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Thursday, March 31, 2016

I enjoy the Aussie press at work 'Cos they are ROBUST in conTRAST wit' local MSM 'TAME&LAME'... Part II

DEAR esteemedREADERS, PLEASE TREAT THIS AS A CONTINUATION OF the post dated Monday, March 28, 2016:~~~

Today's news reports partially lend credence to the "latter" part in the Post Title on ".... in conTRAST with Aussie media, why Desi titled Part 1 thus: " wit' local MSM 'TAME&LAME'....

To be fair, the local MSM like the Sun daily got their stories/reports from the political masters, who are even TAMER&LAMER, so can't totally blame the reporters. But I hold the EDitors for keeping them "lame&tame" for NOT FOLLOWING UP with the ORiginators of the story, in this case, AUSSIE TV 4CORNERS!

EXcept for a bolde editor named "CITIZEN" NADESWARAN, almost no other editors would stick their neck out to give an INDEPENDENT COMMENTARY OF CURRENT ISSUES INVOLVING THE "CLUELESS CEO and his HENCHMEN bringing shame to MAlSia and making a LAUGING STOCK OF MALYSIA for the W.W.W to LOL! (LaughOOOUCHLoud! in Bogspeak, my dear ER!)! 

MAybe I'll say aMore TOMORROW, about the SHIPLOAD OF FOOLS bringing the MalShip &'hole country towards the ABYSS! ~~ YL, Desi

PMO: ABC Four Corners report confirms money in Najib's account was a 'donation' from Saudi royal family

PETALING JAYA: The Prime Minister's department has reiterated that the funds in Datuk Seri Najib Abdul Razak's bank accounts were a donation from the Saudi Arabian royal family as confirmed by an Australian news broadcast.
In a statement today, an official said Australia's ABC Four Corners report "confirms what the Prime Minister had maintained all along, and what multiple authorities concluded after exhaustive investigations".
The statement noted the comprehensiveness of the investigations, pointing out that forensic examination of every wire transfer was conducted.
It added that this also included inspections of documentation and interviews with members of the royal family and officials who administered the donation by Malaysian authorities who had traveled to Saudi Arabia.
"As the leaked letter from Saudi Arabia states, the donation was a gift to the Prime Minister for promoting moderate Islam, and his leadership in combating terrorism and extremism-such as by launching his Global Movement of the Moderates initiative.
"The letter makes clear that the gift was to be used as the Prime Minister saw fit; would be transferred directly or through the donor's companies; and no benefit was expected in return," it stated.

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