for more information. 

2015 - 2016 Live Dates

21 November :: Madison, WI :: Madison Women's Expo :: 9:45am
4 December :: Madison, WI :: Memorial High School :: 7pm
5 December :: Madison, WI :: State Street Caroling :: 11am-1pm
29 January :: Madison, WI :: Overture Center :: 7:30pm w/ Vocalosity
12 February :: DeKalb, IL :: International Championship of High School A Cappella :: 7pm
6 March :: Milwaukee, WI :: National Anthem for the Milwaukee Bucks
12 March :: Madison, WI :: Carnival at Orchard Ridge Elementary
13 March :: Madison, WI :: Monona Terrace :: Natural Family Expo

Previous Performances:
8 February :: International Competition of High School A Cappella :: 7pm
24 April :: Memorial High School :: 11:15am
24 April :: Verona High School :: 1:45pm
17 May :: Oakwood Village Prairie Ridge :: 10am
21 May :: Central Wisconsin Center :: 5pm
8 June :: High Noon Saloon :: 1:30pm
19 December :: Hilldale Mall Holiday Series :: 5pm
21 December :: State Street Holiday Caroling :: 1pm

12 Oct :: East Side Club :: Harvest Times Fest for Second Harvest Food Bank :: 5:30pm
28 Oct :: Monona Terrace :: A Fund For Women Annual Event :: Time TBA
11 Nov :: Segoe Assisted Living :: 7pm
22 Nov :: Alliant Energy Center :: Women's Expo Grand Opening :: 9:45am
13 Dec :: State Street Holiday Caroling :: 11am-1pm
13 Dec :: Macys at Hilldale Mall :: 3:30pm
17 Dec :: Segoe Assisted Living :: 7pm
7 Feb :: Port Washington, WI :: International Championship of High School A Cappella :: 7pm :: click for tickets
7 March :: Milwaukee, WI :: National Anthem For Milwaukee Bucks
21 March :: Blue Mounds, WI :: Cave of the Mounds :: 5pm & 7pm
29 March :: Madison, WI :: Independent Living :: 5:30pm
12 May :: Madison, WI :: School Tours
21 May :: Madison, WI :: Froth House :: 7pm

PS: I could capture the pictures, so please spend some time visiting the website OK, you lazy BUMmers!




(To be continued at Midnight, yes, about 1130PM, that is IF desi survives the sizzling HEAT and living on sunshine, air dan air (DDC r'ber, jangan muda' lupa!) alone...)y word as an



Sorry I couldn't keep my WORD to pen more on Midnight Voices as aMore "800 Words" enjoyed PRECEDENCE. {atience cun? Desi @1.35AM MOn 28 March>> see the sext post please!


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