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Wednesday, March 30, 2016

Aussie TV 4Corners Serves Ye a Dishy BF of Malaysian MmMURDER, INTRIGUE and Dainty Course of FEAR!





by rothman's corner, Donplaypuks® intrepid correspondent for cornering and cover your ass affairs


The explosive documentary titled 'State of Fear: Murder and Money in Malaysia' aired yesterday by the 4 Corners (4C) team of investigative journalists led by Linton Besser from the Australian Broadcasting Corporation (ABC), served to confirm that serially lying Malaysian Prime Minister Najib Tun Razak is, without a shadow of a doubt, guilty of criminal fraud, racketeering, embezzlement of public moneys, CBT, international money-laundering, accounting fraud, abuse of power and covering up for it all. CLICK HERE FOR THE COMPLETE 4C PROGRAM.
More than that, it revealed that BNM governor Yeti officially knew as far back as September 2012 that RM1 billion had suspiciously been deposited into Najib's personal bank account, and did absolutely nothing about it. She dismissed a delegation of AMBANK officers who had reported to her about that transaction and handed the report back to them.
Remember, this was way back before the RM2.6 billion "donation" that was transferred into Najib's bank account in March 2013, and the RM42 million and $32 million that went in via SRC in 2014!! Yet Yeti, BNM and the MACC have kept totally silent about this earlier transaction, deliberately. It is inconceivable that they were not aware of this transaction. They conspired to mention nothing about it, and narrowed their public statements to the RM2.6 billion and the mysterious royal Saudi "donor".
In the 4C interview, Yeti clearly covers up for Najib by saying that the investigations are ongoing and that BNM cannot investigate the bank accounts of individuals. That's pure bull shit! When a suspicious activity was reported, she decided to cover it up. She had all the powers to investigate and did nothing. Even when it was reported that millions of ringgit had suspiciously flowed into Rosmah's, (Najib's wife) bank account. she still did nothing. She only got moving to cover her ass when Sarawak Report and the WSJ started snooping around, and published that 1MDB had misled BNM and the Monetary Authority of Singapore about transfer of some US$1.03 billion.
At the press conference last year, Yeti maintained that she was "looking into it" when asked whether AMBANK had reported to BNM. Now 4C has internationally exposed that she knew 3 years ago that something criminal had likely taken place.
This gives more credence to Pascal Najadi's claims that his father Hussein Najadi, founder of AMBANK, had also reported to BNM and Yeti about these massive money movements in and out of Najib's bank account, and been killed on the orders of certain parties very high up in government for it.
Repeatedly, Yeti, who will be retiring next month, has hid behind the fact that she had won numerous international awards for her performance as BNM governor. Najib's brother, CIMB banking group's founder, praised her last year as an "international icon". Really? Now, we can see that she is, in reality,  just another BUMNO/SCUMNO stooge, lackey, apologist and cover-up artiste.

Does Yeti want that stain of the heinous Hussein Najadi murder to be attached to her already sullied and tarnished reputation?
How on earth can she shamelessly say that she cannot investigate the bank account of individuals when billions of ringgit have unaccountably move through them, and which had been reported to her?
Read 'em and weep my fellow Malaysians, as Yeti, BNM governor, covers up for Najib's crime of the century. I am ashamed that we have these type of persons heading our main public institutions, collecting their huge monthly salaries and perks, and walking around as though they owe nothing to the citizens of our country:  

18.19 Minutes into the program: Malaysia's banking regulators were told at least 3 times about the enormous deposits into prime minister Najib Razak's personal account. 4 Corners has learnt that senior AMBANK officials came here (Bank Negara Malaysia HQ in KL) to the Malaysia central bank governor to warn her about Najib Razak's personal bank account, way back in September 2012!!

Their report was marked 'highly sensitive'. It revealed that almost US$300 million had already flowed to Najib Razak from several mysterious "donors" overseas.

Yet, the central bank governor Yeti Aziz merely thanked them for their report and handed it back.

Yeti Aziz is still head of Malaysia's central bank. We wanted to know what action she took about Najib's accounts.

4C: Hello, hello Dr.Yeti Aziz. We are ABC Australia. We'd like to ask you just a couple of questions about your role regarding the prime minister's bank accounts. We are trying to understand why you didn't do more when you were alerted about the hundreds of millions of dollars flowing into Najib's accounts.
YA: First of all, I cannot discuss any individual account including even your own account, because no central bank or regulator can look at individual accounts. But if the financial institution informed us of what they call "suspicious transactions", then we will investigate into it.

4C: Do you remember the Task Force looking into all these concerns. What is the outcome of all that? Is it true what your Attorney General has said that Najib Razak has no case to answer? Is that true?
YA: I have no comment on this at this point in time. As I said, no authority will discuss any investigation that has not been concluded.

4C: So, who is behind the money's that's been flowing into the prime minister's bank account?
YA: As I said, I cannot comment on this. It is an ongoing investigation.

Are you not thoroughly ashamed, Yeti? Can you look into the public's eye and honestly say you have done your duty to BNM and the nation"

Donplaypuks® with covering your ass to retirement for Najib, YETI! !

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